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Basics & Theory

JLC: Concrete Basics
Journal of Light Construction article by foundation engineer Brent Anderson says concrete doesn't have to be complicated, but it's important to get the fundamentals right. (PDF) Free Registration Required

PCA: Detailed Info On Concrete Basics
Portland Cement Association site provides detailed info on concrete and cement manufacturing, aggregates, admixtures, placing, finishing and curing.

PCA: How Concrete is Made
Portland Cement Association describes how concrete is made.

PCA: Online Thesaurus of Concrete & Cement Terms
Portland Cement Association online searchable thesaurus provides a list of accepted terminology for all aspects of cement and concrete. It displays not only the terms, but also the relationships to other terms--Broader, Narrower, or Related.

PCA: Overview Of Concrete Products
Portland Cement Association site offers a good overview of the various types of concrete products avaiable.
Education & Training

PCA: Concrete & Cement Education Courses & Resources
Portland Cement Association provides cement and concrete education courses and resources including education foundation, professors' workshop, online courses, cement industry courses, concrete industry courses, customized training, and general information.
Industry Information

World Of Concrete: Concrete & Masonry Industry Trade Show
World of Concrete is the annual international event dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries. Featuring indoor and outdoor exhibits with suppliers showcasing innovative products and technologies, demonstrations and competitions, and a many education programs.
Industry Sectors

CAC: Cement Association Of Canada
Cement Association of Canada represents Canadian cement producers, is the national and regional voice of the cement industry, and provides industry news, information and resources on cement and its applications.

CCC: Concrete Council Of Canada
Concrete Council of Canada brings together national and provincial industry associations and representatives from the full spectrum of Canada's cement and concrete manufacturers. Its mission is to advance the industry's leadership in sustainable construction and promote the social, environmental and economic value of concrete, concrete products and concrete systems within the country. Membership includes various independent organizations from Canada's cement, ready-mix concrete, precast concrete, concrete pavers and concrete pipe industries.

PCA: Portland Cement Association
Portland Cement Association represents cement companies in the United States and Canada. It conducts market development, engineering, research, education, and public affairs programs.
Information Sources

CAC: Canadian Resource Site On Cement & Concrete
Cement Association of Canada provides information and resources on cement and concrete including industry, manufacturing, applications, technical resources, and more.

CAC: Purchasable Concrete Design Handbook
Cement Association of Canada sells the Concrete Design Handbook that covers many aspects of the structural design of conventionally reinforced and prestressed concrete buildings. $230 CDN

Concrete BC: Technical Reports On Concrete
Concrete BC, formerly BC Ready-Mixed Concrete Association offers general information articles on selecting and using concrete.

Concrete Network: Buyer Guides For Buying Concrete Supplies
Concrete Network offers information about buying concrete products including stamps and skins, countertop supplies, polishing products, and more.

Concrete Network: Resource Site On Concrete
Concrete Network resource site provides details of many applications for concrete, including interior floors, interior concrete, outdoor concrete, as well as sections on foundation repair/waterproofing, building with concrete, maintaining concrete, green building with concrete, and other concrete info, plus free design catalogues.

Fine Homebuilding: Guides to Working With Concrete
Fine Homebuilding articles provide tips and techniques for forming, pouring, and finishing concrete for various types of home construction or remodeling project.

MIT: Concrete Science Research Briefs
MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub allows access to their concrete science related research briefs.

PCA: Resource Site On Concrete & Cement
Portland Cement Association provides information and resources on cement and its various applications in concrete, stucco, masonry, pavements, and more.
Issues & Performance

Concrete BC: Essential Solutions For Sustainable Building & Infrastructure
Concrete BC online guide Rediscover Concrete: Essential Solutions For Sustainable Building & Infrastructure, provides considerations for using concrete as a sustainable product. (PDF)

Concrete BC: Guidelines For Concrete Placement Planning, Field Testing, Sample Collection
Concrete BC Association online Best Practice Guidelines for Concrete Placement Planning, Field Testing, and Sample Collection is a planning tool for field testing and sample collection of Portland cement concrete. (PDF)

Concrete Network: Changes To Concrete Mix During Cold Weather
Concrete Network describes some possible changes to concrete mix during cold weather.

Concrete Network: Concrete Delamination
Concrete Network describes delaminations in concrete slabs, what causes them, and how to avoid them.

Concrete Network: Concrete Discoloration Causes & Countermeasures
Concrete Network describes common causes of concrete discoloration and what countermeasures to take to avoid the problem.

Concrete Network: Concrete Moisture Problems
Concrete Network says water vapor from the floor can make rooms more humid, which can be a concern with new tighter home construction. In extreme cases, when you started with wet concrete or when the ground beneath the slab is very wet, the floor can actually be damp and slick and moisture will condense beneath objects placed on the slab.

Concrete Network: Contractors Guide To Efflorescence
Concrete Network provides an overview of major efflorescence issues, preventative measures to control conditions that encourage efflorescence, and remedial suggestions.

Concrete Network: Hot Weather Concreting
Concrete Network provides an overview of hot weather concrete placement, with tips on mix design, handling, and finishing.

Concrete Network: How To Fix Spalling Concrete
Concrete Network provides expert tips on fixing spalled concrete

Concrete Network: How To Protect & Cure Concrete In Cold Weather
Concrete Network describes how to protect and cure concrete in cold weather.

Concrete Network: Pacific Northwest Concrete Pouring Tips
Concrete Network provides tips for pouring concrete in different seasons in the Pacific Northwest.

Concrete Network: Pouring Concrete in the Rain
Concrete Network describes steps to take to prevent rain from ruining your concrete project.

Concrete Network: Preventing Concrete Cracks
Concrete Network provides information on how to prevent concrete from cracking.

Concrete Network: Protect Concrete From Stains
Concrete Network describes how to prevent stains from construction-related activities on a newly poured slab intended to be an exposed concrete finish.

Concrete Network: Repairing Cracks In Concrete Floors & Slabs
Concrete Network provides information about concrete crack repair including troubleshooting cracks and choosing repair materials, how-to tips for fixing cracks, and tips for how to prevent concrete cracks.

Concrete Network: Tips For Preparing To Place Concrete In The Cold
Concrete Network provides tips for preparing to place concrete in cold weather, including how to deal with frozen ground.

Concrete Saskatchewan: Concrete & The Environment
Concrete Saskatchewan describes how concrete is green including environmental benefits, economic benefits, social and quality of life benefits, and concrete mix options.

Construct Connect: Is Greener Concrete the Key to Sustainable Construction?
Construct Connect provides a few examples of how stronger and more environmentally friendly concrete is being researched and developed.

Construction Canada: Concrete Still Outperforming in Sustainability Era
Construction Canada says as modern society shifts to a circular, carbon-neutral built environment, concrete continues to deliver best-in-class performance as a building material.

CS Hub: Concrete Building Design Optimization for Reduced Life-Cycle Costs
Concrete Sustainability research brief Concrete Building Design Optimization for Reduced Life-Cycle Costs and Environmental Impacts explains how combining tools such as the CSHub-developed Building Attribute to Impact Algorithm with optimization methods can help identify the best ranges for key design parameters. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: Efflorescence & Spalling
Fine Homebuilding describes how efflorescence and spalling can contribute to results that can turn a promising project into a headache.

For Construction Pros: Tips For Pumping Concrete In Cold Weather
For Construction Pros describes how to prevent or deal with concrete freezing in the concrete pump, which can stop the flow of concrete through the pipeline.

GBA: Making Concrete More Sustainable
Green Building Advisor podcast discusses whether or not it is possible to take the carbon sting out of concrete as we know it, or is it up to green builders to find substitutes.

GBA: Reducing Hefty Carbon Footprint Of Concrete
Green Building Advisor says bit by bit, innovators are chipping away at environmental downsides of concrete.

GBA: What Is Capillary Tendency Of Concrete
Green Building Advisor online forum offers opinions on the capillary tendency of concrete.

GreenBiz: MIT Weighs Lifecycle Impacts Of Concrete
GreenBiz says cement's carbon intensity can often lead to harsh judgments of concrete as a building material, but research from MIT's Concrete Sustainability Hub says that looking at every phase of the life cycle is necessary to a fair judgment. "Conventional environmental assessments often overlook one or more of these phases, leading to incomplete results and inadequate conclusions," the study said. For example, the total life cycle, global warming potential for concrete is the same as, or lower than, designs in steel or wood.

IRC: Durability Of Concrete Under Winter Conditions
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction report may be of value as it discusses the durability of concrete under winter conditions, if building in the interior and northern areas of the province. 1969 (PDF)

IRC: Fire Performance Of High-Strength Concrete Structural Members
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction presents research results comparing fire resistance of highstrength and normal-strength concrete columns and offers guidelines for improving fire resistance of high-strength concrete structural members. (PDF)

ISO: New ISO Standard Deals With Concrete, Sustainability, Environment
International Standards Organization standard ISO 13315-1:2012, Environmental management for concrete and concrete structures Part 1: General Principles, aims to provide the basic rules on environmental management for concrete and concrete structures.

JLC Forums: Cold Weather Concrete Pour
Journal of Light Construction forum offers some useful advice on admixtures and other ways of protecting fresh concrete from the cold.

MIT: Concrete Sustainability Hub Research Center
Concrete Sustainability Hub is a research center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The CSHub addresses the sustainability and environmental implications of the production and use of concrete. Its research aims to fine-tune the composition of concrete, reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of its production, and quantify its environmental impact and cost during the entire lifespan of an infrastructure or building project.

MIT: Exploring Effects of Moisture & Drying on Cement
Massachusetts Institute of Technology study investigates capillary-induced deformations in cement’s porous structure.

NY Times: Concrete Made With Slag & Ash Is On The Rise
NY Times article says to reduce the environmental costs of concrete, developers are replacing some portland cement with recycled materials such as coal ash and blast-furnace slag. Free registration required

PCA: Fire Resistance Of Concrete Homes
Portland Cement Association technology brief, explains fire resistance of concrete homes and fire properties of foam insulated concrete forms.

PCA: Overview On The Durability Of Concrete
Portland Cement Association provides an overview on the durability of concrete.

PCA: Resilient Construction with Concrete
Portland Cement Association describes how concrete can be incorporated in several key aspects to make projects more durable and disaster resistant. For example, concrete wall, floor and roof systems offer structural strength and wind resistance while hardened exterior finishes for walls and roofs of a home or business provide strength and security.

PCA: Working Safely With Concrete
Portland Cement Association gives tips on protecting the head, eyes, back and skin when working with or near concrete, which should benefit your employees or trades.

Rediscover Concrete: Canadian Resource Site On Sustainability Of Concrete
Rediscover Concrete site was created by the Canadian cement and concrete industry to provide information on the sustainability of concrete.

ACI: Guide To Evaluation Of Strength Test Results Of Concrete
American Concrete Institute purchasable Guide to Evaluation of Strength Test Results of Concrete discusses variations that occur in concrete strength and presents statistical procedures useful in interpreting these variations with respect to specified testing and criteria. $53 USD

Concrete Construction: Troubleshooting Problems Of Concrete Surfaces
Concrete Construction provides archive of articles that answer common questions about concrete products, installation, finishing, maintenance and repair.

Concrete Network: Cleaning Concrete
Concrete Network describes how to choose a concrete cleaner or degreaser, and how to clean exterior concrete, concrete floors, and concrete countertops.

Concrete Network: Concrete Curing
Concrete Network provides concrete curing tips and information.

Concrete Network: Concrete Joints In Slabs
Concrete Network describes concrete joint types, where to locate joints in concrete slabs, special considerations for installation, and related information.

Concrete Network: Concrete Replacement Conditions
Concrete Network describes when concrete may need to be removed, as there are certain conditions under which using a patching compound and resurfacing product will result in merely a short-term fix.

Concrete Network: Five Categories Of Concrete Cleaners
Concrete Network provides nformation about concrete cleaners and degreasers for concrete-related applications including pH-netural cleaners, acid cleaners, alkaline cleaners, enzymatic cleaners, and specialty cleaners.

Concrete Network: Free Idea Catalogs On Concrete Uses
Concrete Network offers free catalogs with design ideas for concrete floors, patios, pool decks, concrete homes, sinks, countertops, and more.

Concrete Network: How Concrete Is Poured & Placed
Concrete Network provides a step-by-step overview of placing concrete on residential projects.

Concrete Network: How To Remove Concrete Oil Stains
Concrete Network explains how to get oil stains out of concrete.

Concrete Network: Installing Control Joints
Concrete Network online video describes some concrete groover tools and how to install control joints.

Concrete Network: Maintaining Concrete
Concrete Network provides online how-to information for maintaining concrete slabs, floors, and countertops.

Concrete Network: Modern Palette For Indoor Concrete Style
Concrete Network says interpretations of modern style vary from utilitarian and industrial to sleek and bold. Concrete can achieve all of these modern design variations by permitting large geometrical patterns and shapes, while conveying an industrial look using subtle shades of gray. (PDF)

Concrete Network: Online Concrete Slab & Footing Calculator
Concrete Network site provides these handy online calculators for a quick calculation of how many cubic yards you require for both slabs and footings.

Concrete Network: Overview Of Concrete Testing
Concrete Network provides an overview of concrete testing including typical fresh concrete tests, sampling, temperature, slump tests, air content, density, making test cylinders, and effect of selected testing.

Concrete Network: Resource Site On Concrete Repair
Concrete Network provides an overview of repairing concrete including evaluating the problem, cause of damage, repair materials, surface repairs, crack repairs, structural repairs, and more.

Concrete Network: Testing Hardened Concrete
Concrete Network provides different tests to consider when investigating problems with hardened concrete in order to identify the cause and come up with the appropriate solution.

Concrete Network: Urbanite Is Reusing Old Concrete
Concrete Network describes Urbanite, broken pieces of unwanted concrete leftover from a demolition project, that can be used for patios, walkways, flower beds, fire pits, and more.

Fine Homebuilding: Concrete Against Siding
Fine Homebuilding says you should be concerned about placing new concrete in direct contact with the fiber-cement trim-or most siding and trim materials, for that matter.

Fine Homebuilding: How To Compact Small Concrete Projects
Fine Homebuilding describes how to compact small concrete projects by running the shoe of your sawzall (without a blade installed) along the sides of the form. The vibrations will settle the concrete and get rid of the voids.

Fine Homebuilding: How to Pour Concrete on a Slope
Fine Homebuilding says the best way to pour concrete on a slope is to order it low-slump, which is concrete with a low proportion of water.

Fine Homebuilding: Resurfacing Damaged Concrete
Fine Homebuilding online video describes how to prepare the existing surface, mix, apply, and finish a concrete patch.

IRC: Removal Of Stains From Concrete Surfaces
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction report has a chart that lists many different types of stains and how they can be removed. 1972 (PDF)

JLC: Concrete-Slab Drying Time
Journal of Light Construction describes how long it takes a fresh concrete slab to dry out before flooring can be put down.

PCA: Purchasable Book On Design & Control Of Concrete Mixtures
Portland Cement Association sells Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures, the reference book encapsulates all there is to know about cement and concrete since the material was used in the mid-1750s to build a lighthouse. This go-to-guide for anyone who works with concrete, from designers to builders to contractors and students, contains overviews of building standards, references, and research. $79 USD

RMCAO: Concrete Construction Troubleshooting Tips
Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario online Concrete Construction Troubleshooting Tips defines problems and solutions, and offers a conversion table and concrete quick specifications. (PDF)

Sakrete: Online Calculators For Concrete Footings
Sakrete online tool estimates amount of bagged concrete needed for piers and footings.
Product Supply

Architect Magazine: Seven New Technologies From 2014 World Of Concrete
Architect Magazine describes seven technologies from the 2014 World of Concrete show that challenge the notion that the construction industry is reticent to change and sustainability.

BD&C: 9 Concrete Innovations
Building Design and Construction describes nine new products and case studies that represent the latest breakthroughs in concrete technology.

Concrete BC: Listing Of BC Suppliers Directory Of Concrete & Related Prodicts
Concrete BC lists their members from BC who supply concrete and related products. (PDF)

Concrete Producer: 2012 Most Innovative Product Winners From World of Concrete
World of Concrete 2012 exhibitors submit products to compete in Hanley Wood's Most Innovative Products contest. It combines World of Concrete attendee voting with expert evaluations to give both Attendees' Choice and Experts' Choice awards to products exhibited at the show.

For Construction Pros: Top Concrete Products Of 2012
For Construction Pros article presents their Contractors Choice Top Products that were chosen based on interest generated by their readers.
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