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Basics & Theory

Builder Magazine: 6 Prefab Houses That Could Change Home Building
Builder Magazine magazine says more architects and builders are offering prefab homes and prototypes to solve issues, turn heads, and, more importantly, fill a need.

Buildipedia: Benefits Of Prefab Homes
Buildipedia describes how prefab homes can cut down on construction waste and provide a sustainable, affordable building option.

Construction Dive: Modular Is Gaining Ground
Construction Dive describes how the emerging modular building method is gaining ground in construction.

NAHB: FAQ's On Modular Homes
NAHB Modular Building Systems Council brochure answers the 10 most frequently asked questions about modular homes, and givies builders and consumers a concise review of the benefits of modular construction. (PDF)

REMI: Modular Apartments Offer Modern Solutions
REMI says modular apartment construction is an emerging technology that's gaining traction in cities across North America.

Smart Planet: Living Light House Is An Energy Efficient Prefab
Smart Planet describes the Living Light house, a compact, ultra-efficient prefab home that is literally a glass house, with enormous banks of windows comprising its longest walls, allowing diffuse light to pour into the home and rendering indoor lighting superfluous by day.

WBDG: Off-Site & Modular Construction Explained
Whole Building Design Guide describes features and benefits of off-site and modular construction.
Industry Information

ABC: Modern Designs Spark Interest In Prefab Houses
ABC News article says a new wave of architects, designers and home buyers are slowly changing the image of prefabricated housing by invigorating it with home designs that are elegant, comfortable and spacious.

BC Housing: Innovations in BC Modular Prefabricated Housing
BC Housing summarizes some modular and prefabricated housing ideas, innovations, and considerations to improve affordability, efficiency, and quality. (PDF)

J of C: Modular Structures Helping To Meet LEED Targets
Journal of Commerce says modular units have moved beyond their single-storey, box-style origins and are turning up in large scale projects offering opportunities for LEED credits that sometimes outweigh traditional building assemblies.
Industry Sectors

MHA-BC: Manufactured Housing Association Of BC
Manufactured Housing Association of BC is the trade association representing the mobile & modular home construction and sales industry of BC.
Information Sources

Fabprefab: Resource Site On Modernist Prefab Dwellings
Fabprefab provides resources for modernist prefab dwellings including news, dwellings available, projects, architecture, shipping containers, articles, books, forums, and links to more information.
Issues & Performance

BC Gov: Determining BC Code Compliance Of A277-Certified Buildings
BC Building and Safety Standards Branch bulletin B15-01 Determining Compliance of A277-Certified Buildings clarifies that the BC Building Code applies to factory-built buildings and components and discusses the factory certification procedure. It also offers information on how Code-compliance is verified as part of the certification procedure for factory-built buildings and components. (PDF)

Builder Magazine: Ultra-Green Modular Homes
Builder Magazine describes how modular homes, which have been around for a few hundred years, are adopting an ultra-green identity.

TecHome Builder: Modular Builders Get In On The Green
TecHome Builder describes how in modular homes, construction waste is reduced drastically while energy efficiency can increase.

BC Housing: Considerations for Efficiency & Affordability of Modular Housing
BC Housing online Research Highlight provides ideas, innovations, and considerations for improving affordability, efficiency, and quality of modular and prefabricated housing. (PDF)

RDH: Building Enclosure Design For Modular Construction
RDH paper Building Enclosure Design For Modular Construction describes building enclosure functions of heat, air, and moisture control in wood-framed residential buildings, as applied to the realities of modular construction. (PDF)
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