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AIA: Basic No-Cost Green Building Strategies
American Institute of Architects suggests green design decisions that can be done on nearly every project without increasing construction cost, regardless of budget size. (PDF)

AIA: Top 10 Resilient Design Resources
AIA Baltimore describes their top ten resilient design resources.

Architect Magazine: Biophilia Becomes A Design Standard
Architect magazine describes how the prevalent approach to sustainability is still missing a key ingredient: nature itself.

Architect Magazine: How Sustainable is Your Housing Type?
Architect Magazine says taking the questions of efficiency and density into consideration before designing and building new residential communities is critical.

Architect Magazine: North America's Largest Green Wall In Surrey
Architect Magazine online time lapse video shows construction of a 10,150 square-foot double-sided green wall comprising of 50,000 individual plants that has been completed in Surrey.

BD&C: Green Builders Can Use Big Data to Make Design Decisions
Building Design & Construction says more and more, green project teams are relying on publicly available external datasets to prioritize sustainable design decisions.

Best Directory: Directory Of Software Programs For Buildings & Energy
Best Directory provides information on building software tools for evaluation energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability in buildings. Tools listed include databases, spreadsheets, component and systems analyses, and whole-building energy performance simulation programs.

Building Green: Nine Quick Ways to Find Out If You Understand Sustainable Design
Building Green asked architects how they evaluate someone's sustainability literacy in a single question.

Building Green: Understanding Carbon Footprints Of Buildings
Building Green article from Environmental Building News explains what to count in calculating carbon footprint of buildings, how to count it, and considerations for implementing measures.

Building Science: Big Changes & Future Trends In Sustainable Buildings
Building Science online slide show on healthy, durable, energy efficient and more sustainable buildings describes big changes and future trends. (PDF)

CBofC: Community Wellbeing, A Framework for the Design Professions
Conference Board of Canada report Community Wellbeing: A Framework for the Design Professions summarizes that the design features of cities, communities and buildings can create conditions that promote and foster individual and community health and wellbeing. Free site registration required.

CEC: Guide To Integrated Design & Delivery
Commission for Environmental Cooperation online Guide to Integrated Design and Delivery describes how to lower the environmental impact of construction projects. (PDF)

Contractor Resource: Purchasable Book On Green Building Planning & Estimating
Contractor Resource sells the book Green Building: Project the Planning & Estimating, that covers the latest in green building technologies, design concepts, standards, and costs. It also includes Means Green Building CostWorks CD. $100 USD

Dovetail: Toolkit Approach To Sustainability
Dovetail report Toolkit Approach To Sustainability describes life cycle, economic and social legs of the basic three-legged stool analogy for sustainability. (PDF)

Enterprise: Green Charrette Toolkit
Enterprise Community Partners online Green Charrette Toolkit helps project teams and facilitators design and implement successful Enterprise Green Communities charrettes.

GBA: Design For Disassembly
Green Building Advisor suggests we could design new buildings in a way that makes it easier to remove reusable components when the building reaches the end of its life.

GBA: Keeping Green On Right Track
Green Building Advisor describes how project information creep can waylay a designer's original vision.

GBA: Martin's Pretty Good House Manifesto
Green Building Advisor describes ten principles that green designers and builders need to keep in mind.

NREL: Handbook For Conducting Design Charrettes
US National Renewable Energy Laboratory online Handbook for Planning and Conducting Charrettes for High-Performance Projects presents detailed information for every step of the charrette process, from initial planning, to conducting and facilitating the charrette, to follow-up. It gives recommendations for planning and logistics. It suggests the types of participants to invite, including technical, political, and community representatives, and how best to include key decision makers and stakeholders who can attend only portions of the event. It gives suggestions for the types of expert speakers who can motivate participants and answer their questions. It outlines the characteristics of good facilitators and offers advice for forming effective breakout groups. (PDF)

SBSE: Regeneration Based Checklist For Design & Construction
Society of Building Science Educators has a Regeneration-based Checklist for Design and Construction, a version of the Malcolm Wells Environmental Checklist. (PDF)

Trim Tab: Finding Purpose through Collaborative Sustainable Design & Construction
Trim Tab discusses collaborative design and how it can help us find purpose and change how we approach our work and think about the built environment.

WBDG: 8 Green Principles For Residential Design
Whole Building Design Guide describes eight design objectives which are all, to some greater or lesser degree, important to any green residential project.

WBDG: Sustainable Design Objectives
Whole Building Design Guide describes the main objectives of sustainable design as those to reduce, or completely avoid, depletion of critical resources like energy, water, and raw materials; prevent environmental degradation caused by facilities and infrastructure throughout their life cycle; and create built environments that are livable, comfortable, safe, and productive.
Integrated Design

CMHC: Guide To Integrated Design Process
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation continuing education article explains what the integrated design process is, how to structure the process, what are its benefits, success factors and potential resources. (PDF)

CMHC: Southeast False Creek Integrated Design Process Workshops
CMHC and City of Vancouver hired consultants to organize and facilitate an Integrated Design Process workshop. The purpose of this workshop was to develop synergies and build consensus within the development team around the project vision that includes sustainable housing objectives. (PDF)

GBA: Overview Of Integrated Design
Green Building Advisor provides an overview of integrated design, and how to treat designers, builders, and subcontractors as a team.

Greenspace: Roadmap For Integrated Design Process
Greenspace online Roadmap for Integrated Design Process outlines what the integrated design process is, how it works, and how to implement such a process. (PDF)

IRC: Challenges For Integrated Design & Delivery
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction report Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions says implementation requires step changes in many project aspects including collaborative processes, workforce skills, integrated information, and knowledge management. (PDF)

PBC: Integrated Project Delivery
Passive Buildings Canada online video provides a short description of Integrated Project Delivery.

PBC: Relational Contracting
Passive Buildings Canada online video on relational contracting discusses this gold standard of Integrated Project Delivery contract types.

Architect Magazine: Four "Do's" Of Selling High-Performance Homes
Architect Magazine says the high-performance home market is booming, with green homes currently accounting for 23 percent of the U.S. market. So why do some builders still report that home buyers will not pay more for high-performance home features?

Dovetail: Green Marketing Implementation
Dovetail report Green Marketing Implementation recommends some important activities that are essential to a marketing program's success, and provides several publicly available examples of how organizations have addressed the sometimes-confusing product adoption process. (PDF)

Dovetail: Green Marketing To Grow Sales In Growing Markets
Dovetail article describes marketing fundamentals necessary to enter into the fast growing and exciting green marketplace. For many organizations the effort can be transformative for the organization's market success, and may also trigger a cultural shift of dynamic proportions. (PDF)

Dovetail: It Is All In The Marketing For US Green Building Council
Dovetail Partners commentary provides opinion on how the US Green Building Council has approached the new product innovation process with an appropriate approach to marketing.

GBA: How To Sell Green Homes
Green Building Advisor online video shows a special room that Pulte Homes Las Vegas adds to each of its sales offices to give potential buyers a closer look into these hidden features.

GBA: If Only Green Homes Could Be Sold Like Breakfast Cereal
Green Building Advisor says consumers care more about the technical specifications of their shredded wheat than their homes.

Green Biz: 5 Green Marketing Strategies To Earn Consumer Trust
Green Biz describes five marketing strategies that help green businesses win their stakeholders' trust.

Green Biz: Is Green Marketing A Luxury For Good Economic Times?
Green Biz says according to three Penn State University researchers, green marketing over the past 30 years has risen and fallen in lockstep with economic growth.

Green MLS Tool Kit: US Realtor Resources For Selling Green Homes
Green MLS Tool Kit provides a snapshot of the green home industry, outlines why adopting a green initiative for the MLS is important, and offers strategies for effective changes. The recommendations in the tool kit are a best practices and step by step guide to a successful implementation. (PDF)

GreenBiz: 10 Principles for Sustainability That Sells
GreenBiz says talking about a sustainability initiative using stock messaging and imagery doesn’t often work, but these 10 principles could help your organization reframe its communications.

Stratos: Sustainability Communication At Point Of Purchase
Stratos report summarizes research that will assist Canadian companies in their efforts to communicate sustainability information at point of purchase and adopt innovative practices. (PDF)

TriplePundit: 10 Green Marketing Strategies For Design & Construction Firms
TriplePundit article describes 10 green marketing strategies for design and construction firms that address new expectations created by the surge in green building projects.

UNEP: Creative Gallery On Sustainable Communications & Ads
United Nations Environment Programme shows advertisements and communications from around the world in its Creative Gallery on Sustainability Communications.

US HUD: Measuring Sustainability
US Department of Housing & Urban Development summarizes the research on metrics (indicators, indicator systems, and indices) that relate the challenges of sustainability measurement.

ENR: Guidance for Estimating Embodied Carbon in Mechanical Systems
Engineering News Record says Charles Pankow Foundation has released guidance to building owners, developers, designers and contractors interested in considering the embodied carbon in mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

UDI: Housing Choice & Environmental Impact Online Calculator
UDI online Housing Choice and Environmental Impact Calculator allows Lower Mainland users to calculate the environmental impact of various building types.
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