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Basics & Theory

Health Canada: Overview Of Water Treatment Devices
Health Canada provides an overview of water treatment devices including introduction, different types, potential health problems and suggestions on what you can do to reduce these problems.

Lenntech: FAQ On Safe Drinking Water
Lenntech provides answers to some common questions about drinking water.

Lenntech: Types Of Water Purification Methods
Lenntech describes various water purification methods and applications including those that use settling of suspended matter, physical/chemical treatment of colloids, and biological treatment.
Industry Sectors

CWQA: Canadian Water Quality Association
Canadian Water Quality Assoication represents industry members involved in water quality improvement for homes, businesses, industry and institutions in areas of drinking water and working water. It is the national source consumer information, certified education courses, technical information and industry resources.
Information Sources

EPA: Database On Water Treatability & Processes
US Environmental Protection Agency online Drinking Water Treatability Database has referenced information on control of contaminants in drinking water. It allows access to regulated and unregulated contaminants, contaminant properties, and treatment processes used by drinking water utilities.

EPA: Resource Site On Water Quality
US Environmental Protection Agency provides information on water quality standards, industrial water pollution controls, water quality tools, water quality criteria, and more.

Health Canada: Resource Site On Water Quality & Health
Canada government Health Canada site provides information Andre sources on Canadian drinking water guidelines, drinking water & health, Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee on Drinking Water, products & materials that come into contact with drinking water, multi-barrier approach to safe drinking water, and more.

UNESCO: Links To Water Related Web Sites Around The World
UNESCO Water Portal provides links to water related Web sites around the world including research and organizations addressing: water quality and contamination, extreme water events, desertification, salinization, irrigation, recycling, land use, and more.
Issues & Performance

ASPE: Standard For Sustainable Drinking Water Treatment Systems
Water Quality Association and American Society of Plumbing Engineers new standard WQA/ASPE/ANSI S-803: Sustainable Drinking Water Treatment Systems has been officially recognized by ANSI as an American National Standard.

ASPE: Water Quality Company Sustainable Management Standard
American Society of Plumbing Engineers and the Water Quality Association standard WQA/ASPE/ANSI S-801: Sustainable Management has been officially approved by the American National Standards Institute. IT can be used to evaluate a company's sustainability-related governance and management practices.

BC Gov: Drinking Water Regulations & Water Quality Information
BC Ministry Of Health provides information on regulations for drinking water, information on water quality, and links to more resources.

Health Canada: Guidelines For Canadian Drinking Water Quality
Health Canada Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality summary table describes health-based guidelines of the known health effects associated with each contaminant, on exposure levels and on the availability of treatment and analytical technologies. (PDF)

PM Engineer: Climate Change Role In Water Quality
PM Engineer says climate change and its role in water quality needs to be researched.

BC Gov: Living Water Smart Resource Site On Water Conservation & Quality
BC Living Water Smart provides information on the government plans, FAQ, doing business differently, preparing communities, choosing to be water smart, and more.
Product Supply

Consumer Reports: Best Water Filters
Consumer Reports provides information on the best water filter for your home.
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