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Information Sources

CI: Videos On Installing Insulation Products
Construction Instruction online animations show how to install some insulation products.
Issues & Performance

IRC: Performance Of Exterior Basement Insulation Systems
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction presents the results of an IRC/industry research project on the performance of insulation systems applied to the exterior of basement walls. (PDF)

JLC: Drywalling Over Interior Foam Insulation On Crawlspace Walls
Journal of Light Construction forum discusses how to finish a conditioned crawlspace when the local authority is requiring drywall over foam, and the practical way to install the rock in a crawlspace that is only a few feet high.

ORNL: Exterior Foundation Insulation Durability In Energy-Saving Performance
Oak Ridge National Laboratory report Measurement of Exterior Foundation Insulation to Assess Durability in Energy-Saving Performance researched six different exterior insulation systems that were characterized at installation and have been in the ground for 9 months to 15 years. R-value and moisture content were measured and inspections conducted for evidence of termite intrusion or deterioration. Based on the results, the durability of the various systems has been documented and assessments made of which systems appear to be best practice. (PDF)

Building Science: Guideline For Foundation Insulation Retrofits
Building Science research report Hybrid Foundation Insulation Retrofits: Measure Guideline describes a variety of recommended designs and variations for retrofit hybrid assemblies for basements and crawlspaces. (PDF)

Building Science: High-R Foundations Case Study Analysis
Building Science report Building America Special Research Project, High-R Foundations Case Study Analysis considers a number of promising foundation and basement insulation strategies that can meet the requirement for better thermal control in colder climates while enhancing moisture control, health, and comfort. (PDF)

Building Science: Insulating Rubble Foundations
Building Science describes how to insulate and solve water issues when upgrading a rubble foundation.

CI: Basement Finish with SPF Insulation
Construction Instruction online video shows how to insulate and finish a basement with SPF insulation.

CO2RE: Overview Of Basement Wall Insulation
Carbon Dioxide Reduction Edmonton consumer brochure describe benefits, options, and procedures for insulation basement walls. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: Adding Insulation To Basement Walls
Fine Homebuilding describes how to install interior insulation on basement walls.

Fine Homebuilding: Insulate Your Basement With Rigid Foam
Fine Homebuilding online video explains the why and how of using foam insulation on masonry walls, and demonstrates how to properly insulate the rim joist area with rigid foam and batt insulation.

GBA: Best Way to Insulate a Basement Slab
Green Building Advisor discusses whether XPS, EPS, or spray polyurethane foam is best for insulating the slab of a new home in the US northeast.

GBA: How To Finish Exterior Foundation Insulation
Green Building Advisor describes options for covering up above-grade rigid foam insulation.

GBA: How to Insulate a Wood Foundation
Green Building Advisor discusses whether exterior insulation is a good choice, and if so how it could be detailed on a log home.

GBA: Installing Rigid Foam Under Footings
Green Building Advisor online video describes how to install rigid foam under footings.

GBA: Insulating Both Sides Of A Foundation
Green Building Advisor discusses details for adding foam insulation to both sides of a basement wall.

GBA: Placing Concrete Foundation On Rigid Foam Insulation
Green Building Advisor says by thermally isolating the building foundation from the ground, building performance is improved, not only from an energy performance standpoint but also in terms of comfort and moisture management.

GBA: Planning Basement Or Crawlspace Insulation
Green Building Advisor describes issues and considerations for insulating basement or crawlspace walls.

GBA: What To Use As Finish Over Exterior Foundation Insulation
Green Building Advisor discussion describes options and considerations for protecting above-grade portions of exterior foundation wall insulation.

HBC: Building Better Basements
Home Builder Canada magazine describes issues and options for moisture problems that can result from finishing a basement too soon after construction.

JLC: Insulated Footings For Passive House
Journal of Light Construction says in a high-performance home, heat loss through the foundation footing may be higher than you'd think. The crew of Auburndale Builders show one way to shut it down.

NRCan: Insulating Basements & Foundations
Natural Resources Canada online guide Keeping The Heat In describes how to insulate basements from outside and inside, crawl spaces, open foundations, and concrete slab on grade.

US DOE: Air Sealed, Insulated Basements
US Department of Energy describes how to insulate a basement to improve the overall thermal performance of the building and provide more dry, usable conditioned space for home occupants and for HVAC equipment.

US DOE: Assessing Foundation Insulation Strategies For 2012 International Energy Conservation Code
US Department of Energy report Assessing Foundation Insulation Strategies for the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code in Cold Climate New Home Construction is a three-part assessment focused on foundation insulation R-values for cold climates and the design, construction, and performance implications. (PDF)

US DOE: Deep Energy Retrofit For Interior Insulation Of Masonry Walls
US Department of Energy report Deep Energy Enclosure Retrofit for Interior Insulation of Masonry Walls describes a retrofit solution for insulating mass masonry buildings from the interior. (PDF)

US DOE: Excavationless Exterior Foundation Insulation Exploratory Study
US Department of Energy report Excavationless Exterior Foundation Insulation Exploratory Study investigated the feasibility of the development or adoption of technologies that would enable a large percentage of existing homes in cold climates to apply a combination excavationless soil removal process with appropriate insulation and water management on the exterior of existing foundations at a low cost. The NorthernSTAR team's approach was to explore existing excavation and material technologies and systems to discover whether potential successful combinations existed. (PDF)

US DOE: Excavationless Exterior Foundation Insulation Field Study
US Department of Energy report Excavationless Exterior Foundation Insulation Field Study summarizes installation of an innovative, minimally invasive foundation insulation upgrade technique on an existing home, using hydrovac excavation technology combined with liquid insulating foam. (PDF)

US DOE: Guidelines For Basement Insulation
US Department of Energy online Measure Guideline: Basement Insulation Basics describes good practices for insulating basements in new and existing homes. (PDF)

US DOE: Where To Insulate In A Home
US Department Of Energy provides overview on where to insulate your home, including sections on attic, duct, cathedral ceiling, exterior wall, foundation, basement, crawlspace, slab-on-grade and insulating floors above unconditioned garages.
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