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Basics & Theory

California Department Of Forestry & Fire Protection: Homeowners Checklist
California Forestry & Fire Protection has an easy-to-read 2-page checklist on how to make your home fire safe, including tips for both the inside and the outside of the building. (PDF)

JLC: Airtight Stucco Home Survives Destructive Blaze
Journal of Light Construction article says a fire-resistant exterior and a super-insulated interior protected a stucco-clad home from a fire that destroyed 230 other homes in California.

USA Today: Fireproof Houses
USA Today says fireproof homes could be the answer to massive wildfires across the West.
Education & Training

ASTTBC: Certified Fire Protection Technicians
Fire Protection Certification Program achieves professional recognition through the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC. Fire Protection Technicians inspect and test fire protection and life safety systems throughout BC in private and commercial buildings including multi-story residential buildings, hotels, hospitals and industrial facilities.
Industry Information

Univ Fraser Valley: Residential Fire Outcomes By General Construction Type
University of the Fraser Valley study Fire Outcomes in Residential Fires by General Construction Type shows that the type of building construction material used makes little difference with respect to fire spread, injury rates and death providing the buildings have sprinklers and smoke alarms. (PDF)

USFA: Report On US Residential Building Fire Trends (2009-2018)
US Fire Administration's online report on Residential Building Fire Trends (2009-2018) provides fire estimate summaries of residential buildings, fire trends and causes. (PDF)
Industry Sectors

ASTTBC: Standard of Practice for Registered Fire Protection Technicians
Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of BC online Standard of Practice has been approved for use by ASTTBC Registered Fire Protection Technicians. (PDF)

FPOA BC: Fire Prevention Officers Association Of BC
Fire Prevention Officers Association of BC is the association for public officials engaged in the prevention or investigation of fire.

SFPE: International Society Of Fire Protection Engineers
Society of Fire Protection Engineers is the professional society representing those practicing the field of fire protection engineering.
Information Sources

AWC: Construction Fire Safety Practices
American Wood Council website informs developers, local building departments and fire departments on how to prevent and reduce fire losses in buildings under construction. They offer three free manuals including Basic Fire Precautions During Construction, Hot Work During Construction, and Fire Department Response To Fires During Construction.

Fire Protection Technicians Network: Resource Site For Fire Protection Equipment Industry
Fire Protection Technicians Network is an online resource for those in the fire alarm and fire protection technician industries.

IJGW: International Journal of Global Warming
International Journal of Global Warming brings all disciplines together for both local and global solutions to combat global warming and its consequences. IJGW focuses around nine main pillars: better remediation, better avoidance, better efficiency, better cost effectiveness, better design, better resource utilisation, better environmental quality, better energy security, and better sustainable development.
Issues & Performance

BC Gov: Fire Safety Planning For Construction & Demolition Sites
BC government bulletin Fire Safety Planning for Construction and Demolition Sites provides the construction and demolition industry with an easy to follow checklist to assist them in meeting the fire safety requirements of the British Columbia Building and Fire Codes. (PDF)

BC Gov: Smoke Alarms Now Required In All Homes
Changes to the BC Fire Code require that every private home and hotel or motel room built before 1979 must have smoke alarms installed by May 1, 2010.

BOABC: Fire Department Response Time & Spatial Separation
Building Officials Association of BC bulletin Fire Department Response Time clarifies how the BC Building Code uses different criteria to establish spatial separation requirements for unsprinklered buildings, depending on the response time of a fire department. (PDF)

Codes Canada: Significant Technical Changes In 2015 National Codes
National Model Construction Codes, now collectively called Codes Canada 2015, contain almost 600 technical changes approved by the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes. These changes make the provisions in the four model codes clearer and easier to apply while introducing new concepts and expanding the codes to new areas.

CWC: Course Of Construction Risk Control For Fire
Canadian Wood Council describes considerations for course of construction risk control for fires on building sites. (PDF)

EGBC: Engineering Modifications to Fire-Tested and Listed Assemblies
Engineers & Geoscientists BC practice advisory clarifies professional engineering responsibility for modifications to fire-tested and listed assemblies used in the construction of buildings. (PDF)

GBA: California Fire Damage to Homes is Less Random Than It Seems
Green Building Advisor says firefighters and researchers alike have a pretty solid understanding of why some houses are more vulnerable to wildfire than others. The real challenge ultimately lies in whether those with the power to act on that knowledge will do so.

GBA: Could a Grenfell Tower Fire Happen Here?
Green Building Advisor article features a professor of fire protection engineering looking at the London tragedy.

NRC: Intents Statements For 2015 Canadian National Fire Code
Canadian National Codes site provides intent statements for the National Fire Code of Canada 2015 edition.

NRC: Purchasable National Fire Code Of Canada
National Research Council Canada sells the National Model Codes and the User's Guide series, now collectively referred to as Codes Canada. Codes Canada 2015 are now available for purchase.

WoodWorks: Evolution Of Fire Life Safety In Building Codes
WoodWorks online slide show presentation Evolution Of Fire Life Safety In Building Codes looks at the history of development of our building codes and safety opportunities to facilitate wood design initiatives. It covers techniques for mitigating fire damage and reducing fire spread while describing how an understanding of code intent can be used to argue equivalent fire performance when wood solutions lie outside typical code approved applicatons. (PDF)

Architect Magazine: Wildfire Resilience Design Strategies
Architect Magazine offers guidelines for lowering the risk of wildfire destruction to residential structures.

BC Gov: Fire Smart Manual On Protecting Your Home
BC government online home owners manual provides tips and resources for protecting a home from wildfire. (PDF)

BOABC: Construction Fire Safety In BC
Building Officials Association of BC online slide show presentation Construction Fire Safety in British Columbia covers responsibilities and the code, life safety risk, property loss risk, objectives of construction fire safety planning, what is actually required, what are good engineering practices, findings from site investigations, findings from research of reported fires in BC, and recommendations for authorities. (PDF)

Bryan Shrake: Outline For Building & Living In The Forest Interface
Bryan Shrake, a BC building industry veteran, authored this guide which is totally relevant to BC, covering fire description, insurance, alerts, pre-planning, pets/livestock, construction and more on building and living in wildfire prone areas. (PDF)

Builder Magazine: Wildfire Resistance Starts with Defensible Space & Proper Materials
Builder Magazine says a recent side-by-side comparison at the IBHS Research Center shows how builders can construct more fire-resistant homes.

Building Science: Building Vented Roofs In Wildfire Zones
Building Science says roof ventilation is prohibited in many wildfire zones, but a solution ids to construct a vented roof out of non-combustible materials.

California Univ: Building Considerations For Wildfire-Prone Areas
University of California online guide describes considerations for building materials and design of homes and neighborhoods for resistance to wildfires. (PDF)

CMHC: Fire Safety For You & Your Home
CMHC describes how to plan for fire and emergency situations and minimize the potential for accidents help ensure that your home and family are safe. (PDF)

CMHC: Guide To Fire and Sound Control in Wood-Frame Multi-Family Buildings
Produced for builders and designers, this CMHC guide describes how fire and sound move from one unit to another in multi-family buildings. To create a safe and healthy living space, the guide details assemblies that provide fire and sound separations between dwelling units and provides specific fire-resistance and sound transmission control measures for wall and floor assemblies. (PDF)

CMHC: Guide To Fire Prevention In Aboriginal Communities
CMHC manual and DVD identify techniques, tools and methodologies that will increase the safety of a house and community, plus ten case studies of steps and programs that other communities have successfully applied. The 20 minute DVD is for use by volunteer firefighters and housing managers to show to members of Aboriginal communities as part of their fire prevention program. (PDF)

Colorado State Univ: Fire-Resistant Landscaping
Colorado State University fact sheet suggests factors to consider when planning, designing and planting the FireWise landscape within your home's defensible space. (PDF)

Colorado Univ: Firewise Construction Design & Materials
Colorado University and Firewise program provides this online guide covering design and construction of buildings to address wildland fires. To understand how wildland fires burn and how the location of a building affects its likelihood of survival, take a look at chapters 2 and 3. For details for the design and construction of roofs, decks, walls, windows and doors, see chapter 4 & 5. (PDF)

CWC: Fire Resistance & Sound Transmission In Wood-Frame Residential Buildings
Canadian Wood Council describes features, benefits, and considerations for fire resistance and sound transmission in wood-frame residential buildings. (PDF)

CWC: Fire Safety Design In Buildings
Canadian Wood Council online guide Fire Safety Design In Buildings is a reference for applying the National Building Code of Canada fire safety requirements in building design. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: Details For Fire Resistant House Construction
Fine Homebuilding article states that studying houses that survived the 1993 Laguna Beach fire storm, yields some key lessons about specific building details, that can withstand the heat.

FIPI: Fire Safety Plan Development Guide For Industrial Occupancies
Fire Inspection and Prevention Initiative online Fire Safety Plan Development Guide for Industrial Occupancies reflects the BC Fire Code requirements, and takes you through 10 steps to develop a fire safety plan. (PDF)

Firewise: Online Video On Firewise Approach To Home Improvement
US National Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Protection Program online video describes a case study showing how to look at remodeling and landscaping methods that can protect homes in advance from fire risk.

Firewise: Online Video On Preventing Home Ignitions From Wildfire`
National Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Protection Program online video explains how houses burn in a wildfire situation and how to keep them from catching fire.

FortisBC: What To Do During Forest Fires & Evacuation Alerts
FortisBC describes what to do if you have been ordered to evacuate your home, if there are natural gas service outages, and what to do when you return home.

GBA: Designing a High-Performance Wall in Wildfire Country
Green Building Advisor provides advice to an owner-builder that wants walls with a high R-value that also address the region�s high risk of fire.

GBA: Learning to Co-Exist With Wildfires
Green Building Advisor says as housing developments creep into wild and natural areas, proactive planning can reduce the risk of harm in the face of fire.

IRC: Evacuation From Single Family House
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction paper summarizes different factors and occupant characteristics of importance to consider in evacuation, available safe escape time, and required safe escape time for occupants evacuation of a single-family house in case of a basement fire. (PDF)

IRC: Panic & Human Behaviour In Fire
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction demystifies the misconception that panic is an essential element of a fire and any scientific justification for continuing using this concept. (PDF)

IRC: Testing Fire Performance Of Canadian Houses
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction summarizes their first phase of research into fires in houses to better understand factors that affect life safety of occupants in the event of a fire. (PDF)

JLC: Advances In Fire Protection for Light-Wood Framing
Journal of Light Construction says in the wake of recent apartment fires, the wood industry pushes forward solutions for protecting light-weight wood framing.

US OSHA: Fire Service Features Of Buildings & Fire Protection Systems
US Occupational Safety and Health Administration report on Fire Service Features of Buildings and Fire Protection Systems will assist designers of buildings and fire protection systems to better understand the needs of the fire service when they are called upon to operate in or near the built environment. (PDF)
Product Supply

BD&C: 10 Solutions For Fire & Life Safety
Building Design & Construction describes some new fire and life safety products and technologies.
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