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Basics & Theory

Health House: Overview Of The Health House
American Lung Association describes the Health House, offers tips on things to consider when building, and other resources for a healthy home and indoor air quality.

HHI: Healthy House Quiz
Healthy House Institute offers you a quick quiz, based on some US facts, which test your Indoor Air Quality knowledge.
Education & Training

BPI: Healthy Home Evaluator Credential
Building Performance Institute offers the Healthy Home Evaluator Credential for those who want to assess home-based environmental health and safety hazards and provide a prioritized list of recommendations to address those hazards.
Industry Information

Builder Magazine: The Next Big Thing: Healthy Homes
Builder magazine says buyers are demanding, and paying more for, homes that don't make them sick.

TreeHugger: 2016, The Year In Healthy Homes
Tree Hugger says heath and wellness has again become a big deal among architects, who realize that sustainability is about a lot more than just saving energy.

US HUD: Presentation From 2008 National Healthy Homes Conference
US Department of Housing & Urban Development provides slide-show presentation from Building a Framework for Healthy Housing conference, held September 15-17, 2008 in Baltimore, discussing regulatory, policy, research, and outreach needs and their implications in the development of safe, healthy and efficient housing. (PDF)
Industry Sectors

IWBI: International WELL Building Institute
International Well Building Institute vision is to improve human health and wellbeing through the built environment.
Information Sources

Health House: Resource Site On Healthy Housing
American Lung Association developed the Health House Program, and have information on all aspects of healthy housing for builders, trades and consumers.

Healthy Building Network: Resource Site On Healthy Building Products
Healthy Building Network provides information and resources on healthy and sustainable building materials.

Healthy Indoors: Magazine On Healthy Indoor World
Healthy Indoors magazine provides information and resources on healthy housing issues, products, and the industry.
Issues & Performance

Building Green: Health & Wellness Guidelines Coming From Interior Designers
Building Green says with demand for healthy buildings on the rise, American Society of Interior Designers are developing protocols to put principles into practice.

Building Green: Health & Wellness Rating System Comparison
Building Green says with the emergence of health as a driver in planning, design, construction, and operations, a handful of building rating systems have begun to address and measure wellness-promoting features and strategies. This interactive graphic highlights how LEED, the Living Building Challenge, WELL, and Fitwel compare on a variety of health-related priorities.

IWBI: WELL Building Standard
International Well Building Institute developed the WELL Standard to enhance people's health and wellness in the built environment. Free registration required.

NCHH: US National Healthy Housing Standard
National Center for Healthy Housing new National Healthy Housing Standard provides recommendations to improve the health impacts and safety of exiting homes.

US EPA: Overview Of Sick Building Syndrome
US Environmental Protection Agency provides an overview of Sick Building Syndrome including introduction, causes, investigation procedures, solutions and additional resources. (PDF)

AIA: Local Leaders: Healthier Communities Through Design
American Institute of Architects report Local Leaders: Healthier Communities Through Design, demonstrates the power of architecture to improve public health with policies that promote active living, accessibility, transit options, and better indoor air quality. It offers replicable best practices for communities of all sizes. (PDF)

Building Science: How To Design Build Or Renovate Healthy & Affordable Housing
Building Science online guide Read This Before You Design, Build Or Renovate describes healthy and affordable housing and gives practical recommendations for making a home dry, clean, well ventilated, combustion product free, pest free, toxic chemical free, and comfortable. (PDF)

Building Science: What Homeowners Need To Know About Mold
Building Science factsheet explains what mold is, how it grows & spreads, health effects, and methods of prevention & removal.

CDC: US Healthy Housing Reference Manual
US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention online Healthy Housing Reference Manual provides information and resources on all aspects of healthy housing. (PDF)

E4The Future: Occupant Health Benefits of Residential Energy Efficiency
E4The Future paper Occupant Health Benefits of Residential Energy Efficiency summarizes reviews of existing research on residential EE measures and associated health impacts, discusses ways that programs monetize occupant health co-benefits, highlights innovative programs that combine EE and health-focused home repairs, and identifies research gaps and strategies to help advance and leverage funding across such integrated efforts. (PDF)

EcoBuilding: Nine Key Steps To Building A Healthy Home
EcoBuilding says from radon mitigation and proper ventilation to moisture control, these strategies are often overlooked in builders' battle for superior indoor air quality.

Fine Homebuilding: How To Build A Healthy House
Fine Homebuilding online video describes how a healthy house was built.

GBA: Toxic & Non-Toxic Houses
Green Building Advisor discusses why green builders are obsessed with toxins in houses.

Harvard: Challenges & Opportunities In Creating Healthy Homes
Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies report Challenges and Opportunities in Creating Healthy Homes suggests ways to help consumers make informed decisions. (PDF)

LBL: Addressing Kitchen Contaminants For Healthy Low-Energy Homes
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories report Addressing Kitchen Contaminants For Healthy Low-Energy Homes identifies barriers to the widespread adoption of kitchen exhaust ventilation technologies and practice and proposes a suite of strategies to overcome these barriers. (PDF)

New Society: Purchasable Book On Prescriptions For A Healthy House
Prescriptions for a Healthy House is a practical guide on constructing healthier homes for architects, builders & home owners.It takes mystery out of healthy-house building, renovation and maintenance, by walking the owner/architect/builder team through the entire construction process. $23 CDN

OnHealth: Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Household
OnHealth interactive site gives some tips for a healthy household, for various rooms and areas.

SAB: Healthy Materials For Building
Sustainable Architecture and Building magazine says there are many sources of indoor pollution, but often the materials used to make buildings are the root of the problem. This should raise a red flag for the design community to step back and say: we have a responsibility to the best of our ability to seek out and advocate for healthier, less harmful materials, and for manufactures to be transparent about material ingredients.

Tree Hugger: How to Build a Healthy Home, Extreme Dream Edition
TreeHugger magazine says if a client came with a request to do the healthiest house possible, a new build on an open site in a temperate to cool climate, this is what might be proposed these days.

Tree Hugger: What A Healthy Home Is
Tree Hugger says a lot of people are thinking about how to build healthy houses as we learn about the dangers from chemicals within the home and pollution without. And architects people are realizing that our houses and workspaces have to do more than just provide shelter, and health is more than just physical.
Product Supply

Building For Health: Online Purchase Of Green & Healthy Products
Building For Health is a US site that has listings for green and healthy building materials that you can order online.

Energy Circle: Online Guide To Indoor Air Quality Monitors
Energy Circle online Guide to Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Devices For Healthy Home provides a listing of new products, along with descriptions, prices and links to suppliers for more information.

Fast Company: Google Plan To Make Our Buildings Less Poisonous
Fast Company says the Google-designed Portico platform features a product database organized by manufacturer, product category, and whether the product meets LEED and Living Building Challenge standards. Google also devised a numerical scoring metric according to how well the manufacturer discloses ingredients.

HGTV Remodels: 10 Products For A Healthy Home
GTV Remodels describes 10 products for a healthy home, including fungus-based insulation, chemical-free paint strippers, low-VOC wood stains, and more.

HPDC: Health Product Declaration Collaborative
Health Product Declaration Collaborative is the industry standard for communicating building product contents and related chemical hazards information.

Trim Tab: 10 Companies Making Healthy Interior Products
Trim Tab describes ten products made with innovative materials by companies who are pushing the limit on healthy products.
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