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Basics & Theory

Building Science: Newer Materials & Problems With Mold
Building Science describes why have more mold in houses today, even though we do not have more water. The problem is that the same amount of water we have always had to deal with is hanging around longer and longer in some new building materials that can not take it.

Building Science: What Homeowners Need To Know About Mold
Building Science factsheet explains what mold is, how it grows & spreads, health effects, and methods of prevention & removal.

PBC: Surface Temperature & Potential for Condensation & Mold
Passive Buildings Canada online video describes the concept of internal surface temperature and it's potential for condensation & mold

US FPL: Mold In House At Design Indoor Humidity Levels
US Forest Products Laboratory research showed that mold growth occurred in an unoccupied wood-frame house in a cold climate after roughly 6-1/2 heating seasons of operation near or at design indoor humidity levels. (PDF)
Industry Information

Healthy Indoors: Same MOLD Story
Healthy Indoors magazine asks if mold and other moisture-related indoor microbial activity pose serious occupant risk, or if it is just a fabricated ailment for a new snake oil sales industry. The truth likely resides somewhere in the middle of the din, with many gaps still lurking in the science.
Information Sources

Building Science: Reports & Resources On Mold
Building Science Corporation provdes reports and articles on mold basics, testing, remediation, and healthy housing.

IAQA: Links To Resources On Mold
Indoor Air Quality Association offers links to mold information, organizations and resources.

US EPA: Information & Resources On Mold
US Environmental Protection Agency offers links to resources on introduction to molds, cleanup, asthma, flooding, health, indoor air regulations, homes, large buildings, schools, and more.
Issues & Performance

Greenguard: Mould & Moisture Management Standard For New Construction
GREENGUARD Environmental Institute standard ANSI/GREENGUARD Environmental Institute Mold and Moisture Management Standard for New Construction (ANSI / GEI - MMS1001) has been approved by American National Standards Institute. This national standard focuses solely on mold and moisture issues that can arise in the construction of new buildings, and details design, construction and maintenance practices for preventing the harmful growth of mold.

APA: Controlling Mold & Mildew
Engineered Wood Association publication Mold & Mildew outlines characteristics of mold and mildew, effect they can have on a structure and its inhabitants, and methods for prohibiting their growth. (PDF) Free site registration required.

ASTM: Purchasable Book On Moisture Control In Buildings
ASTM International sells Moisture Control in Buildings: The Key Factor in Mold Prevention: 2nd Edition. Twenty-eight comprehensive chapters focus on the major issues involved in the process of moisture resistive construction. $147

BC Housing: Remedial Treatments for Mouldy Sheathing in Ventilated Attics
BC Housing report Assessing Remedial Treatments for Mouldy Sheathing in Ventilated Attics in Coastal Climates evaluates six different products for their ability to conceal and prevent the regrowth of mould on a mouldy wood substrate that had been treated without cleaning, or cleaned by various methods before a treatment. Preventing new growth of mould as well as ability to mask and conceal existing mould or stain were key attributes when assessing the products’ effectiveness. (PDF)

Building America: Visible Signs Of Water Damage Or Mold On Materials
Building America Solution Center says whether selecting building materials from a supplier, or installing materials that have been stored on site, it is important for all building professionals to avoid materials showing visible signs of water damage or mold. Installers on site should be especially vigilant to store building materials properly at the construction site and to avoid choosing any moldy or water-damaged materials.

Building Science: Considerations On Mold Testing
Building Science article covers mold testing questions, how to answer them, what testing cannot answer, finding and cleaning mold, where testing is useful, and more. (PDF)

Building Science: Mold Remediation In Occupied Homes
Building Science technical report on mold remediation covers responding to problems, material replacement or salvage, cleanup, and point form summary of New York City guidelines.

Building Science: Ventilation To Solve Moisture Problems In Midrise Housing
Building Science describes why multifamily public and low-income housing have particular problems when it comes to moisture and air pollutants, and how proper ventilation can address mould issues in midrise housing. (PDF)

CCA: Mould Guidelines For Canadian Construction
Canadian Construction Association guide covers insurance considerations, minimizing moisture intrusion, building maintenance & operation, mold assessment, remediation protocols, disposal of moldy materials, and selecting remediation contractors.

CMHC: Apartment Tenants Guide to Mold
CMHC fact sheet is intended for people living in rented apartments and offers practical information on mold problems beginning with an overview of mold and its causes, why it is a concern, and how to identify a mold problem and estimate its severity. (PDF)

CMHC: Condominum Owners Guide To Mold
CMHC guide for condominium owners covers introduction to mold, detection, cleanup, prevention, FAQ, and links to more CMHC resources on mold. (PDF)

CMHC: Effectiveness Of HEPA Vacuuming On Mold In Houses
CMHC Research Highlight details outcome of studies investigating effectiveness of vacuum cleaners equipped with HEPA filters in reducing levels of fine dust in residential settings. The vacuuming protocol developed for these studies demonstrated that a vacuuming program using a HEPA filter-equipped vacuum cleaner could lower dust loading in the study homes. It was also found that, in houses with mold problems, vacuuming with a HEPA filter equipped vacuum cleaner prior to remediation can help reduce the risks associated with mold exposure. (PDF)

CMHC: Problems & Remedies For Moisture & Air
CMHC fact sheets help you recognize the typical signs of moisture and air quality problems in your home, to identify the probable causes, and to propose practical solutions. Topics covered include mold and mildew, ventilation alternatives and combustion spillage. Includes a review of potential problems on a room-by-room basis. (PDF)

EPA: Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture and Your Home
US EPA online Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture and Your Home provides information for homeowners and renters on how to clean up residential mold problems and how to prevent mold growth. (PDF)

GBA: Solve Puzzle Of Mold in Certain Closets
Green Building Advisor invites you to join in solving this puzzle about a homeowner with mold problems.

II: Tackling That Dirty 4-Letter Word: Mold
Insulation Institute discusses the prevalence of mold in new construction, ways to prevent it, and the single most common error in new construction that leads to mold and what builders can do to prevent it.

Pinchin: Current Standards for Managing Water Damage or Mold Growth in Buildings
Pinchin Environmental article and the accompanying flowchart will assist employers, property managers and contractors in understanding they are responsible to protect the health and property of employees, clients and occupants by meeting current standards for managing water damage and mould growth in buildings. (PDF)

WWPA: Cleaning Mold From Lumber
Western Wood Products Association article has tips on cleaning mold from lumber and wood products. (PDF) Free site registration required.
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