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Basics & Theory

APA: Overview Of Cross Laminated Timber
Engineered Wood Association provides an overview of cross laminated timber, and links to other information and resources.

JLC: Building With Cross Laminated Timber
Journal of Light Construction describes how a builder used these solid wood panels to simplify making the building envelope airtight, and help moderate fluctuations in moisture and heat.

JofC: Past, Present, Future of Structural Wood in Canada
Journal Of Commerce says new and creative ways of making and using structural wood mean the material is becoming familiar even to observers from outside the construction industry.

Woodworks: Overview Of Cross Laminated Timber
Woodworks online fact sheet CLT - Solid Advantage covers what cross laminated timber (CLT) is, types of CLT assemblies, CLT status in Europe & North America, CLT in codes and standards, and performance attributes. (PDF)

YouTube: Advanced Engineering Concepts In Solid Wood Construction
Online Video with Engineer Eric Karsh walks through advanced engineering concepts in solid wood construction. It explains how solid wood construction is a different building system compared to stick-frame construction, and highlights recent projects using solid wood construction.
Education & Training

WoodWorks: Mass Timber Connections Online Workshop
Woodworks online Mass Timber Connection Design course focuses on connection design principles and analysis techniques unique to mass timber products such as cross-laminated timber, glued-laminated timber and nail-laminated timber. It covers design options for connection solutions ranging from commodity fasteners, pre-engineered wood products and custom-designed connections. (PDF)
Industry Information

CWC:Case For Tall Wood Buildings & Mass Timber
Canadian Wood Council report Case for Tall Wood Buildings represents the views of the many interviewed developers/marketing groups/contractors/fire chiefs/ building authorities, and introduces a new construction model for tall buildings which utilizes mass timber panels. (PDF)

HBC: Builder Claims CLT Beats Stick-Frame or Concrete
Home Builder Canada says building new condominium projects with cross-laminated timber and other factory-produced wood elements can save builders time and buyers money while protecting the environment, according to Vancouver veteran homebuilder Adera Development.

J of C: Mass Timber Construction An Advantage in Northern Climes
Journal Of Commerce says as the largest mass timber structure in the world to date, standing 18 storeys and 54 metres, rises on UBC campus, it is casting a construction shadow that extends far north.
Information Sources

CWC: Overview Of Cross Laminated Timber
Canadian Wood Council offers information and resources on cross laminated timber.

FP Innovations: Cross Laminated Timber - A Primer
FP Innovations online slide show presentation gives a good overview of CLT based mostly on the European experience. (PDF)

FP Innovations: Updated Edition of CLT Handbook
The 2019 Edition of the CLT Handbook has been completely revised and improved based on new research performed by FPInnovations and partners to reflect changes made since the 2011 edition in recent Canadian codes and standards, including new guidance recently implemented in the CSA O86:19 standard.

Think Wood: Mass Timber Research Reports & Resources
Think Wood online Research Library of reports on mass timber systems includes stress test results, material comparisons, product advancements, the latest innovations, and more.

WoodWorks: Information On Cross Laminated Timber
WoodWorks provides information and resources on cross laminated timber including tools & support, publications, presentations & videos, and FAQs.
Issues & Performance

APA: ANSI/APA PRG 320-2019: Standard For Performance-Rated Cross-Laminated Timber
Engineered Wood Association offers the new ANSI/APA PRG 320-2019: Standard for Performance-Rated Cross-Laminated Timber. It provides requirements and test methods for qualification and quality assurance for performance-rated cross-laminated timber, which is manufactured from solid-sawn lumber or structural composite lumber. Free site registration required.

BD&C: Cross Laminated Timber Fire Tests Back Proponents
Building Design & Construction says a company has successfully completed two significant fire tests on Cross-laminated Timber as a building material, demonstrating for the first time the feasibility of tall mass timber buildings in the US.

GBA: Fire Tests for Cross-Laminated Timber
Green Building Advisor says a government research facility tries to burn test apartments and finds the timber assemblies resist the spread of flames.

GBA: How Green Are Mass Timber Buildings?
Green Building Advisor says advocates say that mass timber could revolutionize the building industry, but some skeptics worry about the environmental impact of logging.

Building Science: Mass Timber & Tall Wood Buildings
Building Science online slide show presentation covers: What is Mass Timber; Why Tall Wood; Building Enclosures; Prefabrication Considerations; Lessons Learned. (PDF)

Canadian Contractor: Cross Laminated Timber House Design That Could Change Everything
Canadian Contractor says renowned Canadian architect Douglas Cardinal has pioneered a CLT structure that outperforms traditional home building techniques.
Product Supply

Ecohome: Two New Types of Mass Timber Panels
Ecohome describes new types of mass timber panels that enable longer spans than the traditional CLT, while requiring less wood: Mass plywood panels that use wood veneers instead of solid wood; Dowel laminated timber that use no glues, resin or fasteners.
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