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Basics & Theory

HPAC Magazine: Cooling With Radiant
HPAC Magazine says cooling with radiant offers many of the same benefits as radiant heating; cooling systems that are comfortable, efficient and quiet.

HPAC Magazine: Evaporative & Radiative Fluid Cooling
HPAC magazine says there will come a time when we won't use compressors for the cooling of people and buildings, as evaporative/radiative fluid cooling is quite capable of doing this.

Plumbing & HVAC: Residential Hydronic Cooling
Plumbing & HVAC says in most hydronic residential cooling systems today, cooling, like heating, is done through hydronic air handlers or fan coils. That may take the form of a central air handler for the entire home or individual air handlers for each room. There are high-wall units that go near the ceiling or console units that go below the window.
Information Sources

Healthy Heating: Information & Resources On Radiant Cooling
Healthy Heating provides information and resources on radiant cooling design and installation.
Issues & Performance

Healthy Heating: Myth Of Condensation Concerns With Radiant Cooling Systems
Healthy Heating explains one of the myths perpetuated with radiant cooling systems, that of condensation risk on the cooling surface.

PM Engineer: Get Beyond Fear Of Condensation In Radiant Cooling Applications
PM Engineer suggests you get beyond your fear of condensation production and discover the new method of heating and cooling buildings. thermally activated building systems.

Construction Specifier: Planning In-Slab Hydronic Heating & Cooling
Construction Specifier describes how radiant systems are ideally suited to a broad range of commercial applications and achieve best results when combined with other energy-efficient solutions in tight building structures.

GBA: Does Radiant Floor Cooling Make Sense?
Green Building Advisor discusses whether a radiant floor system also can cool the house.

Healthy Heating: Radiant Cooling Systems Design Calculation
Healthy Heating describes how radiant cooling systems require the designer and contractors to understand the interactions and connections between buildings, the indoor environment and various HVAC systems and controls.

P&M: Hydronic Radiant Ceiling Cooling For Smaller Buildings
Plumbing & Mechanical magazine describes some of the methods for providing hydronic radiant panel cooling that are well-suited for use with geothermal water-to-water heating pumps, and the growing number of air-to-water heat pumps.

PM Engineer: Looking Up to Radiant Cooling
PM Engineer says there are a range of radiant cooling options depending on budgets, zoning preferences and the equipment used for the heating portion of the system. One of the lesser-known possibilities, at least at present, is using a radiant panel as a heat absorber for sensible cooling.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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