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BCWWA: Are Our BC Water Systems At Risk?
BC Water & Waste Association report Assessing the Financial Sustainability of BC's Municipal Water and Sewer Systems assesses the financial capacity of BC's municipalities to maintain, renew, and replace our existing water and wastewater infrastructure. (PDF)
Industry Sectors

BCGWA: British Columbia Ground Water Association
BC Ground Water Association represents the groundwater industry including water well drillers, manufacturers and equipment suppliers, pump installers, and hydrogeologists.

BCWWA: BC Water & Wastewater Association
BCWWA is the trade association representing water and wastewater industry professionals in BC and Yukon.

CWWA: Canadian Water & Wastewater Association
Canadian Water & Wastewater Association is a non-profit national body representing the common interests of Canada’s public sector municipal water and wastewater services and their private sector suppliers and partners.
Information Sources

BCGWA: Links To Resources On Water & Groundwater
British Columbia Ground Water Association provides association and industry links to information and resources on water and groundwater.
Issues & Performance

BC Gov: BC Standards & Best Practices For In-Stream Works
BC Ministry of Water, Land and Air guide Standards and Best Practices for Instream Works will help in planning and carrying out proposed development activities so that they: comply with applicable legislation, regulations, and policies; and meet provincial standards of performance. (PDF)

BCWWA: Characteristics Of Rural BC Water Systems That Influence Drinking Water Advisories
BC Water & Waste Association online report Characteristics of Small Residential and Commercial Water Systems that Influence their Likelihood of Being on Drinking Water Advisories in Rural BC, characterizes water systems on advisory, and identifies variables associated with advisory status and length. It explores how advisory status and length is associated with water systems size, geographic location, governance structure, water source, treatment level, and service type. (PDF)

CWN: 2015 Canadian Municipal Sustainable Water Priorities Report
Canadian Water Network report 2015 Canadian Municipal Water Priorities Report discusses what municipalities need, want and can address in order to collectively move forward as sustainable water communities. (PDF)

BCWWA: Water System Assessment User Guide
BC Water & Waste Association water system assessment guide will help an operator or owner of a water system assess the safety and security of a water supply system. (PDF)
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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