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Basics & Theory

Architect Magazine: How Ceramic Tiles Are Made
Architect Magazine says from faraway quarries to discarded toilets, ceramic tiles can comprise materials as varied as their finishes and applications. What they share is their general manufacturing process.

Buildipedia: Types Of Tile Flooring
Buildipedia describes the various types of tile flooring.

JLC: Difference Between Floor Tiles & Wall Tiles
Journal of Light Construction describes the qualities that make a ceramic tile suitable for floor or wall use.
Education & Training

TTMAC: Online Continuing Education Training Courses
Terrazzo Tile & Marble Association of Canada provides a number of online continuing education courses.

TTMAC: Online Course On Basics Of Ceramic Tile
Terrazzo Tile & Marble Association of Canada offers this online course on the basics of ceramic tile. (PDF)
Industry Information

TTMAC: Hard Surface Award Winners 2013
Terrazzo, Tile & Marble Association of Canada displays pictures of their 2013 Hard Surface Award winners.

TTMAC: Hard Surface Award Winners 2014
Terrazzo, Tile & Marble Association of Canada displays pictures of their 2014 Hard Surface Award winners. (PDF)
Industry Sectors

TTMAC: Terrazzo Tile & Marble Association Of Canada
Terrazzo Tile & Marble Association of Canada has a mandate to develop a method of standardizing terrazzo, tile and marble installation techniques, as well as being a technical resource and liaison for architects, specifiers, designers and engineers. Their web site offers sections on training, technical information, inspection services, and members listing.
Information Sources

John Bridge: Ceramic Tile Advice Forums
John Bridge has discussion forums on a wide range of topics for the tile industry.

TTMAC: Resource Site On Terrazzo Tile & Marble
Terrazzo Tile And Marble Association of Canada Provides information and resources on tile, terrazzo and marble products and procedures.
Issues & Performance

Green Squared: Sustainable Certification For Ceramic Tile Industry
Tile Council of North America new Green Squared standard allows ceramic tile manufacturers to be recognized for their leadership in environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility. This certification program scores products in five categories of performance: Product Characteristics; Manufacturing; Corporate Governance; Innovation; and End-of-Life. (PDF)

TTMAC: Specifications & Guides For Tile & Terrazzo Floors
Terrazzo, Tile & Marble Association of Canada sells specifications and guides for installation and maintenance of tile and terrazzo floors.

Fine Homebuilding: For Great Tile Floors, Layout is Everything
Fine Homebuilding says take time to snap a few chalklines and find where the cuts are, and tiling becomes an easier task with better results.

Fine Homebuilding: Foyer Tile Installation
Fine Homebuilding online video with a veteran tilesetter shows how to mix modern materials and time-tested techniques to install a durable floor in a high-traffic room.

Fine Homebuilding: How To Cut Tile With Wet Saw
Fine Homebuilding online video show how to cut tile with a wet saw.

Fine Homebuilding: How To Easily Drill A Hole In Ceramic Tile
Fine Homebuilding describes a better way to drill a hole in ceramic tile.

Fine Homebuilding: Installing Ceramic Tile With Thinset
Fine Homebuilding online video walks through the process of installing ceramic tile with thinset.

Fine Homebuilding: Use Google SketchUp To Layout & Estimate A Tiling Job
Fine Homebuilding describes how to use a Google SketchUp model to layout, estimate, and build a takeoff list for a tiling job.

GBA: How To Install Tile Over Concrete
Green Building says an uncoupling membrane can prevent cracks in a slab from affecting tile or grout when tile is placed over concrete.

HGTV Remodels: Tile Design Trends
HGTV Remodels online slide show gives examples of how to take advantage of tile's wide variety of colors and textures to express your creativity, and how different patterns can produce different effects.

HomeSteady: How to Install Tile Around a Doorway
HomeSteady guide shows you step-by-step, from start to finish, how to install tile and make it look as if a professional laid if for you.

JLC Forums: Cutting Holes In Ceramic Tile
Journal of Light Construction forum discusses tips and considerations for cutting holes in ceramic tile.

JLC: Cutting Glass Tile
Journal of Light Construction describes some tricks to cutting glass tiles.

JLC: Grouting Ceramic Tile
Journal of Light Construction describes how to select, mix, and apply grout for a long-lasting and attractive tile job. (PDF) Free site registration required.

JLC: Installing New Tile Over Old
Journal of Light Construction describes how to install new tile over old tile for a bathroom floor.

JLC: Marrying Old & New Floors for Tile
Journal of Light Construction describes how to install uninterrupted tile throughout two rooms with types of floors, without putting down a mud layer.

JLC: Preventing Tile Failures
Journal of Light Construction describes how most tile failures are caused by a failure to follow directions. (PDF) Free Registration Required

JLC: Tiling Over Plywood Subfloors
Journal of Light Construction explains how to beef up plywood subfloors to limit deflection, and how to isolate the tile setting bed from potential wood movement using the latest high-tech membranes.

Taunton: Purchasable Book On Working With Tile
Taunton sells Working With Tile, a book that covers how to choose, install, maintain, and repair tile wherever it's used in the home. $18 USD

TTMAC: Purchasable Hard Surface Maintenance Guide
Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Association of Canada maintenance guide has been compiled as a means of simplifying and standardizing maintenance procedures for terrazzo, tile and natural stone installations. Online order-form provided. $25
Product Supply

BD&C: Top 10 Tile Trends For 2016
Building Design & Construction says supersized tile and 3D walls are among the trending tile design themes seen at Cersaie, an exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings held in Bologna, Italy in October 2015.

BD&C: Top 10 Tile Trends For 2017
Building Design & Construction Design says styles such as bits & pieces, gritty chic, and metallics are among the ten tile trends to watch as we enter 2017.

Custom Home Magazine: 15 Fabulous Finds In Italian Tile
Custom Home Magazine says this year's Cersaie, the Italian ceramic tile show, offered a glimpse of the cutting edge in tile trends and products.

Custom Home: Tile & Ceramic Trends to Watch in 2019
Custom Home Magazine describes seven standout products from this year's international exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings at Cersaie in Bologna, Italy.

TTMAC: List Of Qualified Canadian Tile Setters
Terrazzo, Tile & Marble Association of Canada lists, by province, its members who are qualified tile setters.
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