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Basics & Theory

BC Gov: BC Building Code Requirements For Energy Efficiency
BC Building and Safety Standards Branch provide resources which are designed to help code users understand and comply with BC Building Code new requirements for the minimum energy efficiency of buildings and their equipment and minimum ventilation requirements for houses and some residential apartments.

BC Gov: History of BC Building Regulations
BC Building and Safety Standards Branch provides brief history of its building code adoption and timeline with effective dates of implementation of previous building code regulations. (PDF)

BCBEC: Overview Of New 2015 BC Building Act
BC Building Envelope Council online slide show presentation on the new BC Building Act provides a general overview of the Act, and reviews the three main changes: consistency, competency, and innovation. (PDF)

Vancouver City: Vancouver Building Bylaw (2019) 12511
City of Vancouver provides information on their Vancouver Building Bylaw 12511 which regulates the design and construction of buildings, as well as the administrative provisions related to permitting, inspections, and the enforcement of these requirements.
Education & Training

BOABC: BC Government Proposal For Certification Of Local Building Officials
Building Officials Association of BC summarizes how the Province is proposing a system of mandatory certification of building officials. This proposal would require all building officials employed by local governments to meet qualifications and obtain certification from the BOABC, limit local governments to employing only certified individuals as building officials, and limit the functions that building officials could perform to their level of certification. (PDF)
Industry Sectors

BC Gov: Resources For BC Building Codes & Standards
BC Farming, Natural Resources & Industry Branch, which oversees the BC Building Code, offers information on building act, codes, other regulations, accessability, energy efficiency, appeal board, safety standards and more.

JENSEN HUGHES: BC & US Code Consulting Services
JENSEN HUGHES has earned a reputation as a trusted expert among regulators, legislators, and inspectors. As members of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the International Code Council (I-Codes) and other regulatory organizations, their engineers participate in the development of code and fire safety requirements and routinely draw on their deep knowledge of code requirements and regulatory intent to provide code consulting and architectural support to develop and obtain approval for code equivalencies, variances, or alternate means and methods. Their background in fire testing, research, and development allows them to formulate solutions that are both safe and acceptable to regulators.
Information Sources

BC Gov: Ask An Expert & FAQ On BC Building Codes
BC Building and Safety Standards Branch offers Ask An Expert services and FAQs on the BC Building Codes. If your question is not addressed in FAQ then at the very bottom click on Other Inquiries and and enter your question in the online form. They usually respond in seven business days or less.

BC Gov: BC Building Code Appeal Board Decisions
The BC Building Code Appeal Board resolves disputes about interpretation or application of the BC Building Code in specific situations. It operates independently from government in its decision-making capacity. This site lists the interpretations they have made on recent versions of the BC Building Code.

BC Gov: BC Code Energy Efficiency Guides Zone 4 Lower Mainland & VI
BC Government online illustrated guide Energy Efficiency Requirements for Houses in BC assists residential builders and industry stakeholders in understanding and complying with the new requirements in Section 9.36. of the 2012 British Columbia Building Code for housing and small buildings. This guide covers Climate Zone 4, Lower Mainland and Southern Vancouver Island. (PDF)

BC Gov: Bulletin 18-02 Miscellaneous Revisions to BC Building Code
BC Government online Technical Bulletin 18-02, Miscellaneous Revisions to the 2012 BC Building Code, describes changes to the BCBC that were not described in Bulletin B18-01. Key changes include: Removal of a relaxation for guards in Part 9 dwelling units that are not above another suite; Permitting passive ventilation for secondary suites in buildings designed to comply with the BC Energy Step Code; More consistency between definitions for mechanical energy use intensity, total energy use intensity; A new appendix note on Floor Area; Clarification on area for assumed air leakage for Part 3 buildings; Clarification of the energy modelling reporting options in Division C. (PDF)

BC Gov: Other Regulations Governing Home Building In BC
BC Government describes some regulations, additional to building codes, that are also used to regulate how specific construction projects are completed.

BC Gov: Receive E-mail Notifications Of BC Building Code Revisions
BC Codes site allows you to sign up to BC Codes Notifications to receive e-mail notifications of BC Building Code errata and revisions.

BC Gov: Resource Site On BC Building Codes
BC Government provides information on codes, changes, errata & revisions, appeal, bulletins, regulations, publications, and more. Key items include the Building Act, Codes, Other Regulations, Accessibility, Energy Efficiency, Building Code Appeal Board, Safety Standards, Forms & Resources, and Contact Information.

BOABC: Online Presentations On BC Building Code Topics
Building Officials Association of BC provides online presentations on various topics within the BC Building Code.
Issues & Performance

BC Gov: New BC Building Act Update For Local Governments
BC government provides local governments with preliminary information about: Upcoming changes under section 5 of the Building Act; Amending or repealing building requirements in bylaws; Other aspects of the implementation of the Building Act; The updated timeline for building official qualifications. (PDF)

BC Gov: New Building Act Governs Code Consistency, Competency, Innovation
BC Building Act is dedicated just to building and construction, designed to modernize and streamline the building regulatory system by describing requirements for consistency, competency, and innovation.

BC Gov: Overview Of Modern Building Regulatory System
BC Office of Housing and Construction Standards is implementing the Modern Building Regulatory System which includes information management and system performance, liability and risk, competency, consistent code application, and consistent code compliance and enforcement processes. (PDF)

BC Gov: Province Establishes New Requirements for Municipal Building Officials
BC Government says new mandatory qualification requirements for local government building and plumbing officials have been brought into force to support greater consistency in how the BC Building Code is interpreted, applied and enforced. The requirements will also ensure building and plumbing officials are qualified and accountable to a professional standard.

BC Government: Bill 3-2015: New BC Building Act
The Province of BC has introduced a new Building Act to establish more consistent building requirements throughout BC. The Act proposes to: Streamline Building Requirements by ensuring building requirements are the same throughout BC by establishing the Province as the sole authority to create building requirements; Establish Mandatory Qualifications for Local Building Officials by improving the interpretation, application and enforcement of the BC Building Code by making sure building officials have standard qualifications; Expand Provincial Review by furthering the Province's ability to review innovative building proposals.

BOABC: New Requirements for BC Building Officials
Building Officials Association of BC outlines the new provincial qualification requirements for building and plumbing officials that are now established in the Building Act and came into force February 28, 2017.

HIRL: Cost Optimized 50% IECC Prescriptive Analysis
US National Association of Home Builders Home Innovation Research Labs report Cost Optimized 50% IECC Prescriptive Analysis quantified incremental construction cost and energy cost savings associated with constructing a house 50% more energy efficient than a 2006 IECC baseline (50% Savings). Free site registration required.

AIBC: Practice Note On Letters Of Assurance For Phased Or Partial Occupancy
Architectural Institute of BC Practice Note 15 is expected to be the standard referenced in the emerging new guide to Letters of Assurance under the BC Building Code. It provides information, advice, examples and recommendations. (PDF)

BC Gov: 2012 BC Building Code Errata
BC Government summarizes the 2012 BC Building Code errata, suggesting that these changes should be made to print and offline copies of the codes. (PDF)

BC Gov: April 2017 Update to BC Code Letters of Assurance
On April 7, 2017, Letters of Assurance for the BC Building Code were updated as part of Revision 11 of the BCBC, adding the Energy Step Code. This bulletin provides an overview of changes and how the updated Letters of Assurance are intended to be applied. (PDF)

BC Gov: BC Building Act Update On New Unrestricted Matters For Codes
Province of BC has amended the Building Act General Regulation to add additional items to the unrestricted matters list. Unrestricted matters are matters regulated in the BC Building Code (or other provincial building regulations) for which local governments will retain authority to set their own technical building requirements in bylaws. Under section 5 of the Building Act, if a matter is regulated in a provincial building regulation, any requirements for that matter established in local government bylaws will be of no legal force after a two-year transition period ending December 15, 2017, unless the requirements concern unrestricted matters.

BC Gov: BC Building Code Appeal Board
BC Building Code Appeal Board provides rulings to settle disputes over the interpretation or application of the BC Building Code, and their site provides submission requirements, Appeal Board decisions, and application form.

BC Gov: BC Codes Amendments Revision 8 Effective December 11, 2015
BC government official document describes BC Codes Amendments Revision 8 that are effective December 11, 2015. (PDF)

BC Gov: Changes in 2018 Edition of BC Building Code
BC Government provides an overview of significant 2018 BC Building Code changes including: Accessibility; Area Calculation of Exposing Building Face; Asbestos; Energy Efficiency Standards; Exit Signs; Factory Constructed Buildings; Fenestration; Heritage Buildings; Mid-Rise Combustible Construction; Water Efficiency of Plumbing Fixtures; Radon Data; Stairs. (PDF)

BC Gov: Code Change Revisions in BC Codes 2018
BC Government lists the code change revisions included in the BC Building Code 2018 and the BC Plumbing Code 2018. (PDF)

BC Gov: Guide To Letters Of Assurance
BC Building and Safety Standards Branch provides a guide and schedules for Letters of Assurance, which are uniform, mandatory documents intended to clearly identify the responsibilities of key individuals in a building project.

BC Gov: Local Authority Variations Of BC Building Code
Provincew of BC Building Act comes into force in 2017. Section 5 articulates that if a matter is regulated in the BC Building Code, then any requirements for that matter established in local government bylaws will be of no legal force on December 15, 2017. The objective of section 5 is to bring greater consistency to the technical building requirements in force across British Columbia. Procedures for requesting a local authority variation are described here.

BC Gov: Local Government Act For Code & Bylaw Enforcement
BC Government Local Government Act outlines local government roles, responsibilities and procedures relating to the BC Building code and other building regulations.

BC Gov: Local Government Implementation of BC Energy Step Code
BC Government online guide Local Government Implementation of the BC Energy Step Code explains the policy intent of the BC Energy Step Code and its use and application by local governments and other local authorities under the Building Act. (PDF)

BC Gov: New Sprinkler Requirements for Four-Storey Wood-Frame Buildings
BC Government online BC Building Code 2012 Revision 10 describes new sprinkler requirements for four-storey wood-frame buildings. This change will effectively require fire sprinklers to be installed on the balconies of all new four-storey wood-frame residential buildings. The new sprinkler requirements apply to building permits applied for on or after July 20, 2017. This transition period is to allow time for existing developments in final stages of construction to be aligned with the previous standard. Building codes and fire sprinkler standards apply at the time of construction of new buildings, or the alteration, repair or demolition of existing buildings, and do not apply retroactively to require owners to upgrade existing buildings. (PDF)

BC Gov: Propose Alternative Solutions To Local Governments
BC Building & Safety Policy Branch explains that alternative solution replaces the term equivalency used in the 1998 BC Building Code. Code users may propose alternative solutions by contacting local authorities.

BC Gov: What Local Governments Need To Know About Building Act
Province of BC has posted two new sections of the Building Act Guide online: Section B1 What Local Governments Need to Know about the Building Act; and Appendix to B1 Changes for Local Governments Under Section 5 of the Building Act. Section B1 explains how local governments will be affected by the three main changes the Building Act introduces. The Appendix provides detailed information about the changes to local government authority to set technical building requirements by bylaw in their jurisdictions.

BC Housing: BC Building Code Changes 2018
BC Housing online Builder Insight bulletin provides a detailed overview of the changes in Part 9 of the BC Building Code (BCBC 2018), effective December 2018. The changes to the BC Building Code are based on the 2015 National Building Code. Changes include updates to sound transmission requirements, seismic design and climatic data, and updates for stairs, handrails and guards. (PDF)

BOABC: Alternative Solutions For Building Officials
Building Officials Association of BC online slide show presentation on Alternative Solutions For Building Officials covers roles & responsibilities, elements of alternative solutions, evaluation techniques, acceptance criteria, peer review, documentation, liability issues, and site work. (PDF)

BOABC: BC Code Appeals & Interpretations
The Interpretations Committee helps gain consistency in the application of our codes. The Building Officials Association of BC site lists the interpretations they have made on the 2012 version of the BC Building Code.

Vancouver City: Guidelines For Alternative Solution Peer Reviews
City of Vancouver describes its Guidelines for Alternative Solution Peer Reviews that will generally only be permitted where the City feels that the specialist technical expertise required for a fair and effective evaluation of an Alternative Solution should be provided by independent experts. (PDF)
Product Supply

BC Gov: BC Codes Now Online At No Charge
The Province of BC is now offering the BC Building, Plumbing and Fire Codes online at no charge.

BC Gov: Online Versions of 2018 BC Codes Now Available For Purchase
BC Government says online products of the 2018 BC Building and Plumbing Code are now available to purchase. At this time they do not have any confirmed release dates on the printed products. The 2018 BC Codes come into effect December 10, 2018.
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