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Education & Training

CCEE: Master In Environmental Practice
Canadian Centre for Environmental Education 10-course Master in Environmental Practice course is an online post-graduate program designed specifically for environmental professionals. As the only Master in Environmental Practice available in the world, the program is completely self-paced, taught by recognized experts in the environmental field, and aligned with the environment industry's most in-demand skill sets.

ECO Canada: Environmental Professional Certification
ECO Canada offere professional designations specifically for environmental professionals. the Environmental Professional certification is the only designation of its kind in Canada to provide professionals with formal recognition of their unique environmental competencies. It demonstrates an individual's professionalism, commitment to the field, and desire to remain on top of current practices. It is also a measure of a professional's competencies against verified standards.

Green Learning: Canadian Curriculum Resources On Environment
Green Learning an education project of the Pembina Institute, is a premier learning resource for innovative teachers, providing lessons and activities that are curriculum-aligned, comprehensive, fun and FREE. Teachers can help their students participate in their own learning while gaining a more holistic and hopeful understanding of complex energy and environmental issues.

Natural Step: Online Courses In Sustainability
Natural Step offers online courses aimed at businesses, governments, communities and individuals that want to move strategically towards sustainability.

TRU: New Business Program in Kamloops Puts Environment First
Thompson Rivers University is filling an important gap in business education with a new Master in Environmental Economics and Management program that puts a spotlight on environmental sustainability.
Industry Information

Analytica Advisors: 2015 Canadian Clean Technology Industry Report
Analytica Advisors Report offers a framework and analysis with which to understand a complex industry. Written for policy makers, investors, procurers, and company managers, it provides key industry growth figures, enabling benchmarking exercises. (PDF)

BC Gov: Accepts Climate Action Team & Sets GHG Targets For 2012 & 2016
The B.C. Government has reviewed and accepted the 2008 recommendations of the Climate Action Team for interim greenhouse gas reduction targets.

BC Gov: Environmental Codes Of Practice & Regulatory Review
BC Ministry of Environmental Protection describes their process of developing codes of practice and reviewing existing regulations.

BCBC: A Look At Some Environmental Indicators
BC Business Council February 214 bulletin on environment & energy A Look At Some Environmental Indicators, describes various indicators. It says that overcoming the challenges requires addressing measurement gaps, improving data availability, communicating properly with non-scientists, sharing information, and accepting that there will sometimes be areas of uncertainty that should lead to dialogue rather than confrontation. (PDF)

BCBC: Getting A Handle On BC Environmental Goods & Services Industry
Business Council of BC bulletin Getting a Handle on the Environmental Goods and Services Industry helps shed light on how green jobs and other environment-related activities contribute to the economy. It looks at the environmental goods and services producing sector of the economy. (PDF)

BCEIA: Jobs & Careers Listings
BC Environmental Industries Association posts jobs and careers information.

CFIB: How Small Businesses Are Working Toward Greener Future
Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses report, Green Growth: How SMEs are working toward a greener future, reveals that a majority of small business owners have already been implementing environmentally friendly measures such as introducing or expanding recycling, reducing their electricity usage or using more environmentally friendly products in their business. (PDF)

ECO Canada: Career & Job Resources For Environment Industry
Canadian Environmental Careers Organization is an environmental not-for-profit corporation that provides the environment industry and environmental profession with career and job development services.

ECO Canada: Environmental Job Board
Canadian ECO Job Board puts you in touch with over 70,000 environmental practitioners in environmental education, experience, skills, and dedication to environmental work.

ECO Canada: Profile of Canadian Environmental Employment 2010
2010 Profile of Canadian Environmental Employment study provides an estimate of environmental employment and use of environmental skills in Canada. It is the first study performed by ECO Canada that measures the number of workers employed in specific environmental occupations. (PDF)

Fraser Institute: Canada a World Leader in Environmental Performance
Fraser Institute report Environmental Ranking for Canada and the OECD, 2nd Edition says Canada's environmental record outperforms the majority of OECD countries, despite the fact that Canada is much larger and colder by comparison, and has a large natural resources industry.

Fraser Institute: Canada In Top 10 Environmental Ranking
Fraser Institute study, Environmental Ranking for Canada and the OECD, finds that Canada is a world leader in environmental performance and ranks in the top 10 among the world's wealthiest, cleanest and most developed countries on a wide range of environmental indicators.

Fraser Institute: Principle Of Targeting In Energy & Envirionmental Policy
Fraser Institute study The Principle of Targeting in Energy and Environmental Policy finds that many of the applied regulations, such as bans on plastics bags, prohibitions against 100-watt incandescent light bulbs, household appliance standards and ethanol blending mandates, are inefficient, costly and do little to improve the environment. (PDF)

GBA: White, Wealthy & Whiny: Environmental Movement In Need Of Makeover
Green Building Advisor offers some words of advice for a movement that's moving into middle age.

GLOBE: West Coast Clean Economy Study
GLOBE Advisors new West Coast Clean Economy Report is an assessment of what is and what could be as the West Coast region progresses toward a cleaner, lower-carbon economic future. It covers five high growth clean economy market opportunity segments that exist: Clean Energy Supply, Clean Transportation, Energy Efficiency & Green Building, Environmental Protection & Resource Management, and Knowledge & Support. (PDF)

Metro Vancouver: 2015 Caring For The Air
Metro Vancouver report 2015 Caring for the Air is an annual publication that provides information about air quality and climate change issues in the region, as well as programs that protect public health and the environment, improve visual air quality, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. (PDF)

REFBC: BC Views on Land Use, Sustainability, Rural Planning
Through a public opinion survey, the Real Estate Foundation of BC found that British Columbians value nature and the environment, desire a sustainable economic future, and support stiff penalties for people and organizations who pollute land and water.

SEJ: Annual Journalistic Awards For Reporting On Environment
Society of Environmental Journalists annual awards honor the best environmental journalism in seven categories, bringing recognition to the most important stories on the planet. Journalism broadcast or published in print or online is eligible. Links to prior award winners from 2002 to present are avaiable at bottom of page.

SFU: Smart Environmental Policy With Full Cost Pricing
Simon Fraser University School of Public Policy report Smart Environmental Policy with Full Cost Pricing says there is a growing need for full-cost pricing, a system that adjusts market prices to reflect not only the direct cost of goods and services, but also their impact on this country's natural capital. (PDF)

Stats Canada: Canadian Households & Environmental Engagement
Statistics Canada describes how millions of households across Canada are volunteering to conserve and protect the environment.

Sustainable Prosperity: Value Of Canadian Environmental Markets 2013
Sustainable Prosperity report Environmental Markets 2013 tracks the value of Canada's environmental markets. It analyses the state of development of Canadian environmental markets, and makes recommendations to help further the development of well-functioning markets. (PDF)
Industry Sectors

BCEIA: BC Environmental Industry Association
BC Environmental Industry Association, local trade association focusing on contaminated sites and hazardous waste offers company directory, industry news & events, and links to other organizations and resources.

CEGE: Canadian Centre for a Clean Energy Growth Economy
Centre for a Clean Energy Growth Economy (CEGE) aims to bring together and build consensus between diverse groups of people to develop a transition road map for Canadian energy.

Fresh Outlook Foundation Of BC: Promoting Sustainable Practices At Home & Work
Fresh Outlook Foundation goal is to inspire British Columbians to sustainable behaviors at home, work, and play by targeting specific BC groups with community-based social marketing programs.

Pembina Institute: Policy Research & Education For Sustainable Environment
Pembina Institute a Canadian environmental organization provides policy research and education programs in sustainable energy, climate change, environmental governance, ecological fiscal reform, sustainability indicators, and the environmental impacts of the energy industry.
Information Sources

EcoInternet: Environmental Sustainability Portal
EcoInternet is an information gateway empowering the movement for environmental sustainability, providing full text searches, news, links and more.

EcoPressed: Global Blog Content On Environmental & Green Building
EcoPressed site highlights the best environmental blogging across the WordPress community. It updates with the latest and greatest posts from WordPress bloggers focusing on environmental topics like clean tech, renewable energy, and eco-friendly innovation, along with posts from other independent green thinkers from across the Web.

Perkins & Will: Substances Adversely Affecting Health & Environment
Perkins+Will online database describes building materials containing substances that are publically known or suspected to be associated with an adverse finding in relation to human and environmental health.
Issues & Performance

Account Ability: International Sustainability Assurance Standard
AccountAbility has launched its leading sustainability assurance standard AA1000AS 2008 that provides requirements for conducting independent assurance on nature and extent of an organisations understanding of and response to its non-financial, sustainability issues and on the quality of its publicly disclosed information on its sustainability performance. (PDF)

BCBC: Impact Of Canadian Environmental Regulatory Regimes On Business Competitiveness
Business Council of BC report Impact of Canadian Environmental Regulatory and Approval Regimes on Business Competitiveness says within the realm of managing costs, the province needs a predictable and competitive regulatory regime around project development. (PDF)

BCEIA: New Environmental Emergency Regulations Coming into Force
BC Environment Industry Association says new Environmental Emergency Regulations will come into force on August 24. Until then, the previous regulations, i.e. the Environmental Emergency Regulations, are in force.

Blakes: Environmental Law & Regulation In British Columbia 2018
Blakes Lawyers report Environmental Law & Regulation In British Columbia 2018 assists readers to understand the rapidly changing environmental regulatory maze in Canada. (PDF)

Building Green: EPDs Are The Future Of The Building Industry
Building Green says environmental product declarations are taking off, and some experts share the ups and downs of this promising but imperfect transparency tool.

Building Green: How EPDs Are Improving Our Products
Building Green says some manufacturers feel Environmental Product Declarations are worth the effort, and the business case is stronger than the marketing case.

CCME: Canadian Environmental Quality Guidelines
Canadian Council of Ministers of Environment online Canadian Environmental Quality Guidelines integrate national environmental quality guidelines for all environmental media including air, water, soil, sediment and tissue residue.

Dovetail: Environmental Product Declarations Are Coming
Dovetail reports on how Environmental Product Declarations are coming, discusses guidelines for their development, and examines global and national developments that point toward greater use of this tool within the near future. (PDF)

ETV Canada: Environmental Technology Verification Program
Canada's Environmental Technology Verification Program is designed to provide objective and quality-assured performance data on environmental technologies so that users, developers, regulators, and other parties can make informed decisions about purchasing, applying and regulating these technologies.

ISO 14000: International Standards Of Environmental Management
International Organization for Standardization series ISO 14000 are a set of voluntary international standards outline what companies, organizations or communities must do to be recognized as having an environmental management system. (PDF)

ISO 21930:2017: Environmental Declaration Of Building Products
ISO 21930:2017 provides principles and requirements for type III environmental declarations (EPD) of building products. It contains specifications and requirements for the EPD of building products and complements ISO 14025 for the EPD of building products.

US FTC: Guide For Use Of Environmental Marketing Claims
US Federal Trade Commission Guide For Use Of Environmental Marketing Claims address environmental advertising and marketing practices.

AGC: Contractor Guide to Developing an Environmental Program
Associated General Contractors online Contractor Guide to Developing an Environmental Program will help companies work up a defined management structure and set of processes intended to address the impacts of an organization's activities, products and services on the environment as well as the organization's environmental compliance responsibilities. (PDF)

BC Gov: BC Requirements For Reporting Of GHG Emissions
BC's new Greenhouse Gas Emission Reporting Regulation ensures that industrial operations which emit over 10,000 carbon dioxide equivalent tonnes per year (tCO2e) report their GHG pollution each year to the Province. Those operations emitting over 25,000 tCO2e are required to have their emission reports independently verified. The Regulation defines LNG operations and sets out what emissions are attributable to the emission benchmark set in the Schedule in the Act. Compliance reporting requirements for regulated operations, including LNG, are prescribed. The compliance reports provide the necessary information to demonstrate how regulated operations met the benchmark.

BC Gov: Quarterly Compliance and Enforcement Reports
BC Ministry of Environment provides their Quarterly Compliance and Enforcement Reports that reports on compliance and enforcement actions taken across the entire ministry going back to 2006.

CICA: US Resource Site For Construction Industry Compliance
US Construction Industry Compliance Assistance site offers resources on regulation compliance for stormwater, debris, hazardous waste, air, wetlands, endangered species, green building, and health & safety.

CSA: GHG CleanStart Registry To Showcase Carbon Neutral Commitments
Canadian Standards Association new GHG CleanStart Registry provides web-based tools to measure, report and manage your GHG emissions, reductions, and removals, plus a registry to help you showcase carbon neutral commitments and actions.

CSA: Guide For Environmental Claims By Industry & Advertisers
CSA Special Publication PLUS 14021, Environmental Claims: A Guide For Industry & Advertisers, provide users with a best practice guide to application of environmental labels and declarations, some practical examples of how the standard could be applied to environmental claims in the Canadian marketplace, and assists industry and advertisers in complying with certain provisions of the Competition Act, the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act, and the Textile Labelling Act. 2008 (PDF)

Dovetial: Working Lands Conservation Is Path To Sustainable Land Use
Dovetail report highlights recent trends toward the integration of resource conservation with other land uses and the benefits of a multi-functional approach to land use. (PDF)

Google: Environmental Insights Explorer Tool For Cities
Google tool Environmental Insights Explorer uses unique Google data sources and modeling capabilities to produce estimates of activity, emissions, and reductions, and makes them freely available.

Hestia Project: Software Quantifies Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Hestia project of US scientists has developed new software that can accurately measure greenhouse gas emissions down to individual buildings and streets.

Oregon: Online Household Carbon Calculator
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality online Household Carbon Calculator will show how your household contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, and some of the ways you can improve your carbon footprint.

RMI: Green Footstep Online Calculator For Reducing Carbon Emissions
Rocky Mountain Institute online Green Footstep is a free carbon calculator for reducing carbon emissions in building construction and retrofit projects.

UNEP: Creative Gallery On Sustainable Communications & Ads
United Nations Environment Programme shows advertisements and communications from around the world in its Creative Gallery on Sustainability Communications.

US EPA: Online Calculator For Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies
US Environmental Protection Agency online calculator for Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies translates terms related to GHG emissions into more common language. It will help communicate GHG-reduction strategy, reduction targets and other initiatives in more easy-to-understand terms.

Woodworks: Wood And Carbon Footprint
Woodworks online fact sheet Wood And Carbon Footprint covers calculation of a carbon footprint and CO2 equivalency, carbon issues related to building products, available tools for assessing carbon liberation in building construction, and how to minimize carbon and carbon dioxide emissions in building construction. (PDF)
Product Supply

BCEIA: 2020 BC Environment Industry Guide
BC Environment Industry Guide 2020 describes an industry sector that is growing faster than the economy as a whole, and lists companies that provide the products and services to protect our natural and social environments. (PDF)

Canada Gov: Search For Incentives & Rebates For Energy & Environment
Environment Canada allows you to search by province and program for grants, rebates, discounts, and other incentives to help you use less energy, switch to renewable energy and produce less waste at home and on the road.

SDTC: Canadian Funding For Sustainable Development Technology
Sustainable Development Technology Canada finances and supports development and demonstration of clean technology products and processes which provide solutions to issues of climate change, clean air, water quality and soil, and which deliver economic, environmental and health benefits to Canadians.
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