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Basics & Theory

APA Wood University: Glossary Of Terms For Engineered Wood
APA Wood University site has a very good and easy to use glossary of the many terms used in the wood industry.

APA: Overview Of Engineered Wood Products
Engineered Wood Association provides overview of plywood, oriented strand board, glulam, I-Joists, rim board, cross-laminated timber, structural composite lumber, concrete forming, overlaid panels, siding, radiant barrier panels and industrial end-use panels.

APA: Wood Structural Panel Identification
Engineered Wood Association technical bulletin Wood Structural Panel Identification answers commonly asked questions about identification marks found on structural wood panels. Free site registration required.

CWC: Innovative Applications Of Engineered Wood
Canadian Wood Council describes case studies of innovative applications of engineered wood where these high-tech, high performance products offer consistency of structural performance, dimensional stability and freedom from defects, making it possible to integrate them successfully with other construction materials on large and complex projects. (PDF)
Education & Training

Wood University: Free Online Courses On Engineered Wood
Engineered Wood Association Wood University offers free online continuing education courses with credits.
Industry Information

APA: Market Reports On Demand & Production Of Engineered Wood
Engineered Wood Association offers Market Analysis through annual subscriptions, covering current data on structural panel and engineered wood product demand and production.
Information Sources

APA Designers Circle: Resource Site For Building Industry
Engineered Wood Association new APA Designers Circle is an educational resource for architects, engineers, builders, and building code officials. The free, subscription-based site offers technical information and recommendations for wood-frame design and construction, along with news, industry events and links to a range of product and design recommendations.

APA: Builder Tips On Engineered Wood
Engineered Wood Association offers online Builder Tips which address a single common topic or challenge relating to engineered wood products.

APA: CAD Construction Details For Wood Frame Construction
Engineered Wood Association provides free online CAD details for wood-frame construction.

APA: Field Experts On Engineered Wood
Engineered Wood Association Field Services team consists of full-time engineered wood specialists located throughout North America. These engineered wood experts include engineers, architects, and construction experts who are available to provide information and recommendations to construction and design professionals.

APA: Free & Paid Publications Featuring Construction Basics
Engineered Wood Association site provides free & paid technical sheets on selection and installation of engineered wood products for floors and walls. Free registration required.

APA: Help Desk For Expert Support
Engineered Wood Association Product Support Help Desk is a free service available to answer questions pertaining to the specification and application of engineered wood products and systems.

APA: Online Videos On Tips For Engineered Wood
Engineered Wood Association series of short online Video Briefs address key construction tips and topics.

APA: Resource Site On Engineered Wood
APA, the engineered wood association, offers an extensive site pertaining to engineered wood products, which include plywood, OSB, laminated veneer lumber, I-joists, rim board, glued laminated beams and more. It covers products, applications, education, media, green topics, a member directory and APA programs.
Issues & Performance

APA: Assessing Water Damage After A Flood
Engineered Wood Association describes steps individuals can perform to assess water damage after a flood. (PDF)

APA: Formaldehyde & Engineered Wood Products
Engineered Wood Association describes why PS 1 and PS 2 certified panels easily meet or are exempt from the world's leading formaldehyde emission limits and regulations.

APA: Green Verification Reports For Engineered Wood Products
Engineered Wood Association provides Green Verification Reports that help building officials and design professionals determine a product's eligibility for points under recognized green building standards. Free site registration required.

APA: Recommendations For Snow & Ice On Wood Structural Panels
Engineered Wood Association bulletin Recommendations for Snow and Ice on Wood Structural Panels describes APA recommended guidelines for snow and ice accumulation on wood structural panels. (PDF) Free site registration required.

APA: Sustainable Buildings, Sustainable Future
Engineered Wood Association bulletin Sustainable Buildings, Sustainable Future describes the environmental benefits of engineered wood products, compares wood to other structural products, and explains scientific research that demonstrates wood's green building merits. Free site registration required.

APA: Wood Structural Panel & Foam Insulation Systems
Engineered Wood Association research report Wood Structural Panel & Foam Insulation Systems describes issues and considerations for hygrothermal behavior and lateral load. Free site registration required.

APA: Canadian Builder Tips On Storage & Handling Of APA Panels
Engineered Wood Association Canadian edition of Builder Tips: Storage and Handling of APA Trademarked Panels describes recommended handling for shipping, storage, and on the job site handling of engineered wood panels. Free site registration required.

APA: Engineered Wood Construction Guide
Engineered Wood Association free APA Engineered Wood Construction Guide covers both residential and commercial construction, offering up-to-date information on APA Performance Rated Panels, glulams, I-joists, floor, wall, and roof systems, diaphragms, shear walls, fire-rated systems, and finishing methods. Free site registration required.

APA: Engineered Wood Handbook & Grade Glossary
Engineered Wood Association free Engineered Wood Handbook & Grade Glossary explains engineered wood products and common construction terminology in easy-to-understand language. Free site registration required.

APA: Installing Wood Structural Panels Over Metal Framing
Engineered Wood Association describes design and fastening recommendations for installation of wood structural panels over metal framing in floors, walls, and roofs.
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