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Basics & Theory

City TV: Drain Water Heat Recovery
City TV online video shows how the heat from hot water leaving your shower drain pipe can be recovered to help reduce your energy bill.

CMHC: Drainwater Heat Recovery
CMHC says drainwater heat recovery (also known as greywater heat recovery) can be configured in several ways but, in many cases, the hot drainwater passes through a heat exchanger that allows it to preheat the incoming domestic cold water. (PDF)

CMHC: Introduction To Drainwater Heat Recovery
CMHC online video Drainwater, Stop Heat from Going Down the Drain describes how you can reduce your water heating costs by capturing heat from wastewater.

EcoBuilding Pulse: Drain Water Heat Recovery Systems
EcoBuilding Pulse describes how drain water heat recovery systems recover energy that would typically be washed away.

Home Builder: Drain Water Heat Recovery In Canada
Home Builder magazine describes drain water heat recovery (DWHR) technologies, a class of heat exchangers that work by using outgoing warm drain water (from the shower and fixtures) to pre-heat incoming cold freshwater so that the primary water heater does not have to work as hard to meet the hot water energy load.

IRC: Results Of Canadian Study On Drain Water Heat Recovery
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction article reviews results of studies on drain water heat recovery conducted at the Canadian Centre for Housing Technology. (PDF)

US DOE: Drain Water Heat Recovery
US Department of Energy describes features and benefits of drain water heat recovery systems.
Issues & Performance

CMHC: Performance Testing Of Drainwater Heat Recovery
CMHC research highlight provides test results from drainwater heat recovery devices that recover waste heat from showers to preheat domestic hot water. Several models were tested, and a link to an energy savings calculator is provided to calculate which brand of device is best suited to a household. (PDF)

GBA: Some Thoughts on Drainwater Heat Recovery
Green Building Advisor says these heat exchangers capture energy from drain water and can speed up hot-water recovery times dramatically

JLC: Wastewater Heat Recovery Systems
Journal of Light Construction describes how wastewater heat recovery systems work, and when are they practical to install in a new home.
Product Supply

CEATI: Energy Savings Calculator For Drainwater Heat Recovery
Centre for Energy Advancement through Technological Innovation online calculator allows you to enter specific data to calculate energy savings of a drainwater heat recovery system for any province in Canada.
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