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Basics & Theory

CCHRC: Structural Insulated Panels In Alaska
Cold Climate Housing Research Center report Structural Insulated Panels In Alaska provides information about SIPs for homeowners and builders who are interested in a comprehensive resource on their characteristics and use. (PDF)

CMHC: Double Structural Insulated Panel Walls
CMHC describes use of a double layer of structural insulated panels in the Avalon Discovery 3 home, one of the homes in the EQuilibrium Sustainable Housing Demonstration Initiative. (PDF)

CMHC: Structural Insulated Panels & Affordable Housing
CMHC says structural insulated panels (SIPs) offer a construction system that can reduce both the construction cost and the operating cost of affordable housing, while maintaining a high degree of occupant comfort.

Fine Homebuilding: Are SIPs Right for Your Next Project
Fine Homebuilding describes how SIPs are made, what they're made of, and how they are assembled quickly to make walls for a house. Also included are sidebars on tools for working with SIPs and construction details for building with SIPs. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: What Are Structural Insulated Panels
Fine Homebuilding article gives brief overview of polyurethane, EPS, and XPS structural insulated panel systems (SIPs).
Industry Information

Builder Magazine: Why Don't More Builders Use More SIPS
Builder Magazine discusses why more builders don't use structural insulated panels.
Industry Sectors

SIPA: Structural Insulated Panel Association
Structural Insulated Panel Association, a North American trade association, provides SIP technical information, industry news, events, publications, and member directory.
Information Sources

APA: Reports On Structural Insulated Panels
Engineered Wood Association offers reports on structural insulated panels. Free site registration required.

SIPA: Publications On Structural Insulated Panels
Structural Insulated Panel Association offers a number of books and publications on structural insulated panels.

SIPA: Technical Information On Structural Insulated Panels
Structural Insulated Panel Association offers technical details of structural insulated wall and roof panels, including sections on engineering/structural, thermal performance, building science/HVAC/etc., installation/onsite issues, technical bulletins, SIPs vs Sticks Cost Data and USDA Loan Approval.
Issues & Performance

APA: ANSI/APA PRS 610.1: Standard For Performance-Rated SIP In Wall Applications
Engineered Wood Association provides access to the ANSI/APA PRS 610.1: Standard for Performance-Rated Structural Insulated Panels in Wall Applications. It describes requirements and test methods for qualification and quality assurance for performance-rated SIPs, which are manufactured with a foam plastic insulation core bonded between two wood structural panel facings intended for use in wall applications.

BC Gov: Determining BC Code Compliance Of A277-Certified Buildings
BC Building and Safety Standards Branch bulletin B15-01 Determining Compliance of A277-Certified Buildings clarifies that the BC Building Code applies to factory-built buildings and components and discusses the factory certification procedure. It also offers information on how Code-compliance is verified as part of the certification procedure for factory-built buildings and components. (PDF)

Brock Univ: Study Of Energy Efficiency Of SIP Vs Stud Walls
Brock University research study conducted by Dr. Tony Shaw involved a side-by-side evaluation of nearly identical residential buildings, one constructed with SIP exterior walls and one conventionally framed with studs and batt insulation. The detailed study, which was supported by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), provides tremendous insight into the energy efficiency properties of SIPs. (PDF)

ORNL: Structural Analysis Of Sandwich Foam Panels
US Oak Ridge National Laboratory research work on Structural Analysis Of Sandwich Foam Panels was to develop a basic concept of a new generation of wall panel technologies which will have R-value over R-20 will use thermal mass to improve energy performance in cooling dominated climates and will be 100% termite resistant. (PDF)

SIPA: SIP Roof Panel Failures In Alaska
Structural Insulated Panels Association offers questions and answers on the failure of an SIP roof system in Alaska.

APA: Product Guide for Structural Insulated Panels
Engineered Wood Association Product Guide: Structural Insulated Panels covers SIP advantages, applications, design and construction considerations, assembly and related topics. Numerous connection details also are included. Revised June 2018.

BOABC: Overview Of Structural Insulated Panels
Building Officials Association of BC online slide show describes features, benefits and considerations for structural insulated panels. (PDF)

Building Science Press: Purchasable Builder's Guide To Structural Insulated Panels
Building Science Press guide was developed specifically for structural insulated panel (SIP) buildings. It describes how SIP buildings meet many building requirements more easily than typically constructed buildings. $45 USD

Building Science: Builders Guide To SIPs
Building Science Seminars online slide show on Builders Guide to SIPs covers building science, recommendations for enclosure design, mechanical design, and Top 10 Lists for SIPs. (PDF)

Building Science: Building Science & SIPs
Building Science online presentation covers building science, design, and green building ratings for structural insulated panels. 2008 (PDF)

Building Science: Building Science & Structural Insulated Panels
Building Science online slide show presentation covers structural insulated panel overview, design, installation, and performance characteristics. (PDF)

GBA: Attaching SIPs To Structural 2X6 Studs
Green Building Advisor describes how the 14-inch-thick walls at the Potwine Passivhaus were built by attaching SIPs to load-bearing 2x6 walls.

JLC: Building With Structural Insulated Panels
Journal of Light Construction article gives an overview on SIP panels, including what they are, why use them, insulation value, how to order as well as drawings on proper installation procedures. (PDF) Free Registration Required

SIPA: Detail Drawings For SIP Construction
Structural Insulated Panel Association detail drawings show the installation process for structural insulated panels roofing and wall panel systems. A printed booklet with these details is available for purchase by clicking on publications.

SIPA: Manual On Prescriptive Method For Structural Insulated Panels
Structural Insulated Panel Association and the US Partnership for Advancing Housing Technology offer this manual on procedures for design and installation of SIP walls, two stories above grade, in certain seismic and snow load conditions. (PDF)

US HUD: Connecting SIP Roofs To Concrete Wall Systems
US Department of Housing & Urban Development report provides prescriptive requirements to facilitate use of structural insulated panel roofs on concrete wall systems (such as poured concrete and insulated concrete form walls) for the construction of one- and two-family dwellings.

US HUD: Model Guidelines For Engineered Panelized Walls
US Department of Housing & Urban Development offers their Model Guidelines for Design, Fabrication, and Installation of Engineered Panelized Walls. The document is organized in four sections covering general issues, responsibilities, quality guidelines, and structural evaluation. Appendices provide useful supplemental data and design examples.
Product Supply

US HUD: Tool To Evaluate Installation Of Panel Systems
US Department of Housing and Urban Development report compares dimensional tolerance levels when making panel connections during site assembly of concrete systems, metal systems, structural insulated panels (SIP) and wood open-wall systems. The criteria enable builders to determine the skill level needed to install the particular systems. (PDF)
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