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Basics & Theory

ASHRAE: Terminology For Built Environment & HVAC
ASHRAE Terminology is a comprehensive online glossary of more than 3,700 terms related to the built environment, with a focus on HVAC&R as well as envelope, electrical, lighting, water and energy use, and measurement terms.

Building America: Overview Of Systems Engineering & Builder Benefits
Building America explains benefits of systems engineering, where teams produce houses incorporating energy and material saving plans, from the start of the building process. (PDF)

Building Science: Dr. Joe's History Of His Building Science Mentors
Dr. Joe Lstiburek of Building Science Corporation provides some history of his mentors and learning opportunities during his early years in the Canadian building industry.

Building Science: Great Moments In Building Science
Building Science says we often learn more from failure than we learn from success. We don't always know why something works when it works. Maybe we got lucky. Maybe we don't understand what is really going on? With a failure, if we examine it carefully, we can learn and hopefully avoid the failure the next time.

Building Science: Terms & Definitions For Building Science & Technology
Building Science Insight by Dr. Joseph Lstiburek describes each building science and technology term along with its performance metric. (PDF)

Building Science: Thermodynamics Is Not Rocket Science
Building Science describes, in simple terms, the laws of thermodynamics including heat goes from warm to cold, moisture goes from warm to cold, moisture goes from more to less, air goes from a higher pressure to a lower pressure, and gravity acts down.

CI: Glossary of Building Science Terms
Construction Instruction online glossary describes various building science terms.

Energy Star: Introduction To Building Science
Energy Star online Introduction to Building Science describes how many aspects of building design, construction, and operation can affect the health and comfort of the people in the building. It focuses on the three particular areas of air flow, heat flow, and moisture flow. For each of these issues it explores causes, control measures, and effects on both buildings and occupants. (PDF)

Energy Vanguard: Building Science & Laws of Thermodynamics
Energy Vanguard online 4-part series describes the four laws of thermodynamics.

Energy Vanguard: Building Science Climate Zones
Energy Vanguard provides information on climate zone definitions and their applications.

Energy Vanguard: Building Science Word Of The Day: Interstitial
Energy Vanguard says when you hear the word interstitial, think air leakage. Think duct leakage. Think pressure differences, which drive air movement.

Energy Vanguard: How to Talk Like a Building Scientist
Energy Vanguard discusses how you can enhance your future in building science by learning how to talk like a building scientist...almost.

Energy Vanguard: Interview With Terry Brennan
Energy Vanguard interviewed Terry Brennan, a building science pioneer who, armed with a physics degree, the ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals, and a desire to reduce the environmental impact of buildings, built houses and wrote energy modeling computer programs back in the 1970s and ‘80s.

Energy Vanguard: Why Doesn't Frost Form in the Carport?
Energy Vanguard describes why frost appeared only on the back part of a car, and the part of the car that was under the roof had no frost at all.

Fine Homebuilding: Building Science For The Rest Of Us
Fine Homebuilding describes seven basic principles to make homes safe, durable, and energy efficient.

FSEC: Building Science Basics
Florida Solar Energy Center describes building science basics including introduction, pressures, humidity, mold growth, and windows.

HPSC: Online Presentation on House As A System
BC Home Performance Stakeholder Council allows access to the online presentation from their recent webinar on House As A System.

HVAC School: Laws of Energy & Matter
HVAC School says it’s always good to reaffirm some of the basics of energy, work and matter and these five rules are some of the most basic and important.

II: Building Science 101
Insulation Institute describes the two important steps to making building science work for you. The first is to understand the house as a system of three interdependent elements: location, climate, and home construction techniques and materials. The second is to improve the performance of that system through the control of heat, air and moisture flow. (PDF)

IRC: Heat, Air & Moisture Interactions
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction provides this building science article which explains in detail how heat, air and moisture interact with each other. (WORD)

IRC: Purchasable Canadian Manual On Building Science For Cold Climate
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction book explains how principles of physical science apply to building houses in Canada, and how building approaches and materials affect performance of buildings and their parts. $55 CDN 1983

NRCan: How Your House Works
Natural Resources Canada online Keeping The Heat In guide describes basics of house performance, control of heat flow, control of airflow, control of moisture, and older homes.
Education & Training

BCBEC: List Of Building Science Education In BC
BC Building Envelope Council lists various courses and resources for building science education.

BCIT: Building Science Course
BC Institute Of Technology Building Science 1 course is designed to introduce the basic and advanced building science principles with a focus on heat, air, and moisture transfer in buildings. Topics include heat conduction, convection and radiation, psychrometric chart, airflow through building components due to combined forces, and moisture transport in air and porous materials including vapour diffusion, convection, and capillarity.

BCIT: Masters Degrees In Building Science
BC Institute of Technology offers masters degrees in Building Science, including a Master of Engineering and a Master of Applied Science in Building Science.

Blue House Energy: Online Canadian Certification Courses On Building Science & Energy Efficiency
Blue House Energy provides online building science and energy efficiency certification courses for trades, contractors and energy efficiency professionals.

Blue House Energy: Online Course On Building Science Basics
Blue House Energy online Building Science Basics is a self-directed online program designed for tradespeople, contractors, and builders who want to improve their knowledge of building science and energy efficiency.

BPI: Building Science Principles Certificate
Building Performance Institute now offers an online exam, and a companion Reference Guide, to earn a Building Science Principles Certificate of Knowledge. This is a method of verifying basic building science knowledge in the home performance and energy efficiency retrofit fields.

Building Science Seminars: Workshops On Building Science
Building Science Corporation conducts building science and technology workshops tailored toward building professionals.

CHP: The House Of Presssure
Community Housing Partners uses The House Of Pressure in training, that has an operable forced air duct system, a dryer, bathroom fan, and fireplace, as well as smoke generators for the fireplace, water heater, and car exhaust.

EEBA: Seminars On Houses That Work
Energy and Environmental Building Association building science courses cover building performance, efficiency, durability, safety and health, and green building.

II: Building Science For High Performance Homes, Whose Job Is It?
Insulation Institute says there is no single, universally right answer for who is responsible for building science on any given job. However, saying "no one" or "I am not sure" are universally wrong answers. For a house to be a high performance home, every project needs a party that is clearly responsible for providing a holistic building science perspective.

PNNL: Guidelines For Building Science Education
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory online Guidelines for Building Science Education are for training organizations, universities and certification bodies that would like to self-certify that their programs include the most important aspects of building science in their curriculum. Core building science competencies that are integral to the guidelines include: integration of the whole building system; building science principles related to enclosure, operations and maintenance; and building testing and certification. (PDF)

Ryerson Univ: Undergraduate Courses In Building Science
Ryerson University of Ontario offers a number of undergraduate courses on a wide range of building science topics.

SBSE: Society Of Building Science Educators
Society of Building Science Educators is an association of university educators and practitioners in architecture and related disciplines who support excellence in the teaching of environmental science and building technologies.

US DOE: Building America Building Science Education Roadmap
US Department of Energy online Building America Building Science Education Roadmap charts a path for training skilled professionals who apply proven innovations and recognize the value of high performance homes. (PDF)

US DOE: Building Science Education Solution Center
Building Science Education Solution Center (currently in beta stage of development) provides professors, trainers and students with accurate, easy-to-access building science training materials for a full range of building-related professions.

US DOE: Resource Site On Building Science Education
US Department of Energy provides information and resources on building science education.
Industry Information

BPA: Annual National Home Performance Conference & Trade Show
Building Performance Association presents it's annual National Home Performance Conference & Trade Show creating a forum where forward-thinking people can meet to get a wealth of unbiased building science know-how and all the latest product information. Connect with influencers in the home performance and weatherization industry. Share in their knowledge. Learn new ideas. Exchange best practices. Discover new products, technologies and solutions. Forge new alliances. It will be held in New Orleans, LA, April 27-30, 2020.

EEBA: High Performance Home Summit
Energy and Environmental Building Association new High Performance Home Summit will feature presentations from leading builders, building science experts, architects, raters and designers that represent the cutting edge of residential construction. It willl have leading building scientists delivering the most relevant and next-level content available, but the new Summit will also incorporate and share focus with real world success stories from those who are reaching for and getting to that next level. EEBA is unlike any other event - you will hear timely, accurate and relevant information that can transform your practice and provide you with the knowledge to succeed in building homes that deliver superior resource efficiency and performance.

Energy Vanguard: Building Science Buy-in Challenge
Energy Vanguard discusses how to get buy-in from the majority of stakeholders, not just a few on high-end or high-profile projects.

IRC: Upcoming Building Industry Technology Events
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction lists upcoming events relating to building codes, building technology, products, building performance, building science, and more.
Industry Sectors

BCIT: Building Science Centre Of Excellence
BC Institute of Technology Building Science Centre of Excellence has research capacity in Building Science & Building Engineering for the benefit of students and local industry.

Building Science: Joe Lstiburek & John Straube Consulting
Building Science has offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Waterloo, Ontario. They specialize in building technology consulting with a focus on preventing and resolving problems related to building design, construction and operation. They have expertise in moisture dynamics, indoor air quality, and forensic (building failure) investigations.

RDH: BC Consultants On Building Science
RDH Group provides consulting services on building science, construction management, and architectural services.

Waterloo Univ: Building Engineering Research Group
University Of Waterloo Building Engineering Group is a multi-disciplinary research group that undertakes research, development, and demonstration of building science for the building industry.
Information Sources

BC Housing: Building Science Research Reports
BC Housing provides reports on research projects undertaken on a number of building science topics.

BPI & ICC: Purchasable Building Science Principles Reference Guide
Building Performance Institute & International Code Council developed the Building Science Principles Reference Guide. It addresses how the systems of a home interact with each other and the fundamental scientific principles of heat, moisture and air movement to impact the home's overall performance. $120 USD

Building America Solution Center: Resource Site On Building Science
Building America Solution Center is an online resource providing easy access to expert building science information based on decades of Building America research.

Building America: Library Of Building Science Research
Building America Solution Center'S library contains research reports produced by the Building America program and other building science resources used to support this Solution Center. The materials cover both new construction and existing homes. Use the search box and/or the filters to explore hundreds of residential building resources. Access to some references not produced by Building America may require purchase from the publisher. Documents are listed alphabetically.

Building Science Seminars: Online Presentations On Building Science Topics
Building Science Seminars allows online viewing of many slide shows and presentations including fundamentals, environmental separation, rain control, air flow, pressures & IAQ, heat air & moisture, walls, insulation & thermal bridges, cathedrals & conditioned attics, foundations & basements, HVAC, crawlspaces slabs & flooring, windows & curtainwalls, retrofit & rehabilitation, green buildings & sustainability, and much more.

Building Science: Archive Of Building Science Newsletters
Building Science allows free access to all their past newsletters on building science.

Building Science: Online Digests Covering Building Science Topics
Building Science, from Dr. Joe Lstiburek & Dr. John Straube, offers online digests that are papers on specific building science topics written for a broad range of users. Expert advice is given with a focus on establishing an understanding of the theory and translating this theory to practical information.

Building Science: Online Videos of Building Science Conversations
Building Science online Conversations videos provide insights into various building science topics.

Building Science: Purchasable Books On Building Science
Building Science Bookstore provides books on building science, including builders guides, controlling moisture, building enclosures, psychrometrics, and ventilation.

Building Science: Research Reports On Building Science & Technologies
Building Science site of Dr. Joe Lstiburek & Dr. John Straube offer free access to their building science & technology research reports that have highly technical and specific information written for researchers but accessible to professionals.

CI: Resource Site On Building Science & Technology
Construction Instruction is an industry resource site with information on building science and technology that offers best practices, videos, animated details, articles and more.

Energy Vanguard: 12 Resources For Learning & Teaching Building Science
Energy Vanguard describes 12 of the top online building science training and information resources available.

Energy Vanguard: Blog On Building Science & Energy Efficiency
The author of the Energy Vanguard blog, Allison Bailes of Decatur, Georgia, is a RESNET-accredited energy consultant and trainer. He performs heat loss calculations, provides HERS rating services, and provides rater training and Energy Star training, among other services. His blog covers a wide range of building science topics relating to energy efficiency and green building.

ICC: Tech Notes on Building Performance Issues
International Code Council and US NAHB online Tech Notes series is designed to assist builders in understanding and applying latest US code requirements as well as implementing best practices in order to avoid building performance issues related to interior humidity levels, condensation in wall and roof assemblies, and interior air quality.

JLC: Archives Of Past Articles From 1986 To Present
Journal of Light Construction, one of the most respected technical publications in our industry, provides archives of their magazine containing every article from 1986 to present.

JLC: Discussion Forums On Building Science
Journal of Light Construction Building Science Forums discuss a wide range of topics including building and material performance, moisture, ventilation, wood technology, and much more.

LaLiberte Online: Purchasable DVD On Building Better Homes
LaLiberte Online sells Building Better Homes DVD which is a industry educational program outlining the Whole-House Systems Approach to building higher performing homes. $60 USD

Morrison Hershfield: Technical Reports On Building Science & Technology
Morrison Hershfield offers access to their technical reports and papers on a wide range of building science and building envelope topics.

PBC: Online Videos On Passive House Technology
Passive Buildings Canada online videos cover various topics of building science and passive house technology.

RDH Building Science: Free Blog On Building Science
RDH Building Science publishes a free blog, The Wall, covering various topics on building science and sustainability.

US DOE: Online Videos On Building Science Technology
US Department of Energy online Building America Solution Center provides free access to a wide range of online videos on building science and technology

Waterloo Univ: Resource Site On Building Science & Performance
University of Waterloo Building Engineering Group provides building science and performance information including building enclosure, air leakage, moisture & humidity, rain penetration, green buildings, and building science & architecture.

AbeBooks: Purchasable Technical Guide For Renovators
AbeBooks.com sells CMHC Renovator's Technical Guide using the House-As-A-System concept considers how all systems in a house interact and how changes made to one system can impact on the performance of one or more of the other systems in the house. $32 CDN

BC BEC: Energy Efficiency & Future Of Building Science In BC Buildings
BC Building Envelope Council online slide show presentation by Dr. John Straube presents issues and ideas around the future of building science as it relates to energy efficiency and buildings in British Columbia. (PDF)

Building America: Online Handbook For New Homes In Marine Climate
Building America guide provides tips for builders and buyers for increasing efficiency, comfort, and durability of homes in the marine climate zone. The handbook has chapters for supervisors, architects, designers, site developers, marketers, managers, and homeowners. (PDF)

Building Science: Designs That Work By Climate Region
Building Science offers house construction energy efficient design recommendations by climate region, hygro-thermal regions map, climate-specific building science and energy analysis for each house design, and house plan details based on different climate regions. Select the climate zone from the right panel.

Building Science: Five Things That Have Changed In Buildings
Building Science describes five fundamental changes to building construction that have occurred in the last 50 years that happened so gradually, so insidiously that we missed their enormous significance.

Building Science: Foam Shrinks, And Other Lessons
Building Science article in Fine Homebuilding describes what was learned from updating a 16-year-old deep-energy retrofit.

Building Science: Heat, Air, Moisture
Building Science online slide show presentation describes the physics of heat, air, and moisture. (PDF)

Building Science: Residential Best Practices Criteria
Building Science lists some basic characteristics that should be met in all high performance homes for energy performance, durability, thermal comfort, and indoor air quality.

Building Science: Role Of Building Science In Past & Future Low Energy Buildings
Building Science online slide show presentation discusses the role of building science in past and future low energy buildings. (PDF)

Building Science: Top 10 Dumb Things To Do In Building Science
Building Science online slide show describes 10 dumb things to do, including ducts in vented attics, ducts in vented crawlspaces, vented crawlspaces, atmospherically vented gas DHW, building cavities as returns, face sealed windows, basement diapers, manufactured stone veneer without a gap, plastic vapor barriers, and vinyl wall coverings. (PDF)

CHBA: Purchasable Builders Manual On Home Building Technology
Canadian Home Builders Association manual covers principles and techniques, with drawings, for building science, building envelope, and mechanical systems. $65 CDN

Ecohome: Building Climate Zones USA & Canada
Ecohome says the first step to building a durable and energy-efficient home in North America, including Passive house to PHIUS standards, LEED or Net Zero Homes is knowing your climate zone. Just as we need to wear different outfits in different climates, homes need to be properly designed to meet the temperatures, humidity levels and extreme weather events of their specific climates as well.

Ecohome: Designing Homes for Thermal Comfort
Ecohome says factors far beyond just air temperature affect how comfortable a home is, and if you design for comfort you will end up with a more durable and efficient home.

Energy Vanguard: 11 Building Science Secrets For Home Builders & Remodelers
Energy Vanguard provides 11 building science tips for builders and remodelers that may not be getting the message, since plenty of houses are being built with problems that shouldn't be that hard or expensive to fix, and some of the fixes even save money.

Energy Vanguard: 8 Building Science Horrors To Scare You
Energy Vanguard describes 8 things related to energy, HVAC, or building science that should scare the heck out of you...or at least irritate you once you understand them.

Energy Vanguard: Experts Discuss Hygrothermal Analysis
Energy Vanguard summarizes comments from the recent Building Science Corporation annual Experts Session on hygrothermal modeling.

Energy Vanguard: With Buildings, You Need to Sweat Small Stuff
Energy Vanguard says whether you're designing them, specifying materials, putting them together, or fixing them later, buildings have tons of small stuff. And if you don't get those things right, the consequences can be expensive, time-consuming, or even deadly.

For Residential Pros: Home Performance Testing Drives Leads
For Residential Pros article by energy performance expert Michael Lotesto describes his plan to build an $8 million contracting business with little or no advertising budget, by focusing on home performance testing.

GBA: Pearls of Wisdom From Recent Conferences
Green Building Advisor summarizes some key quotes from presenters at Better Buildings By Design, Building Energy, and Greenprints conferences.

Home Builder: Building Science Highlights From 2014 Ontario Spring Training Camp
Jon Eakes reports on the Ontario Spring Training Camp 2014, looking at some key parts of building science that work in the field.

Home Energy: Energy Efficient Remodeling & The House As A System
Home Energy magazine article describes, with drawings, considerations of the house as a system and the steps to take when remodeling a home for better comfort, health, and energy efficiency. 1995

IRC: New Hygrothermal Model For Heat Air & Moisture Transport
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction paper presents a new hygrothermal model (HAMFit) for simulating the transport of heat, air and moisture across building envelopes. (PDF)

NREL: Resource Site On Field Test Best Practices
US National Renewable Energy Laboratory resource site Field Test Best Practices is a dynamic tool for collecting, documenting, and sharing best practices for field experiments and long-term monitoring of residential building systems.
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