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Education & Training

BC Safety Authority: Gas Contractor Information Guide
BC Safety Authority online Gas Contractors Information Guide provides guidance to current gas contractors and people who wish to become licensed gas contractors in BC. It covers topics such as gas contractor license information and responsibilities, permits, Risk Assessment Program, inspections and inspection requests.
Industry Information

BC Safety Authority: State Of Safety Report 2014
BC Safety Authority online State of Safety Report 2014 provides a summary of the outcomes of inspections, assessments and investigations carried out by BC Safety Authority safety officers for all technologies overseen by BCSA. It describes distribution and characteristics of incidents that occurred in 2014 and outlines activities conducted to prevent additional incidents or mitigate consequences of future incidents. In addition, it identifies areas where safety can be improved.
Industry Sectors

FortisBC: Find A BC Contractor
FortisBC provides online search service to find a contractor in BC by region, location, customer type, and services and products.
Information Sources

BC Safety Authority: Ask A Gas Safety Officer
BC Safety Authority lists answers to various questions asked of their gas safety officers.

Build With Propane: Resource Site On Propane Use In Homes
Propane Education & Research Council site provides information and resources on propane and its uses in homes.
Issues & Performance

BC Safety Authority: 2009 Changes To Safety Standards Act
BC Safety Authority describes changes to regulations under the Safety Standards Act resulting from the implementation of labour mobility agreements with Alberta and the other provinces and territories. It outlines changes to the Safety Standards General Regulation, Gas Safety Regulation, and Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety Regulation. (PDF)

BC Safety Authority: Approved Certification Marks For Gas Appliances
BC Safety Authority bulletin contains updated approved certification marks for gas appliances.

BC Safety Authority: Directive On B149 1 & 2 Interpretations
BC Safety Authority directive provides clarification on several sections of the Canadian Standards Association B149.1-10 & B149.2-10 Natural Gas and Propane Code.

BC Safety Authority: Gas Contractor Information Guide
BC Safety Authority online Gas Contractors Information Guide provides guidance to current gas contractors and people who wish to become licensed gas contractors in BC. It covers topics such as gas contractor license information and responsibilities, permits, Risk Assessment Program, inspections and inspection requests.

BC Safety Authority: Gas Incident Reporting Requirements
BC Safety Authority directive describes reporting requirements for incidents that occur in a residential home involving gas technology. (PDF)

BC Safety Authority: Information Bulletins On Gas Safety
BC Safety Authority provides online access to bulletins on code and safety issues for gas products and procedures.

BC Safety Authority: Overview Of Gas Safety Regulations In BC
BC Safety Authority Gas Safety Program regulates safety for distribution, utilization, installation and operation of gas fuelled equipment. Program info can be found here. (PDF)

BCSA: BC Gas Contractor Notification Requirements For Completion, Installation, Alteration
BC Safety Authority directive Gas Contractor Responsibilities Gas Notification Requirements For Completion, Installation Or Alteration is being issued by a provincial gas safety manager pursuant to section 30 of the Safety Standards Act. The directive clarifies the notification requirements that permit holders must comply with when submitting declarations for installation permits.

BCSA: BC New Requirements For Naming Qualified Individuals On Permits
BC Safety Authority is increasing the security on how qualified individuals are named on permits. This is in response to feedback and suggestions from contractors and qualified individuals who are concerned about security and preventing fraud.

BCSA: Online BC Safety Monetary Penalties & Penalty Calculator
BC Safety Authority says when they find safety hazards or individuals who are not making their work or equipment compliant, they take progressive enforcement action. They may issue a monetary penalty up to $100,000, depending on criteria provided in the Monetary Penalties Regulation. They now have a Monetary Penalty Calculator on their website.

BCSA: When To Take Gas Appliance Out Of Service
BC Safety Authority describes how to be prepared with a process for putting appliances safely in or out of service when they have been subjected to a flood, fire or any other form of natural disaster.

CSA: B149.1-10 Natural Gas & Propane Installation Codes
CSA-B149.1-10 Natural Gas & Propane Installation Code applies to the installation of natural gas & propane appliances & equipment.

CSA: Purchasable Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code
CSA Group sells Canadian Standards Association B149.1, Natural gas and propane installation code. It supersedes the previous editions, published in 2005 and 2000 by CSA. $216.00

FortisBC: Natural Gas Safety Before & After Floods & Storms
FortisBC provides information and resources describing natural gas safety considerations for before and after floods & storms.

FortisBC: Safety Tips For Natural Gas
FortisBC covers safety related issues such as call before you dig, right of way, CO, indoor air quality, meters, appliance safety, emergency preparedness and gas odours.

FortisBC: What To Do During Forest Fires & Evacuation Alerts
FortisBC describes what to do if you have been ordered to evacuate your home, if there are natural gas service outages, and what to do when you return home.

Technical Safety BC: Which Jurisdiction Applies For Electric & Gas Safety?
Technical Safety BC administers the Safety Standards Act and associated regulations that apply throughout BC, including on lands which are subject to federal regulation for other purposes. They also list the other authorities having jurisdiction in areas where the regulation of electricity and/or gas has been delegated to the local government.

WorkSafe BC: Gas Service To Be Disconnected Before Demolition
WorkSafe BC says if you’re planning the demolition of a house or other structure, you must ensure the natural gas service is safely disconnected before demolition begins.

FortisBC: Builders, Developers & Engineers
FortisBC provides information for builders, developers and engineers, with sections on builder services, builder resources, industry innovations, trades & partners, as well as incentive programs.

FortisBC: Ordering Gas Services For Builders & Developers
FortisBC site includes details on ordering construction services, service removal/building demolition, and their priority service arrangement. Click on Builder Resources to access a Builder Developer Toolkit.

FortisBC: Resource Site For Homes, Businesses & Building Trades
FortisBC site provides documents and tips covering gas services, billing, energy efficiency, appliances & equipment, safety, environment, and more. Select either For Homes, For Businesses or For Building Professions & Trades to go to that section.
Product Supply

FortisBC: BCUC Approves Lower Natural Gas Commodity Rates In 2011
FortisBC has received approval from the BC Utilities Commission to lower natural gas commodity rates for the majority of customers in BC. The rate decreases will take effect April 1, 2011.
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