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Basics & Theory

Ecolighten: Urban Solar Garden in New Westminster
Ecolighten describes the Urban Solar Garden project in New Westminster. It is a 50 kW solar array that allows local residents, businesses and non-profit organizations who’ve invested in the project access to renewable energy.

GBA: An Off-Grid Solar Community In BC
Green Building Advisor describes cold-climate PV and passive solar solutions for big houses.

Media Matters for America: Myths & Facts On Solar Energy
Media Matters for America clarifies several common myths about solar energy issues and applications.

NREL: Glossary Of Solar Radiation Resource Terms
US National Renewable Energy Laboratory provides a detailed glossary of terms and related scientific equations used in the solar energy industry.
Education & Training

CanSIA: Solar & Renewable Energy Career Training Programs
Canadian Solar Industries Association lists organizations that offer training in solar and renewable energy.

CICan: Canadian Government Supports New Solar Curriculum
Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) press release says Government of Canada will partner with the Electricity Sector Council to develop new occupational standards for solar equipment installers. In addition, the Government will support the Association of Canadian Community Colleges as they develop a national curriculum for designers and installers of solar energy systems, to be shared at no charge with colleges and institutes across Canada. Courses will include design and installation for commercial and residential solar hot water system and for various applications and sizes of photovoltaic systems. (PDF)

FSEC: Solar Education Courses & Training
Florida Solar Energy Center offers solar education courses and resources for K-12, university, continuing education, and more.

Solar Energy International: Online Continuing Education Courses
Solar Energy International offers their Continuing Education Series of online courses that serve solar and renewable energy professionals, electricians, roofers, inspectors, plumbers, architects, K-12 educators and more.

Solar Energy International: Solar Business & Technical Sales Course
Solar Energy International offers Solar Business and Technical Sales course with a strong focus on business principals for those currently working in the solar industry or hoping to work in solar sales.

Wisconsin Univ: Solar Energy Laboratory
University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering Solar Energy Lab educates students through research experiences in solar and conventional energy utilization.
Industry Information

BCSEA: Community Solar In BC
BC Sustainable Energy Association says it's easy to understand why BC communities love solar energy: it's a local solution to our energy needs, keeps valuable energy dollars in the community, and creates much needed employment when traditional areas of the economy are struggling. Here they categorize, in a broad way, several models that have been used to get systems installed and producing for the public's benefit.

CanSIA: Annual Solar Canada Conference & Exposition
Solar Canada brings together the solar and renewable energy industry and community to share knowledge and to experience advancements in solar energy policy, markets and industry capacity. Continue or build new relationships with business partners while also learning about new market opportunities in other provinces and new technological advancements that will have a lasting impact as Canada moves towards a strong solar future. Solar energy professionals, practitioners, stakeholders or advocates should not miss the premier solar energy event in Canada.

CanSIA: Canadian Listing Of Upcoming Solar Events
Canadian Solar Industries Association lists local, national, and global events focused on solar, renewable energy, green building, and environmental topics.

CanSIA: Canadian Solar Industry Market Intelligence
Canadian Solar Industries Association provides up to date information on the Canadian solar market including values for installed capacity across the country, details of the solar supply chain from manufacturing to project development, and various pieces of analysis conducted by or on behalf of CanSIA.

CanSIA: Canadian Solar Policies & Research
Canadian Solar Industries Association provides information on Canadian solar policies and research including federal, provincial, and Ontario.

CanSIA: Job Board For Canadian Solar Industry
Canadian Solar Industries Association Solar Job Board provides a listing of available jobs within the solar energy industry.

CanSIS: Realizing True Value Of Solar Energy In Alberta
Canadian Solar Industries Association online policy position paper From Proven Reserve to Developed Resource: Realizing the True Value of Solar Energy in Alberta, outlines recommendations that would ensure a meaningful role for solar energy in Alberta's electricity mix. (PDF)

Climate Examiner: Widespread Solar Penetration in BC Would Impair Flexibility of Grid
Climate Examiner says a little bit of solar would help to reduce the province's greenhouse gas emissions but a lot of it begins to create problems for the electricity grid, which poses a challenge to the hope that all new buildings could become net zero energy in the next few years.

Construction Dive: More Builders Offer Solar Arrays As Option
Construction Dive says nearly all of the top 10 US homebuilders include some kind of photovoltaic system, often in the form of rooftop solar panels, in new construction. Some offer it as an upgrade and others as a standard feature.

Drake Landing: Alberta Solar Community
Drake Landing Solar Community is a master planned neighborhood in Okotoks, Alberta. It has integrated Canadian energy efficient technologies with a district system designed to store solar energy underground during the summer months and distribute the energy to each home for space heating needs during winter months.

GEF: Gordon Howell Is Canadian Solar Pioneer
Green Energy Futures interviews Gordon Howell, a solar pioneer. He installed the first grid-connected solar system in Western Canada on his home in Edmonton, Alberta in 1995.

IEA: Technology Roadmap To 2050 For Solar Heating & Cooling
International Energy Agency report provides a technology roadmap to 2050 for solar heating and cooling technologies. (PDF)

Intersolar North America: Industry Trade Show In California
Intersolar North America trade show in California serves the US solar energy supply chain and provides insight into what the American and international solar markets have to offer and the latest developments in the industry.

lbl: New Report on Solar-Adopter Income Trends
A new report by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory highlights income trends among residential rooftop solar adopters.

REW: Overview On How The Solar Industry Continues To Gain Momentum
Renewable Energy World newsletter states solar has been around for decades, but what is new is the opportunity to dramatically expand solar by increasing access through economies of scale.

REW: Ten Predictions For Rooftop Solar In 2017
Renewable Energy World makes ten educated guesses about the rooftop solar industry in 2017

REW: Will Distributed Solar Drive Utilities Into Bankruptcy?
Renewable Energy News article says electric utilities today look a lot like newspapers in 2000, in that they have too much debt in an industry primed for disruption.

SEPA: Calendar Of Solar Industry Events
Smart Electric Power Alliance provides a calendar of worldwide solar energy industry and utility industry events, conferences, and exhibitions.

Solar Power International: US Solar Industry Conference
Solar Power International is the annual US solar industry conference and trade show, which is organized by the Solar Electric Power Association and the Solar Energy Industries Association.

US BLS: Careers In Solar Power
US Bureau of Labour Statistics report Careers in Solar Power provides information on the process of generating solar power and details various occupations in the solar industry. It provides a brief job description of several occupations; credentials needed to work in the occupation, such as education, training, certification, or licensure; and wage data. (PDF)

Utility Dive: Four Solar Trends To Watch In 2014
Utility Dive describes four solar trends to watch in 2014 including financial innovation, residential solar, storage-backed solar, and utilities investing in solar.

Utility Dive: Solar Stats That Strike Fear Into Utilities' Hearts
Utility Dive says the future looks bright for solar and these numbers and graphs show why.

Utility Dive: US Utilities Are Embracing Community Solar
Utility Dive says the biggest trend for solar at utilities is community solar, according to the report Expanding Solar Access Through Utility-led Community Solar.
Industry Sectors

ASES: American Solar Energy Society
American Solar Energy Society is a US national membership organization promoting the development and use of solar and other renewable energy resources through advocacy, education, research and collaboration among professionals, policy-makers and the public.

CanSIA: Canadian Solar & Wind Associations to Amalgamate in 2020
Members of both the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) and the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) have voted to amalgamate the two organizations into a new multi-technology association focused on wind energy, solar energy and energy storage.

CanSIA: Canadian Solar Industries Association
Canadian Solar Industries Association is a national organization supported by solar thermal and photovoltaic industry members, the public and government agencies.

FSEC: Renewable Energy Research
Florida Solar Energy Center conducts research in building science, photovoltaics, solar thermal, hydrogen and alternative fuels, fuel cells and other advanced energy technologies.

SEIA: Solar Energy Industries Association
US Solar Energy Industries Association is the national trade association of solar energy manufacturers, dealers, distributors, contractors, installers, architects, consultants, and marketers, working to expand the use of solar technologies in the global marketplace.

SESCI: Solar Energy Society of Canada Inc.
Solar Energy Society of Canada Inc. is a membership organization that promotes the increased use of solar and other renewable energies in Canada through education, technical development, public policy, conferences, and more. SESCI supports energy conservation, industry, and all forms of renewable energy, such as active and passive solar, photovoltaic, micro hydro, biomass, wind and earth energy.

SNEBRN: Smart Net-Zero Energy Buildings Strategic Research Network
Smart Net-zero Energy Buildings strategic Research Network is a major Canadian research effort in smart net-zero energy utilization in buildings. It brings together 29 Canadian researchers from 15 universities to develop the smart net-zero energy homes and commercial buildings of the future.

US DOE: Solar Energy SunShot Initiative
US Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy SunShot Initiative is a collaborative national initiative to make solar energy cost competitive with other forms of energy by the end of the decade. Reducing the installed cost of solar energy systems by about 75% will drive widespread, large-scale adoption of this renewable energy technology and restore U.S. leadership in the global clean energy race.
Information Sources

BuildItSolar: Solar Energy Projects For Do It Yourselfers
Build It Solar will help people with Do It Yourself skills build solar projects that save money and reduce pollution. It is a hands-on site with detailed plans for solar projects including solar space heating, water heating, passive solar home design, solar pool heating, solar cooking, photovoltiacs, wind generators, and others.

Dig The Heat: Canadian Resource Site On Geothermal & Renewable Energy
Dig The Heat is a Canadian online guide to renewable energy including geothermal heating and cooling systems, solar power, wind energy, biofuels, green investment and government incentives.

IAT: Reports On Solar & Appropriate Technology
Institute For Appropriate Technology provides technical reports on solar devices, mechanical devices, water systems, building, self reliance, and more.

NREL: Resource Site On Solar Energy
US National Renewable Energy Laboratory site provides information on solar energy basics, and solar systems including concentrating, passive, photovoltaic, hot water, and process heat.

Solar Cookers International Network: Resource Site On Solar Cooking
Solar Cookers International Network (SCInet) resource site provides information and news on solar cooking.

Solar Today: ASES Solar Industry Magazine
Solar Today is the bimonthly magazine published by the American Solar Energy Society, that covers all solar and renewable energy technologies, from photovoltaics to climate-responsive buildings to wind power and biomass. Regular topics include building case studies, energy policy and community-scale projects. Subscription Required.

US DOE: Research Needs For Solar Energy Utilization
US Department Of Energy report that describes the research needed to achieve significant progress in bringing solar energy to the marketplace. 2005 (PDF)
Issues & Performance

ANSI: Standards For Solar Energy Products & Components
American National Standards Institute publishes various standards on solar energy products and components.

CanSIA: Consumer Protection Initiative For Canadian Solar Industry
Canadian Solar Industries Association new Consumer Protection Initiative goals are to increase consumer confidence and enhance industry professionalism. It includes Going Solar: A Guide for Consumers, Solar Business Code of Conduct, and a Complaint Resolution and Disciplinary Process.

Climate Examiner: Alberta Renewables Delivers low Prices, But Backup Still Needed
Climate Examiner says Alberta renewable energy rock-bottom prices do not solve the problem that wind, like solar, is beholden to the caprices of Mother Nature and thus is not available whenever the electricity is needed. So, Albertan wind power will have to be coupled with backup or storage, most likely coming in the form of natural gas in the short term.

GBA: Solar Power Alone Won't Solve Energy or Climate Needs
Green Building Advisor says for the same installed capacity, nuclear facilities produce eight to nine times as much electricity as solar facilities.

GBA: To Improve Wind & Solar Power, Bring Them Together
Green Building Advisor says by combining intermittent renewable energy sources through hybrid projects, developers are taking advantage of the strengths of each.

REW: Is Solar Viable In Northerly Cooler Climates
Renewable Energy World article explains that solar systems are feasible in various types of climates.

Utility Dive: Solar vs Solar on US Tariffs
Utility Dive says solar stakeholders squared off for 10 hours over the merits of a petition to impose a tariff and floor price for imported solar panels.

BC Hydro: Solar Power & Heating for Your Home
BC Hydro describes some important considerations around the use of both solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems in BC.

CanSIA: Canadian Guide on Going Solar
Canadian Solar Industries Association online Canada's Go Solar Guide & Directory will help you navigate various solar options and identify the right solutions for you and your energy needs. Whether you're buying a solar system outright or entering a long term agreement with a solar company, this guide will help you understand the basics of solar energy, investigate important considerations for items such as home insurance, and identify what questions to ask their solar professionals. (PDF)

CMHC: Architect Guide To Solar Energy For Multi Family Buildings
CMHC online guide Solar Energy for Buildings, a booklet for continuing education of architects, presents basic information on solar building design, which includes passive solar heating, ventilation air heating, solar domestic water heating and shading. It suggests ways to incorporate solar design into multi-unit residential buildings, and provides calculations and examples to show how early design decisions can increase the useable solar energy. (PDF)

CMHC: Solar Energy Potential For Northern Sustainable Houses
CMHC report Solar Energy Potential for the Northern Sustainable Houses provides a set of solar design guidelines for designers and builders who want to better utilize and integrate solar energy systems into their designs. (PDF)

CMHC: Solar Energy Retrofits for Multi-residential Buildings
CMHC says these solar energy applications represent a realistic opportunity in the multi-residential sector, since solar energy systems can be implemented as cost-effective energy and water efficiency retrofits in existing buildings.

Energy Circle: Emotional Messaging in Marketing Solar
Energy Circle explores which emotions are the most effective for marketing solar services such as solar PV installation, solar water heating and home battery installation.

FSEC: Product Testing & Certification
Florida Solar Energy Center is one of the leading US testing and certification laboratories for solar products and equipment.

GBA: Solar & Energy Efficiency Need to Work Together
Green Building Advisor says rather than making an either/or choice, consumers should put solar and energy efficiency together.

NRCan: Photovoltaic Potential & Solar Resource Maps Of Canada
Natural Resources Canada photovoltaic potential and solar resource maps of Canada offer estimates of the electricity that grid-connected photovoltaic systems can generate without batteries, and the mean daily global insolation for any location in Canada. (EXCEL)

NRCan: Solar Ready Guidelines
NRCan online Solar Ready Guidelines specify a number of design considerations and modifications builders can make to new attached and detached homes in preparation for the installation of a future solar thermal system or solar photovoltaic system. (PDF)

NREL: Overview Of Solar Ready Implementation Practices
US National Renewable Energy Laboratory report Solar Ready: An Overview of Implementation Practices, explores three mechanisms for encouraging solar ready design and construction: solar ready legislation, certification programs for solar ready design and construction, and stakeholder education. (PDF)

NREL: Solar Ready Buildings Planning Guide
US National Renewable Energy Laboratory document identifies important aspects of building design and construction to enable installation of solar photovoltaic and heating systems at some time after the building is constructed. This document addresses photovoltaic (PV), solar hot water (ST), and solar ventilation preheat (SVP) systems. (PDF)

Physorg: Solar Panels Keep Buildings Cool
Physorg says rooftop solar panels generate power and provide a cooling effect. Thermal infrared imagery confirmed the ceiling under solar panels of a University of California building was 5 F cooler than under exposed roof sections. Since they permit air circulation between the structure and the roof, tilted panels were more efficient than flush-mounted units as roof shades.

REW: Marketing Solar To Home Builders
Renewable Energy World offers some tips on marketing your solar products and services to home builders.

RJC: Case for Solar-Ready Rooftops
Read Jones Christofferson discusses the case for solar-ready rooftops in designing to accommodate a burgeoning renewable resource.

Solar Rating: Online Solar Assessment Tool
Solar Rating OnLine determines a homes' suitability to solar technology used either to heat water or to generate electricity.

Solar Roadmap: Your Path To Regional Prosperity
Solar Roadmap platform organizes global best practices and makes them easily accessible locally for government agencies, regional organizations, businesses and electric utilities. Through a tailored Solar Roadmap, your community can join others from across the country that are transforming their communities with clean energy solutions.

US DOE: 5 Common Myths About Residential Solar
US Department of Energy says the SunShot Initiative has debunked the top five myths about residential solar.

US DOE: Builder Brochure On Solar Systems & Benefits
US Department of Energy free online brochure developed specifically for residential home builders provides information on basic solar facts, selling tips, and important resources when incorporating solar technologies into building plans. (PDF)

US DOE: Solar Powering Your Community: A Guide for Local Governments
US Department of Energy online guide Solar Powering Your Community: A Guide for Local Governments was developed as a resource for those who want to develop community solar projects, from community organizers or solar energy advocates to government officials or utility managers. (PDF)
Product Supply

Builder Magazine: Alternative Solar Systems for Houses of the Future
Builder Magazine says following California's new mandate requiring solar-powered systems for residential construction, here are some technologies likely to get a bump.

C2C: Is Residential Solar Energy Cost-Effective?
C2C Journal says Canadians are in favour of saving the environment – as long as it doesn’t cost them anything.

CanSIA: Canada Go Solar Guide & Directory
Canadian Solar Industry Association online annual member directory provides advice and information for homeowners, businesses, and other building and land owners who want to go solar.

CanSIA: Canadian Members Of Solar Industry Association
Canadian Solar Industries Association provides searchable directory of its association members who provide solar products and services.

EarthTechling: Solar Energy Costs Trends Over Time
EarthTechling says since 2010, the cost of installing solar has dropped an incredible 65%. While buying a solar installation might’ve been only for the well-to-do just a decade ago, with today’s low prices (and great financing options) anyone can install solar and save some money on their energy bills.

EarthTechling: The 5 Best Solar Deck Lights for 2019
EarthTechling presents their choices for the five best solar deck lights for 2019.

GEF: Banff Launches First Municipal Solar Feed-In Tariff In Canada
Green Energy Futures says Banff is the first municipality in Canada to implement a feed-in tariff or what it's calling a solar PV production incentive. It is a simple, revolutionary piece of policy that ensures its residents and businesses get a fair rate of return for investing in clean energy production.

GreenBiz: How A Risk Screening Tool Can Set Up Solar For Success
GreenBiz says Rocky Mountain Institute and the truSolar working group have developed a risk-screening tool targeted toward middle-market commercial solar projects.

MIT: Getting More Heat Out of Sunlight
Material developed at MIT can passively capture solar heat for home heating or industrial applications.

NIST: Evaluating Incentives For Solar Heating
NIST case studies suggested that the impact of incentive programs will be likely to vary considerably depending upon the climate region, the cost of conventional energy, and the type of building. (PDF)

REW: Community Solar Is New Model For Local Ownership
Renewable Energy World describes a new report by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, Community Solar Power: Obstacles and Opportunities, that examines nine community solar projects, the policies that made them possible, and the substantial barriers that remain.

REW: Delivering Zero-Day Payback With Power Purchase Agreement
Renewable Energy World explains a Power Purchase Agreement, that functions via a third-party that serves as the owner and operator of the system and sells the power to the site host under a long-term contract. Making the most of solars inherently long lifetime, the model essentially translates the daunting upfront cost into electricity pricing paid out over the life of the system.

USA Today: Prices For Rooftop Solar Systems Fall As Supply Grows
USA Today article says prices for rooftop solar systems, including installation, already have fallen 8% to 10% since October and are expected to drop another 15% to 20% this year.
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