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Basics & Theory

Propane Education & Research Council: Overview Of Propane
Propane Education & Research Council site provides an overview of propane basics, history, and household applications.
Industry Information

BC Safety Authority: State Of Safety Report 2014
BC Safety Authority online State of Safety Report 2014 provides a summary of the outcomes of inspections, assessments and investigations carried out by BC Safety Authority safety officers for all technologies overseen by BCSA. It describes distribution and characteristics of incidents that occurred in 2014 and outlines activities conducted to prevent additional incidents or mitigate consequences of future incidents. In addition, it identifies areas where safety can be improved.
Information Sources

PERC: Propane Vehicles & Motor Fuels
Propane Education & Research Council website provides resources related to fleets, vehicles, and motor fuels.
Issues & Performance

BC Safety Authority: Gas Directive On Propane Regulator Installation
BC Safety Authority gas directive on Propane Regulator Installation is provided to clarify the requirements for installation of propane regulators in vapour service in order to ensure the regulators are not subjected to propane liquid. (PDF)

BC Safety Authority: Propane Cylinder Filling Requirements
BC Safety Authority bulletin Propane Cylinder Filling Requirements covers propane cylinder filling practices. (PDF)

BC Safety Authority: Propane Vessel Owner Or Operator Requirements
BC Safety Authority says owners of propane storage tanks require an operating permit for each tank in BC.

CSA: Purchasable B149.1-15 Natural Gas & Propane Installation Codes
CSA-B149.1-15 Natural Gas & Propane Installation Code applies to the installation of natural gas & propane appliances & equipment. $299 CDN

CSA: Purchasable Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code
CSA Group sells Canadian Standards Association B149.1 (R2015), Natural gas and propane installation code. It supersedes the previous editions, published in 2010, 2005 and 2000 by CSA. $238.00

CSA: Purchasable Propane Storage & Handling Code
CSA Group sells Canadian Standards Association tenth edition of CSA B149.2 (R2015), Propane storage and handling code. It supersedes the previous editions, published in 2010, 2005 and 2000 by CSA. $135.00

Plumbing & HVAC: Cold Weather & Propane
Plumbing & HVAC magazine descries issues and considerations for cold weather and propane.

Technical Safety BC: Directive On B149 1 & 2 Interpretations
Technical Safety BC directive provides clarification on several sections of the Canadian Standards Association B149.1-10 & B149.2-10 Natural Gas and Propane Code.

Technical Safety BC: Which Jurisdiction Applies For Electric & Gas Safety?
Technical Safety BC administers the Safety Standards Act and associated regulations that apply throughout BC, including on lands which are subject to federal regulation for other purposes. They also list the other authorities having jurisdiction in areas where the regulation of electricity and/or gas has been delegated to the local government.

PTA: Off-Grid Energy Generation & Fuel Choices
Propane Training Academy online course Choosing to Live Off-Grid: Energy Generation and Fuel Choices provides an understanding of off-grid living and the key drivers behind its growing popularity. It covers selecting a fuel source, choosing appliances, integrating a standby generator with renewable energy systems, and other topics. The course also offers an overview of new innovations in standby generators and double-duty appliances that can serve as a water heater and provide heat for radiant flooring.
Product Supply

Automotive Canada: Listing Of BC Propane Refuelling Stations
Automotive Canada gves an extensive listing of the refuelling stations in BC.

JLC: Is Oil Or Propane Cheaper As A Home Heating Fuel
Journal of Light Construction Q & A says oil is almost always cheaper than propane for home heating, and provides a table showing how cheap propane must be in order to match the price of oil, assuming heating equipment of the same efficiency.
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