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BC Safety Authority: State Of Safety Report 2014
BC Safety Authority online State of Safety Report 2014 provides a summary of the outcomes of inspections, assessments and investigations carried out by BC Safety Authority safety officers for all technologies overseen by BCSA. It describes distribution and characteristics of incidents that occurred in 2014 and outlines activities conducted to prevent additional incidents or mitigate consequences of future incidents. In addition, it identifies areas where safety can be improved.
Industry Sectors

BC Safety Authority: 2017-2019 Business Plan
BC Safety Authority has released its 2017-2019 Business Plan, outlining its goals for the next three years and defining how it will measure success.

Technical Safety BC: Overview On BC Electrical Safety Program
Technical Safety BC's BC Electrical Safety Program is responsible for regulating electrical safety in the province, including all types of electrical equipment and installations. This includes inspecting commercial, industrial and residential sites. (PDF)
Information Sources

BC Safety Authority: Ask An Electrical Safety Officer
BC Safety Authority lists answers to various questions asked of their electrical safety officers.

BCSA: Free BC Electrical Safety Newsletter
BC Safety Authority now publishes their Electrical Safety News, a newsletter for their clients in BCís electrical industry.

ESFI: Resource Site For Tamper Resistant Receptacles
Electrical Safety Foundation International have launched a website in response to concerns over electrical receptacle-related injury. It offers information on tamper-resistant receptacles and child safety. It provides information on products, emerging provincial code requirements, safety education, and statistics.

Technical Safety BC: Sign Up For Notifications & Newsletters
Technical Safety BC can provide you with notifications of the latest news, regulatory notices, technology newsletters, information about career opportunities and much more.
Issues & Performance

BC Safety Authority: Electrical Operating Permit Requirements
BC Safety Authority online information bulletin Electrical Operating Permit Requirements explains requirements and obligations related to electrical operating permits issued by BC Safety Authority. (PDF)

BC Safety Authority: Top 30 Electrical Code & Regulatory Violations
BC Safety Authority lists the top 30 most common electrical code and regulatory violations that their safety officers find most frequently.

BCSA: Online BC Safety Monetary Penalties & Penalty Calculator
BC Safety Authority says when they find safety hazards or individuals who are not making their work or equipment compliant, they take progressive enforcement action. They may issue a monetary penalty up to $100,000, depending on criteria provided in the Monetary Penalties Regulation. They now have a Monetary Penalty Calculator on their website.

Technical Safety BC: 2009 Changes To Safety Standards Act
Technical Safety BC describes changes to regulations under the Safety Standards Act resulting from the implementation of labour mobility agreements with Alberta and the other provinces and territories. It outlines changes to the Safety Standards General Regulation, Gas Safety Regulation, and Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety Regulation. (PDF)

Technical Safety BC: Approved Certification Marks For Electrical Products In BC
The BC Electrical Safety Regulation says electrical equipment must bear evidence of either a mark or a label of a certification agency accredited by the Standards Council of Canada or an approval label issued by the British Columbia Safety Authority. This Bulletin specifies the certification/approval marks and labels that are acceptable in British Columbia. (PDF)

Technical Safety BC: Overview Of BC Safety Enforcement Procedures
Technical Safety BC provides an overview their BC safety enforcement procedures, along with contact information. (PDF)

Technical Safety BC: Which Jurisdiction Applies For Electric & Gas Safety?
Technical Safety BC administers the Safety Standards Act and associated regulations that apply throughout BC, including on lands which are subject to federal regulation for other purposes. They also list the other authorities having jurisdiction in areas where the regulation of electricity and/or gas has been delegated to the local government.

Technical Safety BC: Electrical Incident Reporting Requirements
Technical Safety BC directive describes reporting requirements for electrical incidents. (PDF)
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