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Basics & Theory

99: Visual Guides to Domestic Architectural Designs
99% Invisible online visual guides to domestic architectural designs features single-family home styles in the US. There are 121 hand-drawn houses representing urban and rural residential styles, including: Colonial, Romantic, Victorian, Eclectic, Modern, Neo-Eclectic with subsections such as Italian Renaissance Revival and Ranch.

HGTV Remodels: Top 10 Exterior Styles
HGTV Remodels describes the top 10 popular exterior home styles.

Part Select: Most Popular & Iconic Home Design Styles
Part Select online guide to iconic home styles shows how dwellings in England, Italy, and France influenced the way we build our houses today in North America. This guide is a must-read for any real estate buff who prides themselves on their knowledge of architecture.

The Atlantic: Visual History Of Housing Through The Centuries
The Atlantic online video captures housing through the centuries, tracing the drastic variations in scope, size and design from painted caves to 3D-printed homes.

Wikipedia: Types Of Houses & Apartments
Wikipedia online encyclopaedia explains the different types of houses & apartments, including multifamily, their characteristics, and offers pictures and links to more information, including architecture and building design.
Industry Information

Custom Home Magazine: Pacesetter Awards For Custom Home Building
Custom Home presents winners of its Pacesetter Awards program that recognizes custom builder achievements in one of seven aspects of custom home building: management, marketing, customerservice, design, innovation, production, and community service.

Home & Garden Television: Annual Dream Home
Home & Garden Television each year builds and gives away a dream home in a diiferent part of the US. Here you can view those built since 1997.

New American Home: NAHB International Builders Show Annual Dream Home
New American Home is a real-world laboratory demonstrating concepts, materials, designs and construction techniques that can be replicated - in whole or in part - in housing built any place and in any price range. It incorporates energy efficiency, indoor-air quality, safety, market value and other building block components.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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