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Industry Information

Builder Magazine: Hardwood Tops Home Buyer Flooring Preferences
Builder Magazine says with more product offerings and growing demand, builders are turning to hardwood and wood look-alikes more than ever.

HIRL: Wood-Finish Flooring Flourishing
US Home Innovation Research Labs says wood-finish flooring options top all others in main living areas of new homes.

NWFA: US National Wood Flooring Expo
National Wood Flooring Association holds an annual Wood Flooring Expo, a convention and trade show dedicated solely to wood flooring.

Realtor: Parquet Flooring Gives A Retro Look
Realtor says decorative parquet, with its geometric, herringbone, and mosaic patterns made from inlaid wooden pieces, is climbing out of the dustbin of history. The reason is a desire for natural materials, combined with old-world craftsmanship.
Industry Sectors

MFMA: Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association
Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association is a trade association providing technical and general information about maple flooring and related sports flooring systems.

NWFA: National Wood Flooring Association
National Wood Flooring Association is a trade association helping advance and promote the wood flooring industry.
Information Sources

NWFA: Resource Site On Hardwood Floors
National Wood Flooring Association site provides information and resources on hardwood flooring.
Issues & Performance

All About Floors: Hardwood Floors Moisture Content
All About Floors online video describes how to assess and manage moisture content on wood flooring jobs.

APA: Prevent Moisture Callbacks in Wood Flooring Installation
Engineered Wood Association publication Prevent Callbacks in Wood Flooring Installation describes measures to minimize risk of future flooring problems when moisture is present. Free site registration required.

Building Science: Walking The Plank, Wood Floors Over Concrete
Building Science says to make wood and concrete get along we either have to separate the wood from the concrete or we have to make the concrete dry enough not to irritate the wood too much.

Canadian Contractor: Mitigating Sound Inside Today's Homes
Canadian Contractor says fashionable hard flooring proves a challenge for quiet and privacy.

Fine Homebuilding: Using a Moisture Meter On Wood Flooring
Fine Homebuilding online video demonstrates the two types of moisture meters you can use to determine the moisture level of wood flooring before you install it.

JLC: Controlling Moisture Content Of Wood Flooring
Journal of Light Construction describes the proper procedure for acclimating wood flooring to the moisture content of a building before installation.

JLC: Cupped Hardwood Flooring
Journal of Light Construction Q & A describes causes and solutions to cupped hardwood flooring.

NWFA: Life Cycle For Solid Hardwood Flooring
National Wood Flooring Association study on Life Cycle Analysis for Solid Hardwood Flooring analyzes environmental impact of wood flooring & several flooring alternatives. Each flooring type is compared for harmful air emissions, water consumption, total primary energy consumption & product life expectancy. (PDF)

APA: Performance Rated Panel Subfloors Under Hardwood Flooring
Engineered Wood Association offers APA Performance Rated Panel Subfloors Under Hardwood Flooring, with specification and installation recommendations for panel subfloors to be used under hardwood flooring. Free site registration required.

BCFCA: Floor Covering Reference Manual
BC Floor Covering Association sells the NFCA Floor Covering Reference Manual that is the industry source for floor covering specifications, installation practices and substrate issues. It covers general requirements, resilient flooring, carpet, hardwood flooring (including sanding and finishing), laminate flooring, and cork and bamboo flooring.

Buildipedia: Installing Hardwood Flooring
Buildipedia online video and article describe how to install hardwood flooring.

Fine Homebuilding: 11 Wood-Flooring Problems and Their Solutions
Fine Homebuilding says for flawless wood floors, avoid these installation and finishing mistakes.

Fine Homebuilding: 2 Methods for Patching a Hardwood Floor
Fine Homebuilding describes professional techniques for evaluating damaged flooring, removing individual boards, and installing seamless repair patches. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: Custom Floor Medallion Centerpiece
Fine Homebuilding online video demonstrates how leftover wood can be turned into an extraordinary focal point.

Fine Homebuilding: Cutting & Bending Curved Floor Parts
Fine Homebuilding article describes the two most-common ways of making a curve, by either sawing the shape from a bigger piece of wood, or bending a board.

Fine Homebuilding: Flooring Over Plank Subfloor
Fine Homebuilding says whether or not you need plywood underlayment under engineered wood flooring depends on the condition of the original subfloor.

Fine Homebuilding: How To Replace A Floorboard
Fine Homebuilding describes how to replace a wood floorboard.

Fine Homebuilding: Identifying An Existing Floor Finish
Fine Homebuilding provides some suggestions on how to identify the type of existing floor finish.

Fine Homebuilding: Types Of Floor Finish Applicators
Fine Homebuilding article describes different types of hardwood floor finish applicators including wood block, t-bar, and rollers.

JLC: Expansion Space For Wood Floors
Journal of Light Construction discusses when you may need an expansion space for wood floors.

JLC: Felt Or Rosin Paper Under Strip Flooring?
Journal of Light Construction provides tips and tricks for installing perfect hardwood floors over plywood and concrete.

JLC: Fixing Voids In Wood Flooring Gluing
Journal of Light Construction Q & A ddescribes how to fix a glue-down engineered floor over a slab that seems to be floating in spots where the glue did not hold it sufficiently.

JLC: Hardwood Floors Over I-Joists
Journal of Light Construction says hardwood strip flooring performs just fine over wood I-joist framing.

JLC: Installing Hardwood Flooring Over Vinyl
Journal of Light Construction describes how to put wood flooring over old worn out vinyl.

JLC: Installing Hardwood Floors Over Concrete
Journal of Light Construction describes how installing hardwood over a concrete slab requires extra care and special materials.

JLC: Recoating Wood Floors
Journal of Light Construction describes how slightly worn or dulled finishes on wood floors can be recoated after just a light buffing and cleaning.

JLC: Refinishing An Inlaid Wood Floor
Journal of Light Construction says there's an art to patching and matching a wood floor during repair and refinish work, and offers advice on the rehab of an oak floor with mahogany inlay. (PDF) Free Registration Required
Product Supply

Builder Magazine: Hardwood Flooring Vs. Bamboo
Builder Magazine provides product pros and cons for hardwood flooring vs. bamboo.
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