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Basics & Theory

CMHC: Perth Small Town Sustainable Neighbourhood Project
CMHC study describes a development project reflecting principles of sustainability and new urbanism, in the Eastern Ontario Town of Perth. The goal of the project is to create a 24-unit infill neighbourhood on a one-hectare remediated brownfield site, close to both downtown and a main outdoor recreation complex. The study reveals challenges faced by the Town of Perth and suggests approaches that can assist other municipalities considering similar projects. (PDF)

Popular Science: 50 Greenest Cities In America
Popular Science presents America's 50 Greenest Cities, a list of forward-thinking communities currently paving the way toward a cleaner future. The list of cities is based on information from the US Census Bureau and the National Geographic Society Green Guide.

SCC: World's Most Successful Model For Sustainable Urban Development?
Sustainable Cities Collective describes Vauban quarter in Freiburg, Germany, as what may be the world's most successful model for sustainable urban development.

Technology Review: Building Abu Dhabi As A Zero-Emissions City
Technology Review article describes a city being built in Abu Dhabi that will serve as a large-scale test for renewable energy.

Transition Bluffton: 12 Features Of Sustainable Community Development
Transition Bluffton lists the 12 major features of sustainable community development, describing each in detail, along with examples of benefits and questions that can help in the planning and implementation of sustainable communities. This framework is used to describe two case studies, one from Davis, California and one from the newly planned Southeast False Creek, Vancouver, British Columbia.
Education & Training

Simon Fraser Univ: Certificate In Sustainable Community Development
SFU Centre for Sustainable Community Development is offering a new certificate course designed to give you the practical information you need to build sustainable communities.
Industry Information

Arcosanti: Arizona Sustainable Community
Arcosanti is experimental town in the high desert of Arizona, built by volunteers over 30 years, to serve as an urban laboratory to show how many systems work together, with efficient circulation of people and resources, multi-use buildings, and solar orientation for lighting, heating and cooling.

Civic Info BC: Nanaimo Regional District Adopts Green Building Policy
Regional District of Nanaimo has adopted a new green building policy that features an Integrated Design Process (IDP) as the foundation for all new RDN construction and major renovations. (PDF)

CMHC: First EQuilibrium Communities Project In Edmonton
Station Pointe neighbourhood development in Edmonton, Alberta is one of six winning projects under the EQuilibrium Communities Initiative. The initiative provides financial assistance for technical and promotional activities of selected neighbourhood development projects, which through their planning, design, implementation and operation, will improve current approaches in the areas of energy and water consumption, protection of the natural environment, land-use planning and sustainable transportation. (PDF)

CPM: Industry Sees Promise in Low-Impact Communities
Canadian Property Management says industry proponents of sustainability are looking beyond buildings and thinking more about community scale in order to help impact decarbonization goals.

FCM: 2018 Sustainable Community Award Winners
Federation of Canadian Municipalities lists the winners of its 2018 Sustainable Communities Awards, a program recognizing municipal environmental projects across Canada that demonstrate excellence in environmental responsibility.

FCM: Canadian Sustainable Communities Conference
Federation of Canadian Municipalities annual Sustainable Communities Conference focuses on building municipal capacity in the areas of social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Metro Vancouver: Sustainability Framework For Decision Making
Metro Vancouver Board of Directors next steps in commitment to a sustainable future are outlined in their Sustainability Framework For Decision Making. 2010 (PDF)

REFBC: Building Change, Towards Sustainable Communities in BC
Real Estate Foundation of BC report Building Change, Towards Sustainable Communities in BC presents a case for sustainable built environments, along with six priorities for action. (PDF)

REFBC: Snapshot of Built Environment Sustainability in BC
Real Estate Foundation of BC report In Search of the Good Life: Taking a Snapshot of Built Environment Sustainability in BC. It examines the state of BC communities and introduces seven ambitious goals, 13 desired impacts, and 10 impact measures to assess the sustainability of BC's built environments. (PDF)

Renewable Cities: Outcomes from the Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum
Renewable Cities presents outcomes from their Global Learning Forum held in October, 2017.
Industry Sectors

AIA: Architects Center For Communities By Design
American Institute of Architects Center for Communities by Design is clearinghouse for AIA activities, from promoting sustainable design to leading design based technical assistance projects in communities that influence quality of life in our nation's communities.

BC Healthy Communities: Integrated Approach To Communities
BC Healthy Communities, part of the international Healthy Cities & Healthy Communities movement, supports communities and community groups that are taking a holistic and integrated approach to increasing the health, well-being and healthy development in their communities.

CEA: Community Energy Association of BC
Community Energy Association of BC supports local governments throughout British Columbia in accelerating the application of energy efficiency and renewable energy in all aspects of community design, infrastructure and community engagement for sustainability.

City Green: BC Non Profit Organization Promoting Sustainability
City Green is a non profit organization existing to further Canada as a leader in environmental sustainability and education, by empowering people and organizations to make lifestyle changes that will enhance their health and save them money by reducing their environmental impact.

FBC: Advancing Sustainability In BC Lower Mainland
Fraser Basin Council works to ensure the Fraser Basin is a place where social well-being is supported by a vibrant economy and sustained by a healthy environment.

Natural Step Canada: Advise On Helping Communities Implement Sustainability
Natural Step Canada is a non-profit organization providing advisory and training services to help community and business leaders integrate social, environmental and economic decision making into their operations.

SFU: BC Center For Sustainable Community Development
SFU Centre for Sustainable Community Development supports sustainable development of communities through research, education, and community mobilization in BC, Canada, as well as internationally.

UBC DCS: Design Centre For Sustainability
University of British Columbia Design Centre for Sustainability is an academic leader in applying sustainability concepts to the development of land, cities, and community. It acts as a catalyst for shifting planning and design toward ongoing consideration of sustainability as a matter of course rather than exception.
Information Sources

CEA: Summary of Webinar on Opportunity of Local Governments & Green Recovery
Community Energy Association and BC Municipal Climate Leadership Council allows access to documents and videos from their webinar dialogue about local climate action opportunities for economic recovery and healthy, resilient communities.

FOF: Presentations From 2017 Building SustanABLE Communities Conference
Fresh Outlook Foundation provides access to speakers presentations from their 2017 Building SustainABLE Communities conference.

REFBC: Measuring Sustainability of BC Communities
Real Estate Foundation of BC report In Search of the Good Life: Taking a Snapshot of Built Environment Sustainability in BC, examines the state of BC communities and introduces seven ambitious goals, 13 desired impacts, and 10 impact measures to assess the sustainability of built environments.

Transition Network: Site For Towns Transitioning For Climate Change
Transition Network is a WIKI for use by all the communities that have adopted the Transition Model for responding to the twin challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change.

US HUD: Sustainability Community Resource Center
US Department of Housing and Urban Development online Sustainable Communities Resource Center provides information that supports local and regional strategies, with emphasis on sustainable housing and planning. It offers access to best practices, cutting edge research, new reports and resources, and spotlights innovation in the field.
Issues & Performance

FCM: Green Munucipal Fund Program
Federation of Canadian Municipalities Green Munucipal Fund Program is an online resource site that provides examples of bylaws, policies and procedures implemented by Canadian municipalities in all seven sectors funded by the Green Municipal Fund: brownfields, energy, planning, transportation, waste, water and multi-sector.

GBCA: Australian Green Star - Communities Rating Tool
Green Building Council Australia developed the Green Star - Communities rating tool. It assesses the planning, design and construction of large scale development projects at a precinct, neighbourhood and/or community scale. It provides a rigorous and holistic rating across five impact categories, including, governance, liveablity, ecenomic prosperity, environment and innovation.

ILFI: Living Community Challenge Standard
International Living Future Institute standard Living Community Challenge is comprised of seven performance areas, or Petals: Place, Water, Energy, Health and Happiness, Materials, Equity, and Beauty and Spirit. Petals are subdivided into a total of twenty Imperatives, each of which focuses on a specific sphere of influence. (PDF)

ILFI: Living Community Challenge Standard v1.2
International Living Future Institute has launched the Living Community Challenge version 1.2 Standard. Primary updates include incorporation of the Zero Energy Community Certification re-brand and a decrease in the number of required Living Building Challenge projects in an LCC Community.

MMCD: Purchasable BC Municipal Design Guideline Manual
BC Master Municipal Construction Documents Association sells The Design Guideline Manual which provides a standardized set of guidelines that can be adopted by municipalities and other agencies involved with design and construction of municipal infrastructure. The Design Guideline Manual includes: Alternative criteria relating to field conditions, climate, development standards and development density; Design criteria variations that may be adopted by various agencies in the form of Supplementary Design Guidelines, which supersede the guidelines contained in this manual. The contents of the manual are intended to complement MMCD Specifications and Standard Detailed Drawings. $250

USGBC: LEED For Neighborhood Development
US Green Building Council presents LEED for Neighborhood Development Rating System that integrates the principles of smart growth, urbanism, and green building into the first national standard for neighborhood design. LEED certification provides independent, third-party verification that a development's location and design meet accepted high standards for environmentally responsible, sustainable, development.

USGBC: Local Government Guide To LEED For Neighborhood Development
US Green Building Council online Local Government Guide to LEED for Neighborhood Development explores the LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) rating system, focusing on the ways it can be best used by local governments to achieve sustainability goals. (PDF)

Architect Magazine: Walkable Urbanism Combats Climate Change
Architect Magazine describes how walkable urbanism combats climate change by placing a premium on housing located within transit-oriented, walkable urban communities and shifting away from developing drivable, suburban, low-density communities that rely on car trips for work and almost every other activity.

Architect Magazine: Why Resurgence Of Walkable Main Streets Is Essential
Architect Magazine online video explores what happened to Main Street, USA and why should it come back.

Berkeley Group: How To Measure Social Sustainability Of New Housing Developments
Berkeley Group report How To Measure Social Sustainability Of New Housing Developments defines a framework which defines social sustainability and how you measure it. It provides developers and planners with a way to prove they can deliver a lot more than housing, and can help to create strong communities which offer people a great quality of life, now and in the future. (PDF)

CaGBC: Purchasable Sustainable Communities Toolkit
Canada Green Building Council new Sustainable Communities Toolkit is now available for purchase online. It is a resource to assist municipal decision makers in identifying and implementing measures to increase the number of green buildings within their jurisdictions. $55

CEA: New 2020 Funding Your BC Community Energy and Climate Change Initiatives
Community Energy Association guide Funding Your Community Energy and Community Energy Association has released the 2020 edition of Funding Your Community Energy and Climate Change Initiatives: A Funding Guide for BC Local Governments. It features more than 40 funding programs that support local government energy planning, energy efficiency measures, renewable energy projects and sustainable transportation initiatives.

CMHC: Choosing A Neighbourhood With Sustainable Features
CMHC free downloadable guide will help find a home in a sustainable community, showing how this type of neighbourhood is safe, convenient, environmentally-friendly and affordable. (PDF)

CMHC: Comparing Neighbourhoods For Sustainable Features
CMHC research compares neighbourhoods for certain aspects of affordability, liveability and the environment, including proximity to daily destinations (schools, parks, jobs, transit), car usage, housing costs, house size, housing choice and more.

CMHC: EQuilibrium Communities Initiative
CMHC EQuilibrium Communities Initiative will provide financial, technical and promotional assistance to sustainable community projects chosen through a national competition.

CMHC: Fused Grid Model For Neighbourhood & District Layout
CMHC describes the Fused Grid that fuses the two traditional designs of conventional loop & cul-de-sac pattern of modern suburb and traditional grid pattern circa 1900. It creates a people-friendly plan that combines open green spaces with tranquil homes, safe and sociable streets, and easy connectivity to schools, recreation facilities and retail and work places. (PDF)

CMHC: Information & Case Studies For Sustainable Community Planning
CMHC encourages neighbourhood design and land use planning approaches that reduce costs and environmental impacts, while maintaining community liveability. In this section you will find examples of best practices in design and development, tools for planners and designers, and other research on sustainability. (PDF)

CMHC: Planning Guide For Sustainable Community Design Charette
CMHC guide explains the procedures and resources for using a charrette for sustainable community planning. (PDF)

CMHC: Priorities for Developers & Builders for Sustainable Residential Developments
CMHC research paper How-to Information Gaps and Priorities for Developers and Builders for Sustainable Residential Developments contains results of interviews with development industry representatives from across the country, offering their experience with accessing how-to information, the gaps they have found and the priorities they place on filling those gaps. (PDF)

CMHC: Sustainable Development Charrette For Subdivision In New Brunswick
CMHC summarizes a charrette that gave participants opportunity to actively contribute to a sustainable development and design process for the West Hills residential development in Fredericton, New Brunswick. (PDF)

EcoDistricts: EcoDistricts Protocol For Sustainable Neighbourhoods
EcoDistricts online EcoDistricts Protocol is a process-based framework and performance standard that empowers sustainable neighborhood and district scale urban development.

EcoDistricts: EcoDistricts Protocol For Sustainable Neighbourhoods
EcoDistricts online EcoDistricts Protocol is a process-based framework and performance standard that empowers sustainable neighborhood and district scale urban development.

ENN: Initiating Sustainability In Your Community
Environmental News Network describes some issues and considerations for initiating sustainability in your community.

GBA: Building More Resilient Communities in Face of Climate Change
Green Building Advisor describes what might help us thrive in the face of floods, droughts, fires, and other disruptions and disasters.

GBA: Goodbye Suburbs & Hello NewUrbs
Green Building Advisor article Redeveloping Our Neighborhoods: Goodbye Suburbs, Hello NewUrbs, explains why 20th-century suburbs and shopping malls aren't the best use of land anymore and outlines some answers to our community development dilemmas.

GBA: Unfolding Community Resilience
Green Building Advisor says sustainable building practices aren't enough; we must learn to build resilient communities that get stronger because of stress.

GBA: What Makes a City Green?
Green Building Advisor says sustainable cities need more than parks, cafes, and a riverwalk.

Green Biz: Is Green Design Ready To Take Root In Neighborhoods?
Green Biz reports that the green design community is repeatedly saying it's ready to move from single buildings to community scale, resilient development. Yet in a roomful of some of the deepest green design professionals in North America last week, just a quarter of the audience was working on a district project. Only about 10 percent of them have seen these projects actually get underway.

Green Shores: BC Resources For Sustainable Coastal Development & Design
Green Shores provides options and tools for a wide range of planning, design and construction professionals who are interested in minimizing the environmental impacts of their coastal projects in a cost effective manner.

Harvard: Are Sustainable Cities An Oxymoron Or Shape Of The Future?
Harvard Business School paper reviews the goals, business models, and partnerships involved in eight early ecocity projects to begin to identify success factors in this emerging industry. (PDF)

Light House: Canadian Eco Business Guide
Light House online Eco Business Guide provides municipal staff with the insights and tools necessary to encourage the development eco-business zones. (PDF)

NRDC: Tools To Help Cities Guide Green Development
Natural Resources Defense Council describes tools and resources to help cities and towns guide green development.

NREL: How To Rebuild a Town Green
US National Renewable Energy Laboratory describes Greensburg, Kansas project of rebuilding the town green after it was destroyed by tornado. (PDF)

PICS: Decarbonizing Built Environment with Green Communities
Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions says a new Prince George-based study released by the PICS Built Environment project may contribute to plans by that city and other similar communities to meet their GHG reduction targets.

PICS: Integrated Community Sustainability Planning, Implications For Rural BC
Pacific Institute for Climate Science research report Integrated Community Sustainability Planning, Implications for Rural British Columbia research investigated the application of integrated community sustainability planning by regional districts and small municipalities for rural areas of British Columbia. The three goals were to identify: What makes a successful process for a rural area; What actions are suitable for a rural sustainability strategy; and The rural areas' relationship with urban and provincial sustainability goals. (PDF)

Port Coquitlam Gov: Sustainability Checklist For New Developments
BC city of Port Coquitlam checklist for new developments outlines sustainability items to consider on new projects. (PDF)

Royal Roads Univ: Integrated Community Sustainability Planning Tool
BC Royal Roads University offers online Integrated Community Sustainability Planning Tool presents a series of steps and questions for communities to build their own ICS plans, and an introduction to a number of tools and techniques that are now available and readily accessible. (PDF)

SAB: Social Sustainability In Practice
Sustainable Architecture and Building Magazine describes what is being done to design the physical and social aspects of a community.

Sustainable Prosperity: Partner Engagement For Community Sustainability
Sustainable Prosperity online State of Knowledge report Partner Engagement for Community Sustainability: Supporting Sustainable Development Initiatives by Reducing Friction in the Local Economy, explores collaborative community sustainability strategies (CCSSs) and specific incentives and disincentives for partner engagement in CCSS implementation, and best practices in governance. (PDF)

Toronto Univ: Getting to Carbon Neutral: A Guide for Canadian Municipalities
University of Toronto report Getting to Carbon Neutral: A Guide for Canadian Municipalities strives to provide Canadian municipalities with a menu of options for greenhouse gas emission reductions, allowing a city to choose the combination of actions that are both feasible and most strategic for their specific circumstances. (PDF)

Umi: Modeling Tool For Environmental Performance Of Neighbourhoods
Umi is a new, Rhino-based design environment for architects and urban planners interested in modeling the environmental performance of neighborhoods and cities regarding operational energy use, walkability and daylighting potential.

US EPA: Building Blocks For Sustainable Communities
US Environmental Protection Agency online Sustainable Communities Building Blocks is a toolkit of proven techniques to help communities find smart-growth answers for challenges they face.

US EPA: Sustainable Design And Green Building Toolkit For Local Governments
US Environmental Protection Agency online Sustainable Design and Green Building Toolkit for Local Governments can help communities evaluate their existing codes/ordinances and apply the information to create more environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable communities. (PDF)

Vancouver: 2020 A Bright Green Future
City of Vancouver online presentation by Mayor Gregor Robertson describes a 10-year plan to make Vancouver the world's greenest city by 2020. (PDF)

WBDG: Community & Site Planning For Green Residential Design
Whole Building Design Guide outlines the principles and process for effective community and site planning for green residential design.
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