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Basics & Theory

AWEA: Wind Energy Basics
American Wind Energy Association provides an overview of wind energy, how it works, components, power capacity, and more.

Save On Energy: How Wind Turbines Work
Save On Energy online guide describes how wind turbines work.

US DOE: GoPro Tour of A Wind Turbine
US Department of Energy online video gives an entertaining look inside a wind turbine. Simon and Andy strap GoPro's to their heads and guide you as they travel 270 feet up to the top of a turbine at the National Wind Technology Center in Golden, CO.

US DOE: Overview Of How Wind Turbines Work
US Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy provides an overview, with diagrams, of how wind turbines work.

Windpower: Glossary Of Wind Energy Terms
Danish Windpower Association provides a glossary, with diagrams, describing wind energy specialist terms.

Windpower: Guided Tour Of Wind Energy
Danish Wind Industry Association, Windpower site provides an overview of Windpower including wind, turbine siting, energy output, how it works, generators, turbine design, manufacturing, research and development, electrical grid, environment, economics, history, glossary, and a wind energy manual.
Education & Training

CanWEA: List Of Canadian Wind Energy Education & Training
Canadian Wind Energy Association provides listing of educational institutes and courses on wind energy. (PDF)
Industry Information

Berkeley: 2018 US Wind Technologies Market Report
Berkeley Labs highlights the US Department of Energy Wind Technologies Market Report that provides an annual overview of trends in the US wind power market.

CanWEA: Annual Canadian Wind Energy Association Conference
CanWEA's annual Conference and Exhibition brings together over 1,500 delegates and 200 exhibiting companies from around the globe to discuss opportunities and latest developments in Canada's emerging wind energy industry. The exhibition will provide an exclusive opportunity to network with leading industry decision makers and generate numerous high quality business leads.

CanWEA: Canadian Wind Strategic Vision 2025
Canadian Wind Energy Association strategic vision Wind Vision 2025 - Powering Canada's Future, cites rapidly rising energy costs, reducing environmental impacts caused by current electricity generation, need to quickly build more electricity generation to keep up with rising demand, and need to build a more robust transmission system, as key drivers for adoption of wind technology. (PDF)

GBA: US Onshore Wind Update
Green Building Advisor series of blogs highlights recent progress in onshore and offshore wind energy, and discusses some of the continued opportunities, challenges and threats the industry faces in the near term.

GBA: Why Offshore Wind Industry Is About to Take Off
Green Building Advisor says as nuclear and coal plants close, market forces are helping wind gain strength.

Green Energy Futures: Big Wind In British Columbia
Green Energy Futures describes how BC got its first three wind farms in the last few years.

REW: Market Update On Small Wind
Renewable Energy World magazine market update on small wind says big prospects are opening up for small-scale turbines.

US DOE: 2017 US Wind Market Reports Indicate Strong Trends & Falling Prices
US Department of Energy has released three 2017 wind energy market reports demonstrating that as wind installations continue across the country and offshore wind projects move beyond the planning process, technology costs and wind energy prices continue to fall. The reports cover three market sectors: land-based utility scale, distributed, and offshore wind.

US Gov: Careers In Wind Energy
US Bureau of Labor Statistics provides information and resources on careers in the wind energy industry.

US Gov: United States Wind Turbine Database
US Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory online database lists US wind turbine locations and characteristics.

Windpower: Map Shows Installed Wind Power Per Country
Windpower online interactive map shows the evolution of wind power around the world. It reveals the cumulative installed capacity per country, continent and the world between 1981-2018.
Industry Sectors

AWEA: American Wind Energy Association
American Wind Energy Association, the US trade association for the wind industry, offers industry news, event listings, legislative & policy, publications, resource library, and more.

CanSIA: Canadian Solar & Wind Associations to Amalgamate in 2020
Members of both the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) and the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) have voted to amalgamate the two organizations into a new multi-technology association focused on wind energy, solar energy and energy storage.

CanWEA: Canadian Wind Energy Association
Canadian Wind Energy Association represents the wind energy community including organizations and individuals directly involved in development and application of wind energy technology, products and services.
Information Sources

AWEA: Resources & Information On Wind Energy
American Wind Energy Association provides information on wind energy, careers, FAQ, tutorials, financing, projects, industry standards, and links to more information.

CanWEA: Links & Resources On Wind Energy
Canadian Wind Energy Association offers CanWEA publications and other wind energy links, including wind energy associations, organizations, wind energy publications/media, and government.

CanWEA: Resource Site On Canadian Wind Energy
Canadian Wind Energy Association site provides information on wind energy basics, case studies, wind farms, building, policy, resource library, education & training, FAQ, and links to more resources.

Dig The Heat: Canadian Resource Site On Geothermal & Renewable Energy
Dig The Heat is a Canadian online guide to renewable energy including geothermal heating and cooling systems, solar power, wind energy, biofuels, green investment and government incentives.

Engineering360: Information Resources & Suppliers Of Wind Turbines
Engineering360 resource site offers information on, and suppliers of, wind turbines that convert the kinetic energy from wind into mechanical energy.

NRCAN: Resource Site On Wind Energy
Natural Resources Canada provides information and resources on wind energy for communities, homes, and farms, and describes electricity from turbines, electricity in industry, energy to drive pumps, and more.

REW: Resource Site On Wind Power
Renewable Energy World's Wind Power site provides resources on wind power, including news and information, resources, products, reports, and webcasts.

Small Wind Energy: Resource Site On Small Wind Systems
Canadian Wind Energy Association site provides information and resources on small wind energy systems including how they work, benefits & issues, history, turbines & applications, costs, case studies, small wind in Canada, and more.

SmartBrief: Wind Industry News
SmartBrief, a news aggregator, provides links to wind industry news and information.

US DOE: Resource Site On Wind Energy
US Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Wind Energy Technologies Office invests in energy science research and development activities that enable the innovations needed to advance U.S. wind systems, reduce the cost of electricity, and accelerate the deployment of wind power. The site provides resources on wind energy including sections on offshore wind research & development, WINDExchange, wind technology resource center, information resources, news and events.

US DOE: Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Wind Power
US Department of Energy describes the top 10 things you didn't know about wind power.

US DOE: WINDExchange: Resource Site On Wind Power
US Department of Energy provides information and resources on wind power on it's WINDExchange site. It is a platform that shares the best available science and fact-based wind energy information to enable U.S. communities to: Make wind development decisions using the suite of WINDExchange resources and tools; Understand siting, permitting, and installation processes; Weigh the costs and benefits of wind energy; Collaborate or partner with many organizations, including non-governmental organizations, academia, and national laboratories. It aims to enable well-informed decisions about the appropriate development of wind energy and focuses on the dissemination of quality and unbiased information to the public, communities, businesses, organizations, and state and local governments about wind technology as a viable renewable energy option across the US.

Wind Energy Blog: Blog Devoted To Wind Energy & Wind Turbines
Wind Energy Blog is devoted to the promotion of all key literature relating to wind energy and wind turbines and related technologies.

Wind Energy Update: Resource Site On Wind Energy Industry
Wind Energy Update provides information and resources on the wind energy industry.

Wind Works: Links To Information & Resources On Wind Energy
Wind Works is an online archive of articles and commentary on wind and solar energy, community power, feed-in tariffs, and Advanced Renewable Tariffs.

Windmill World: Global Resource Site On Windmills
Windmill World offers information & resources on windmills, including mills for grinding, pumping, and electricity generation.

WindSight: CanWEA Magazine On Canadian Wind Industry
WindSight magazine is the official quarterly publication of the Canadian Wind Energy Association. WindSight is distributed to 3,000 industry leaders and decision makers providing in-depth coverage of new communication initiatives, key policy issues, member profiles, updates on events and latest developments in the wind energy industry.
Issues & Performance

ANSI: Standards For Wind Turbines & Wind Energy
American National Standards Institute allow you to search by document number or keyword to find the latest wind turbine and wind energy standards from IEC, ISO, IEEE, and more.

Climate Examiner: Alberta Renewables Delivers low Prices, But Backup Still Needed
Climate Examiner says Alberta renewable energy rock-bottom prices do not solve the problem that wind, like solar, is beholden to the caprices of Mother Nature and thus is not available whenever the electricity is needed. So, Albertan wind power will have to be coupled with backup or storage, most likely coming in the form of natural gas in the short term.

CWEA: Wind Turbine Sounds Not Harmful To Human Health
Canadian Wind Energy Association summarizes a report by a multidisciplinary panel that concluded sounds generated by wind turbines are not harmful to human health. (PDF)

ENN: Only 10% Of Wind Farm Fires Reported
Environmental News Network says a global assessment of the world's wind farms, which in total contain an estimated 200,000 turbines, showed that ten times more fires are happening than are being reported.

GBA: Are Public Objections to Wind Farms Overblown?
Green Building Advisor says new research shows that most people living even within a half-mile of an industrial wind turbine are not concerned about it.

GBA: To Improve Wind & Solar Power, Bring Them Together
Green Building Advisor says by combining intermittent renewable energy sources through hybrid projects, developers are taking advantage of the strengths of each.

Green Energy Futures: Wind Energy Myths
Green Energy Futures explores some of the most common myths surrounding wind energy.

Harvard: Wind Power Requires More Land & Causes Environmental Impact
In two papers published in Environmental Research Letters and Joule, Harvard University researchers find that the transition to wind or solar power in the United States would require five to 20 times more land area than previously thought, and if such large-scale wind farms were built, would warm average surface temperatures over the continental United States by 0.24 degrees Celsius.

LBNL: No Evidence Of Residential Property Impacts Near Wind Turbines
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory analyzed more than 122,000 home sales near 26 wind facilities (with over 1,500 within a mile of operating turbines) in densely populated Massachusetts, yet was unable to uncover any impacts to nearby home property values.

National Wind Watch: US Watchdog On Impacts Of Industrial Wind Power
US National Wind Watch is a nonprofit organization that promotes awareness of the negative impacts of industrial wind energy development on our environment, economy, and quality of life.

NREL: Documents On Effects Of Wind Energy On Birds
NREL Avian Literature Database is a bibliographic database of documents of effects of wind energy development (including towers, power lines, and other wires) on birds.

REW: Listening To Wind Farm Noise Concerns
Renewable Energy World article discusses what can and should be the response to those who are reporting sleep disruption, noise that interferes with their enjoyment of the outdoors, or health impacts from wind turbines.

SEPA: Noise Annoyance From Wind Turbines
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency report Noise annoyance from wind turbines reviews the present knowledge on perception and annoyance of noise from wind turbines in residential areas as well as in recreational areas. (PDF)

Stanford: Steering Wind Power in New Direction
Stanford study shows how to improve production at wind farms.

Stanford: Winds of Change for Vertical Axis Turbines
Stanford research suggests vertical axis turbines, which may have fewer impacts on birds and the environment, could increase public support for new wind energy installations.

Wind Energy Update: Wind Power O & M In Canada
Wind Energy Update report Wind Power O & M In Canada whitepaper provides insight into the blades, gearboxes and generators that are most capital-intensive components of a wind turbine. It discusses the causes for their failure, their reliability and their failure rates. Free registration required.

Wyoming: Power Storage Reservoirs To Address Wind Power Irregularity
To address wind power irregularity, a wind power system in Wyoming is using pumped storage where excess power is used to move water uphill, from a lower reservoir to a higher one. At times of insufficient wind, water from the upper reservoir is released through turbines to generate power.

Canadian Wind Energy Atlas: Data On Canadian Wind Velocity
Environment Canada Wind Energy Atlas site offers results of numerical simulations that were run on all of Canada in order to determine its wind energy potential, and colour maps representing the average wind velocity and power on the whole country, as well as corresponding geophysical characteristics.

Chispito: How-To Build My Own Wind Generator
Chispito Wind Generator was designed to be simple and efficient with fast and easy construction from scrap materials.

ESIG: US Energy Systems Integration Group
Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG) previously known as Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group,is the leading source of global expertise for energy systems integration and operations. ESIG is the only non-profit educational association that focuses on providing resources and education to the engineers, researchers, technologists and policymakers for evolving electricity and integrated energy systems. Their purose is to educate the global energy sector and the public about the ongoing transformation of energy systems and energy-related technologies, and to support progress that is economic, reliable, sustainable, thoughtful and collaborative.

GBA: Wind Power Doesn't Make Sense Everywhere
Green Building Advisor describes some applications of wind power that don't make sense.

US DOE: 5 Steps Before You Invest In New Wind Energy System
US Department of Energy says before you make an initial investment in a wind energy system for your home, there are several important steps to determining if wind energy makes sense for you and your home.

US DOE: Installing & Maintaining Small Wind Electric System
US Department of Energy describes issues associated with installing a small wind electric system, siting, estimating annual energy output, choosing correct size turbine and tower, and deciding whether to connect the system to the electric grid or not.

US DOE: Planning Small Wind Electric System
US Department of Energy says small wind electric systems require planning to determine if there is enough wind in your area on a consistent basis, if the location for the system is appropriate for the needs of the system, if zoning codes or covenants allow wind systems in your area, and if the system will be economical with all of these elements taken into consideration.

Wind Power: Reference Manual On Wind Energy
Danish Windpower Industry Association, Wind Power site provides an online reference manual covering basic concepts and units used by the wind industry.
Product Supply

BC Gov: New Participation Rent Policy For Wind Power
BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources new participation rent policy for wind energy projects offers flexibility and incentives for wind power producers to proceed with capital investment. (PDF)

Eco Business: Links To Windmill Manufacturers & Suppliers
Eco Business environmental directory provides links to international manufacturers and suppliers of windmills.

Green Energy Futures: Financing Critical For Renewable Energy Projects
Green Energy Futures says the challenge for renewable energy projects is not securing the fuel, the sun and wind are free. Rather the challenge is securing financing for projects that have high, upfront capital costs.

Markets Insider: New Shrouded Micro Wind Turbines
Markets Insider says Halo Energy has begun manufacturing shrouded micro wind turbines measuring 12 feet in diameter, that generate twice as much power as a similarly sized conventional open-blade design.

Windshare: Ontario Community Ownership Of Wind Power
WindShare, a Canadian, for-profit wind power co-operative, develops locally owned wind power projects that are scaled to the size and characteristics of the host community.
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