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Basics & Theory

IRC: Swelling & Shrinking Subsoils
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction describes some of the common causes of clay volume change and discusses precautions that must be taken to prevent damage to buildings founded on subsoils that are susceptible to volume change. 1966

CMHC: Performance Of Slab-on-Grade In Expansive Soils In Regina
CMHC documents performance of slab-on-grade house foundations built on deep clay expansive soil conditions in Regina Saskatchewan between 1955 and 1960. (PDF)

IRC: Landslides & Slope Stability Of Clays
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction describes the clay slope stability problem, factors that affect the stability of slopes, stability analysis, and precautions that should be taken to prevent tragedies.

IRC: Technical Report On Foundations On Swelling Or Shrinking Clay Subsoils
Canadian Institute For Research In Construction provides this good tech report with drawings that describes volume-changing clay subsoils, how to identify potentially hazardous subsoils, selecting foundation type, and design suggestions for various foundations. 1977

JLC: Foundations For Expansive Clay Soils
Journal of Light Construction article by a Colorado builder describes how to construct concrete basements that won't fail from the pressure of unstable soils, by using caissons, counterforts, and cardboard void forms. (PDF) Free Registration Required
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