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Basics & Theory

Home Tips: Plumbing Water Cycle And Home Plumbing Systems
Home Tips site gives a quick overview of the different systems and components used in residential plumbing, including simple drawings and explanations.

P & M: Purchasable Book History of Plumbing
Plumbing & Mechanical magazine sells the History of Plumbing series. History articles cover informative topics such as ancient plumbing, water-borne diseases, early-American innovation, the history of hydronic heating and more. $35 USD.

QS Supplies: History Of Plumbing
QS Supplies says there’s a very interesting history behind the evolution of plumbing materials used through the ages and up to modern times. Going back all the way back to the time of the Roman Empire, piping constructed of lead and clay was the first reliable material used to deliver potable water to bathhouses, amphitheaters, and private residences all over the Empire.

Safe Plumbing: Glossary Of Plumbing Terms
Safe Plumbing provides a glossary of plumbing terms for plumbing industry, clean water, water efficiency, and health & safety.

Safe Plumbing: History Of Plumbing Timeline
Safe Plumbing describes the history on plumbing in this online timeline.

The Plumber: Articles On History Of Plumbing
The Plumber.com offers articles on history of the plumbing industry, terminology, inventions, baths, boilers, toilets, companies, and even plagues & epidemics.
Education & Training

Career Tap: Career Information For Plumbing & Hydronic Heating Industries
Career Tap highlights the wide range of career paths, co-op education opportunities and potential employers within Canada's plumbing and hydronic heating industry.

CSA: Reviewing Essential Practices for Plumbing Professionals
CSA online course Reviewing Essential Practices for Plumbing Professionals provides an understanding of plumbing systems, their operations, and their relationship to relevant codes and standards.

Fine Homebuilding: Ten Common Plumbing Mistakes
Fine Homebuilding article summarizes the ten most common plumbing mistakes, including solution methods. Learning from errors of others can save both time and money.
Industry Information

CIPHEX West: Plumbing & HVAC Trade Show & Conference
Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating presents their CIPHEX West Trade Show & Conference. It is Western Canada's largest plumbing and HVACR event and will showcase more than 200 exhibitors, taking place November 4 & 5, 2020 in Vancouver. CIPHEX West will showcase displays from manufacturers of plumbing, hydronics, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, geothermal heating, solar/hydronic combi-systems, fire protection, industrial pipe, valve and fittings, luxury bath and kitchen as well as water treatment products from Canada, the United States and overseas.

CMPX: Canadian Mechanical & Plumbing Exposition
CMPX, Canadian Mechanical & Plumbing Exposition is the national trade show for the heating, air conditioning, ventilation, hearth, plumbing, piping, refrigeration and emerging technologies industries.

HIRL: Plumbing Fixture Trends
Home Innovation Research Labs describes some trends in plumbing fixtures.

MCEE: Canadian HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical & Lighting Expo
MCEE is eastern Canada's largest plumbing, HVACR, hydronic, electrical and lighting industry expo.

PM Engineer: Plumbing & Heating Industry Heading Down Dangerous Path
PM Engineer article by Dan Holohan says we’re quickly heading toward a time when the people who work on the equipment, both old and new, may not be able to solve the problems with those systems because, raised on search, they won’t know how to think critically and analytically.
Industry Sectors

ASPE: American Society of Plumbing Engineers
American Society of Plumbing Engineers is the international organization for professionals skilled in the design, specification and inspection of plumbing systems.

CIPH BC: Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating BC Region
BC Region of the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating represents companies that manufacture, sell and distribute, plumbing, hydronic heating, Industrial PVF, waterworks products and services.

CIPH: Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating
Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating represents companies that manufacture, sell and distribute, plumbing, hydronic heating, Industrial PVF, waterworks products and services.

MSCC: Mechanical Service Contractors of Canada
Mechanical Service Contractors of Canada is the industry trade association for HVAC and plumbing service, repair and retrofit contractors in Canada.

PERC: Plumbing Efficiency Research Coalition On Water Efficiency
Plumbing Efficiency Research Coalition is an industry collaborative formed to advance plumbing research initiatives pertaining to water efficiency. The four initial research projects include: Drainline Carry Research on High-Efficiency Toilets; Water Re-use Systems and Safe Application for Re-use Water; Non-water Consuming Urinals; Sizing of Water Efficient Plumbing Systems.
Information Sources

HPAC Magazine: Canadian Magazine For Heating Plumbing & Air Conditioning Trades
HPAC magazine is a Canadian industry magazine for the plumbing, heating, and air conditioning trades.

HPAC Magazine: Free eNewsletter For Heating, Plumbing & Air Conditioning Industry
Canadian HPAC e-newsletter from Heating Plumbing & Air Conditioning magazine is a free source of industry information covering news, rebates & incentives, products, codes, statistics & trends, events, training & courses, and more.

Mechanical Business: Industry Magazine For HVAC & Plumbing Trades
Mechanical Business, an trade magazine for the plumbing, hydronic, HVAC and refrigeration industries offers technical and feature articles, product reviews, guest columnists, and more.

PHCP Pros: Plumbing & Hydronic Contractor News Magazine
Plumbing & Hydronic Contractor magazine provides news and information to the plumbing and Hydronic heating industry.

Plumbing & HVAC: Canadian Industry Trade Magazine
Plumbing & HVAC is a Canadian trade magazine that offers articles, events, and product news for the plumbing and HVA industries.

Plumbing Zone: Discussion Forums For Professional Plumbers
Plumbing Zone has discussion forums on a wide range of topics for the plumbing industry.

Safe Plumbing: Resource Site On Plumbing Fixtures & Fittings
Safe Plumbing, a site from the Plumbing Manufacturers Institute, provides information on plumbing fixtures and plumbing fittings, safe drinking water, water conservation, home safety & accessibility, plus a glossary and a guide to label symbols.
Issues & Performance

ASHRAE Guideline 12-2020 Managing Risk of Legionellosis
ASHRAE Guideline 12 provides information and guidance on the control of legionellosis associated with building water systems, and provides guidance useful in the implementation of ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188, Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems.

ASHRAE: Legionellosis Standard Provides Guidance On Risk Management
ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2018, Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems, is intended for use by owners and managers of human-occupied buildings and those involved in the design, construction, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and service of centralized building water systems and components.

BC Gov: Code Change Revisions in BC Codes 2018
BC Government lists the code change revisions included in the BC Building Code 2018 and the BC Plumbing Code 2018. (PDF)

BC Gov: New BC Plumbing Code
The BC Plumbing Code (BC PC) applies the core concepts of the National Plumbing Code, combined with elements specific to BC's unique needs and sets out technical provisions for the design and installation of new plumbing systems. It also applies to the extension, alteration, renewal and repair of existing plumbing systems. The BC PC is ideal for anyone installing or designing plumbing systems. $120 CDN

Builder Magazine: Radiant Flooring Can Cause Legionnaires Disease
Builder Magazine says knowing how legionella grows in a domestic hot water system makes it clear why connecting potable water to a hydronic floor is of concern, and also helps us understand solutions.

Builders Websource: Tech Note On Water Hammer
Builders Websource offers you a Tech Note on water hammer, explaining what it is, design tips and examples, traditional solutions, troubleshooting, and installation of arrestors.

Building Science: Legionella Background, Issues & Considerations
Building Science online slide show presents some background, issues and considerations for Legionella. (PDF)

CASO: Occupational Health Risks Faced By Pipe Trades
Construction Safety Association of Ontario brochure outlines occupational health risks faced by pipe trades (PDF)

CIPH: Understanding Implementation & Enforcement Of Low-lead Potable Plumbing Products In Canada
Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating bulletin says the Standing Committee on Building and Plumbing Services have approved to reference the ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1 and CSA B125.3 Standards into the 2010 National Plumbing Code Interim Changes. This will allow the Provinces and Territories the process to begin a mechanism to implement and enforce the new low-lead requirements. Only products intended for cooking & drinking fall under the scope of the these standards at this time.

CMHC: Online Guide To Sustainable Plumbing In The Home
CMHC online Guide To Sustainable Plumbing In The Home provides plumbers, building contractors and interested homeowners with an overview of fixtures, appliances and actions that can help conserve water and energy in different areas in the home. (PDF)

CMHC: Options For Greening The Plumbing Industry In Canada
CMHC study Exploration of Options for Greening of the Plumbing Industry in Canada investigated sustainable training options for the plumbing industry, similar to initiatives such as the Green Plumbers program in Australia and the United States. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: Quiet Plumbing Pipes
Fine Homebuilding online video describes one easy way to totally eliminate the noise of water inside your drain pipes.

Green Plumbers: Certification Program For Green Plumbers
Green Plumbers is a US national training and accreditation program that assists plumbers in understanding their role in the environment and public health. It trains and deploys green plumbers to promote the benefits of water conservation and the reduction of GHG emissions, with a focus on changing consumer and plumbing behavior through the use of energy efficiency and water saving technologies.

HPAC Magazine: Corrosion & How Water Behaves
HPAC Magazine says designers of modern hydronic systems strive for two important objectives: a reliable system and an energy efficient system. Achieving these requires proper equipment selection as well as attention to water quality. Unfortunately the latter is often overlooked, or left to the discretion of the installer, who may or may not appreciate its importance.

HPAC Magazine: How To Resolve Water Line Noise
Heating Plumbing & Air Conditioning magazine describes causes, potential risks and ultimate cure for noisy water lines.

HPAC Magazine: Limescale In Hydronic Systems
HPAC Magazine describes issues and considerations for limescale accumulation in hydronic systems.

HPAC Magazine: Minimize Risk Of Legionella In Plumbing Supply Systems
HPAC magazine says there is a market need to better understand waterborne pathogens and how to minimize the risk of microbial growth in building plumbing systems that can lead to occupant infection. This article specifically refers to Legionella within building plumbing supply systems.

HPAC Magazine: New Codes & Tighter Homes Change Mechanical Landscape
HPAC magazine says the HVAC and plumbing industry in Canada is in for some profound changes with the coming wave of new building codes, policies and regulations. All levels of government - federal, provincial and municipal - are pushing hard to go green and reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

JLC: Noisy Expansion Tank
Journal of Light Construction describes why an expansion tank may be noisy.

JLC: Solutions for Noisy Pipes
Journal of Light Construction describes one easy way to totally eliminate the noise of water inside your drain pipes.

Mechanical Business: Legislation Passed On Low-Lead Content Fittings
Mechanical Business says the Canadian Commission on Building Codes and Fires has approved the updating of the Table of Referenced Documents in the National Plumbing Code to reflect the most current editions of standards CSA B125.3-2012 Plumbing Fittings and ASMEA112.18.1/B125.1-2012 Plumbing Supply Fittings. The changes incorporate requirements for low-lead content fittings, and it is now up to each province or authority having jurisdiction to navigate the adoption process.

NRC: Intent Statements For 2010 Canadian National Plumbing Code
Canadian National Codes site provides intent statements for the National Plumbing Code of Canada 2010 edition.

NRC: Legionella, Who's Addressing the Risks in Canada?
National Research Council Canada report Legionella, Who's Addressing the Risks in Canada, provides an overview of the risks facing the key national agencies charged with responding to the impact of the growth and transmission of Legionella bacteria in building systems. (PDF)

NRC: New Items In Canadian National Plumbing Code
Canadian National Research Council says a number of changes align the requirements in NPC 2015 with advancements in technologies and materials in order to increase design and material choices.

Orderline: Purchasable Canadian Plumbing Codes & Standards
Orderline allows online purchasing of Canadian national plumbing codes and standards.

P&M: PMI Releases Product Category Rules for Bath & Kitchen Fixture Fittings
Plumbing & Mechanical magazine says Plumbing Manufacturers International has issued a Product Category Rule Guidance Document for Kitchen and Bath Fixture Fittings. The document fulfills a growing demand for environmental product declarations, which express the potential environmental impact of a product, and for other transparency information related to plumbing fixture fittings.

P&M: Preventing Legionella In Home Plumbing Systems
Plumbing and Mechanical magazine says the risk of contracting Legionnaires' Disease from residential plumbing is rare, but some inexpensive measures can be taken to prevent it.

PHC Pros: Fundamentals Of Legionella Safety In Building Water Systems
Plumbing & Hydronic Contractor magazine describes some fundamentals of legionella safety in building water systems.

PHCC: Q & A From Get the Lead Out Plumbing Webinar
Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Associations provides questions and answers from their January 16, 2013 Get The Lead Out Plumbing Webinar. (PDF)

PHCP Pros: Coronavirus in Plumbing Systems, How Did Hong Kong Outbreak Occur
PHCP Pros says health officials in Hong Kong have determined that plumbing systems in certain high-rise buildings are implicated in recent cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

PHCP Pros: Diverting Organic Waste From Landfills Is An Opportunity For Plumbers
Plumbing & Hydronic Contractor magazine says with better education and outreach to consumers, additional use of food waste disposers can be a win for both plumbers and the environment.

PHCP Pros: Hot Water Systems & Legionella
PHCP Pros describes considerations for the balancing act between Legionella prevention and scald prevention.

PHCP Pros: International Plumbing Code Code Changes
PHCP Pros provides a summary of significant revisions of the International Plumbing Code.

PHCP Pros: Legionella Control for Building Water Systems
PHCP Pros describes how to eliminate Legionella growth conditions with proper system design, installation and maintenance.

PHCP Pros: Legionella Growth in Hot Water Systems
PHC Pros says an argument can be made that energy conservation efforts of the 1970s contributed to the rise of Legionnaires disease.

PHCP Pros: Legionella Is The New Mold
Plumbing & Hydronic Contractor magazine says an aging population, aging water and increased awareness are just a few possible reasons for a rise in Legionnaires disease.

PHCP Pros: Plumbing, Hydronics Systems & Legionella
PHCP Pros presents new suggestions regarding plumbing and hydronics systems design, to reduce Legionella development in commercial buildings.

PM Engineer: Discovering Water Hammer
PM Engineer says in the beginning, when steam water hammer first showed up, it broke pipes, flanges and valves, and even killed people.

PM Engineer: Inadequte Requirements For Water Pressure In Codes
PM Engineer says one of the reasons for inadequate pressure-control requirements in the codes is the lack of understanding in the plumbing world regarding pressure.

PM Engineer: Legionella & Water Temperatures Go Hand-In-Hand
PM Engineer magazine describes issues and considerations for dealing with Legionella bacteria in plumbing systems.

Safe Plumbing: Legionella and Water Supply Systems
Safe Plumbing describes hoe new kinds of plumbing systems and old infrastructure create additional challenges of legionella.

Safe Plumbing: Plumbing Product Labels & Markings
Safe Plumbing says third-party organizations each have distinct labels that plumbing manufacturers add to their products to indicate the product has been properly reviewed and tested to comply with national or international standards and regulations, including lead-free standards. PMI provides a list of all the main plumbing product markings with general explanations of the standards and requirements each represent.

US EPA: Lead-Free Certification Marks For Drinking Water System & Plumbing Materials
US Environmental Protection Agency document How to Identify Lead-Free Certification Marks for Drinking Water System & Plumbing Materials provides tips for identifying lead-free certification marks.

Building America: Designing A Core Plumbing System
Building America describes how to design a compact plumbing distribution system using a core plumbing strategy with all hot water fixtures positioned near and directly piped to a centrally located water heater to shorten plumbing runs and minimize water use in the home.

Heating Help: Superior Ways to Keep Your Clients in Hot Water
Heating Help says when experienced plumbers get jobs because they offer substantial benefits rather than the lowest price, they gain long-term, trusting clients and business from their friends, as well.

How Stuff Works: How To Repair Plumbing & Fixtures
How Stuff Works describes how to repair or replace plumbing pipes, fixtures, toilets, sinks, drains, and more.

HPAC Magazine: Balancing A Recirculating Domestic Hot Water System
HPAC magazine describes how to balance a recirculating domestic hot water system.

PHCP Pros: Pitfalls Of Busting Through Concrete
Plumbing Heating Contractor news says contractors should be wary of any plumbing job that involves breaking through concrete floors.

Taunton: Purchasable Book On Plumbing For Pros By Pros
Taunton book For Pros by Pros Plumbing details procedures for plumbing fixtures, hardware, and appliances in the home. It also takes in non-standard situations every builder or remodeler is likely to encounter, with photos and descriptions of every type of pipe, every form of fitting, and specialized plumbing tools. $20 USD.

The Plumber: Online Handbook On Plumbing Care & Repair
The Plumber provides online Plumbing Care & Repair Handbook, that has tips on using and troubleshooting all system components.

US HUD: Rehab Guide Volume #8: HVAC/Plumbing
US Department of Housing and Urban Development supplies Rehab Guide Volume #8: HVAC/Plumbing which has great info on new products and procedures for upgrading plumbing systems. Plumbing section starts on page 63. (PDF)
Product Supply

Builder Magazine: Nine Water-Saving Products That Meet Strict Standards
Builder Magazine describes some innovative products the offer comfort and convenience while helping homeowners conserve resources and save money.

HPAC Magazine: Online Buyers Guide For Manufacturers & Wholesalers
Canadian HPAC magazine has online buyer's guide where you can search for heating, plumbing and air conditioning products, manufacturers and wholesalers.

NAHB: Tech Set 1 On Resource Efficient Plumbing
NAHB PATH Tech Set on Resource-Efficient Plumbing highlights five technologies that are easy to install, result in efficient and speedy delivery of hot and cold water, and allow for future, simplified retrofit of a greywater reuse system.

NRCan: DHW Equipment Qualifying For Canadian Grants
Natural Resources Canada describes eligible domestic hot water equipment for grants that are available in the Canadian ecoENERGY Retrofit for Homes program.

Plumbing & HVAC: Plumbing in the Connected Home
Plumbing & HVAC says connected home technology means simply that the controls of different appliances in the home communicate with each other via smart technology. Different manufacturers are at different stages with this technology, but it is coming rapidly.

Wethead Media: Reviews Of Plumbing & Heating Products
Wet Head Media offers online reviews of a wide range of plumbing and heating products.
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