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Basics & Theory

JLC: New Types Of High-Tech Drywall
Journal of Light Construction online videos describe latest types of drywall and demonstrate some tips and tricks for working with them. Oversize, noise-reducing, and fire-rated panels are covered.

Wall & Ceiling: Drywall History
Wall And Ceiling site provides a history of drywall and its applications.
Industry Sectors

BCWCA: BC Wall & Ceiling Association
BC Wall & Ceiling Association, BC trade association for the stucco, drywall, and plaster industry, has technical info, news, events, member listing, and links to other resources.
Information Sources

AWCC: FAQ On Drywall & Stucco
Association of Wall and Ceiling Contractors online FAQ answers common industry questions on drywall and stucco applications and procedures.

Jon Eakes: Online Videos On Installing Drywall
Canadian industry trainer Jon Eakes offers online videos on various topics relating to understanding and installing drywall.

Tape Finish Texture Drywall: Tips & Books On Drywall
Jeff Croft, a self-described "Old Worn Out Drywall Finisher" provides articles, tips, and purchasable books on drywall finishing and repairing techniques.
Issues & Performance

AWCC BC: Wall & Ceiling - Specification Standards Manual
Association of Wall and Ceiling Contractors of British Columbia sells the AWCC Specifications Standards Manual covering industry standards of practice for wall and ceiling work including gypsum, EIFS, and stucco. It is available in print version for $235 CDN and online version for $140CDN/1 year subscription and $250CDN/2 year subscription.

Buildipedia: Think Permanent Heat For Drying Gypsum On The Job
Buildipedia describes how temperature management on the job is an essential part of maintaining an efficient interior drywall finishing process.

Ecohome: Choosing The Best Drywall
Ecohome says drywall may all look the same sitting in stacks in the store but they are very different in performance, strength and ecological impact.

Fine Homebuilding: How To Prevent Cracks In Drywall
Fine Homebuilding describes how to prevent cracks in drywall.

Fine Homebuilding: Prepping Old Yellowed Drywall
Fine Homebuilding describes how to prepare old yellowed drywall for primer and paint.

Gypsum Association: Gypsum Fire Resistance Design Manual
Gypsum Association sells the Fire Resistance Design Manual that has been referenced by the model building codes as a source of fire resistive designs for more than 40 years. The 2015 edition contains nearly 100 new systems that supplement existing assemblies for walls and partitions, floor-ceiling systems, area separation walls, and many others. $45 USD

Gypsum Association: Recommendations For The Prevention Of Ceiling Cracking
Gypsum Association online bulletin Recommendations For The Prevention Of Ceiling Cracking describes how to minimize centerline cracks by using resilient channels to create a less rigid attachment of the gypsum board to wood framing. (PDF)

IRC: Control Of Sound Transmission Through Gypsum Board Walls
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction research report explains how to achieve effective control of sound transmission through gypsum board walls in multi-family dwellings. 1997 (PDF)

IRC: Fire Resistance Of Gypsum Board Wall Assemblies
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction describes importance of various factors in achieving required fire resistance for walls in multi-family dwellings. (PDF)

JLC Forums: Are Drywall Cracks A Structural Problem?
Journal of Light Construction forum discusses how to tell whether a drywall crack is due to structural problems or to sloppy finishing.

JLC Forums: Drywalling Over Protector Plates & Other Bulges
Journal of Light Construction forum discusses tips on how to get a flat drywall job, even when there are bumps and lumps on the framing caused by hanger hardware or similar items.

JLC: Drywall Nail Pops
Journal of Light Construction Q & A says nail pops in drywall are related to changes in moisture content of framing, but they're a sign of moisture loss, not moisture gain.

JLC: Reducing Drywall Cracks
Journal of Light Construction describes how to get rid of most drywall pops and cracks with panel adhesive, floating corners, and the right beads and joint compound. (PDF) Free Registration Required

JLC: What Causes Drywall Fasteners To Pop
Journal of Light Construction Q & A offers some reasons why drywall fasteners may pop.

REMI: Study Finds Gungal Growth Degrading Gypsum Board
REMI says research shows fungal growth significantly affected the physical (weight loss) and mechanical (tensile strength) properties of moisture-exposed gypsum board samples. In some cases, tensile strength and weight of some boards decreased by more than 80 percent.

USG: Drywall Screw Bumps With Low-VOC Drywall Adhesive
USG report, developed after drywall screw bump complaints in the US Atlantic region, suggests water-based low-VOC drywall construction adhesives failure to cure and reach a dimensionally stable condition prior to finishing is causing screw buttons. (PDF)

BCWCA: Recommended Levels For Finishing Of Gypsum Board
BC Wall and Ceiling Association document provides various standards for the finishing of gypsum board wall or ceiling surfaces. (PDF)

Builder Books: Purchasable Drywall Book On Professional Techniques
Builder Books sells Drywall: Professional Techniques for Great Results, that covers the complete drywalling process, from layout to painting and texturing, covering uneven surfaces, curves and rounded corners, sound-proofing channels, and specialized applications. $22 USD

Drywall Finishing Council: Interior Drywall Specifications
Drywall Finishing Council describes interior job condition specifications for the application of drywall joint compounds, drywall textures, and paint/coatings. (PDF)

Drywall Finishing Council: Recommended Paint Finish Over Gypsum
Drywall Finishing Council describes and recommends various levels of paint finish as final decoration over new interior gypsum board surfaces. The recommended level of paint finish over gypsum board wall and ceiling surfaces varies depending on their location in structure, type of paint applied, level of gypsum board finish achieved prior to final decoration, and type of illumination striking the surface. (PDF)

Drywall Finishing Council: Surface Treatment For Finishing Gypusm Panels
Drywall Finishing Council describes guidelines for determining the visual performance expectations that an acceptable surface treatment will impart to achieve a Level 5 finish over a properly prepared Level 4 joint treated gypsum panel surface. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: 8 Ways to Patch Drywall
Fine Homebuilding describes some variations on patching walls.

Fine Homebuilding: 9 Secrets to Effortless Drywall Install
Fine Homebuilding online video describes some straightforward steps will make any drywall-hanging job easier.

Fine Homebuilding: Better Way For Large Drywall Patch
Fine Homebuilding online video and comments explain that when making a large drywall patch, all you need is a scrap of plywood and some drywall screws.

Fine Homebuilding: Big Drywall, Small Lifts
Fine Homebuilding says these simple site-built jigs make hanging 12-foot-long sheets of wallboard easy, even when working alone.

Fine Homebuilding: Choose & Mix Setting Type Joint Compound
Fine Homebuilding online video offers describes tips for using setting-type compounds, including how to mix them properly.

Fine Homebuilding: Difference Between Paper & Fiberglass Mesh Drywall Tape
Fine Homebuilding says although various specialty tapes exist, the choice of tape in most drywall installations comes down to two products: paper or fiberglass mesh. Most joints can be taped with either one, but before you start mixing compound, you need to know the important differences between the two.

Fine Homebuilding: Drywalling Window Returns
Fine Homebuilding says appearance and cost savings move the needle toward drywall returns rather than casing and wood extension jambs.

Fine Homebuilding: Finishing An Outside Corner
Fine Homebuilding creates a smooth finish by applying the right amount of compound and pressure to the corner bead.

Fine Homebuilding: Invisible Drywall Seams
Fine Homebuilding online video shows that with the proper tools and materials used in the right sequence, your drywall seams will seem to vanish.

Fine Homebuilding: Is Paper on Drywall Different by Region?
Fine Homebuilding discusses whether or not you need to skim coat an entire wall, instead of just taping and sanding the joints, to get the wall smooth.

Fine Homebuilding: Nifty Small Drywall Patch
Fine Homebuilding online video shows a quick way to make an access hole in drywall, and then an ingenious way to close it back up.

Fine Homebuilding: Online Video On Hanging Drywall
Fine Homebuilding video demonstrates tips, techniques, and tools to hang panels quickly, solidly, and with minimal mess.

Fine Homebuilding: Secrets to Smoother Drywall
Fine Homebuilding says dead-flat walls aren’t just about taping; they start with careful planning, smart staging, and solid installation strategies.

Fine Homebuilding: Small Drywall Patch
Fine Homebuilding online video shows a simple and effective way of patching small holes in drywall or plaster without using tape.

Fine Homebuilding: Taping Drywall Seams
Fine Homebuilding online video describes how to tape drywall seams.

Gypsum Association: Purchasable Specification For Application & Finish
Gypsum Association sells GA-216-2018: Application and Finishing of Gypsum Panel Products, 2018 Edition. This illustrated booklet describes the most up-to-date industry recommendations for the proper installation and finishing of gypsum board, including related accessories, over a variety of substrates and framing. $35 USD

Gypsum: Specification Of Recommended Levels Of Gypsum Board Finsh
Gypsum Association document assists specification writers, architects, contractors, and building owners to more precisely describe the finish of walls and ceilings prior to the application of paints and other wallcoverings, to encourage competitive bidding of suitably finished surfaces, and to enhance the appearance of the final decorative treatment and thereby enlist a satisfied client. PDF)

Inch Calculator: Online Calculator For Drywall Materials
Inch Calculator online calculator will tell you the amount drywall or sheetrock panels, screws, joint compound, and tape needed for your project by entering your room’s dimensions. Optionally include the ceiling if you’re drywalling that as well.

JLC Forums: Staging Off Staircases For Drywall Installation
Journal of Light Construction online forum has drywall pros discussing their tricks for creating a convenient work platform over a staircase.

JLC: Drywall Finishing For Small Jobs
Journal Light Construction article describes how setting-type compounds and a few specialized tools can spread three coats of drywall finishing compound in a single day.

JLC: Drywall Orientation In Tall Rooms
Journal of Light Construction describes why drywall orientation should be horizontal in tall rooms.

JLC: Forum On Applying Mud Compound In Narrow Spaces
Journal of Light Construction forum discusses how to tape and finish spaces too narrow for conventional drywall knives and other drywall techniques.

JLC: How To Hide Rough Drywall Finish Showing Through Paint
Journal of Light Construction describes one cause and solution for hiding rough drywall finish that is showing through paint.

JLC: Installing Drywall Over Rigid Foam
Journal of Light Construction forum moderator describes working details for installing interior wallboard directly over rigid foam insulation.

JLC: Is All Drywall Mud The Same?
Journal of Light Construction says companies that manufacture joint compounds offer a wide range of products, including taping and topping compounds as well as regular all-purpose compounds.

JLC: Patching For Smaller Recessed Lights
Journal of Light Construction forum provides some clever tips on patching drywall in a situation when large recessed-light holes are being repurposed for new, smaller replacement light fixtures.

JLC: Rejuvenating Aged Drywall
Journal of Light Construction explains what do you do when you have to tape and finish drywall that was hung years ago and has yellowed with age. (PDF) Free Registration Required

JLC: Trick For Gluing Drywall
Journal of Light Construction shows how the use of a construction adhesive can reduce the number of fasteners needed (and possibly the number of screw pops) by up to 75 percent.

JLC: Working With Paperless Drywall
Journal of Light Construction offers some tips for installing and finishing paperless drywall.

Tools of the Trade: Cut-Out Routers for Drywall
Tools of the Trade online video describes how to use cut-out routers for drywall installation.

University Of Georgia: Use Of Scrap Gypsum To Improve Soil Water Infiltration
University Of Georgia bulletin shows that scrap gypsum added to the soil can reduce its crusting and improve water infiltration. This U of G brief gives background, guidelines, and an area calculation chart. (PDF)

USG: Online Handbook For Gypsum Construction
USG Gypsum online Construction Handbook describes best practices for Drywall & Veneer Plaster Construction, Conventional Lath & Plaster Construction, Suspended Acoustical Ceiling Systems, and General Construction. (PDF)
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