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Basics & Theory

EIMA: Introduction To EIFS Systems
EIFS Industry Members Association describes what EIFS is, its features and benefits, and offers maintenance tips
Education & Training

AWCI: Apprenticeship Training In Ontario For EIFS
Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry article describes new EIFS apprenticeship training created by the Interior Systems Contractors Association of Ontario.

AWCI: Certification Programs On EIFS
Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry EIFS certification is a voluntary, industry-led effort that recognizes personnel who have met specified standards as measured by the EIFS examinations.

EDI: Online Training For EIFS Inspector
Exterior Design Institute provides online training for EIFS Third Party Inspector Certifications, as well as other EIFS information.
Industry Sectors

AWCI: Association Of Wall & Ceiling Industry
Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry, a North American trade association, represents acoustics systems, ceiling systems, drywall systems, EIFS, fireproofing, flooring systems, insulation & stucco contractors, suppliers & manufacturers, and those in allied trades.

ECC: EIFS Council Of Canada
EIFS Council of Canada, the trade association of manufacturers and suppliers of EIFS products and services, seeks to ensure its members systems comply with industry standards and manufacturers specifications.

EIMA: US EIFS Industry Members Association
EIFS Industry Members Association is a US trade association of leading manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and applicators involved in the exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) industry.
Information Sources

EIFS Canada: Technical Bulletins On EIFS
Exterior Insulation Finish Systems Council of Canada offers online technical bulletins on EIFS applications and procedures.

EIMA: Resource Site On EIFS
EIFS Industry Members Association provides EIFS introduction, features & benefits, maintenance, research & testing, standards, position papers, inspection guidelines, construction guides, FAQs, and more.
Issues & Performance

BCBEC: Overview Of EIFS As Low Carbon Footprint
BC Building Envelope online slide show presentation on EOFS covers what continuous insulation is, dispelling usual misnomers, EIFS as a high performance cladding, and EIFS as cladding value. (PDF)

ECC: Canadian Master Specification For EIFS
EIFS Council of Canada online Master Specification for Exterior Insulation & Finish System describes criteria for design and installation of EIFS wall cladding systems. (PDF)

ECC: Overview Of EIFS Quality Assurance Program
EIFS Council of Canada & Building Professional Consortium provide an overview of the components of their EIFS quality assurance program.

ECC: True Value Propositions of EIFS
Exterior Insulation Finish Systems Council of Canada report How to Arrive at the True Value Propositions of EIFS, defines a framework for fair valuation that can be used to determine EIFS benefits and limitations. (PDF)

EIFS Canada: Thermal & Energy Performance of EIFS Assemblies
EIFS Canada report Thermal and Whole Building Energy Performance of Exterior Insulated Finishing System Assemblies summarizes evaluation of EIFS details and systems for energy savings and thermal bridging. (PDF)

EIFS Council of Canada: Minimum Insulation Thickness for EIFS S716 Standards
EIFS Council of Canada bulletin describes the increased minimum insulation thickness now prescribed in the EIFS S716 Standards. (PDF)

EIFS: No EIFS Mechanical Attachment Over Sheathing Membranes
EIFS Canada technical bulletin clarifies that mechanical attachment of an exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) over a breather-type sheathing membrane or building paper is not approved by CCMC nor does it meet ULC S716 EIFS Standards. (PDF)

NAHB: EIFS Quality Plan For One & Two Family Dwellings
US National Association of Home Builders created this quality plan for one and two family homes clad with exterior insulation and finish systems. (PDF)

AWCI: Purchasable Books On Forensics Inspection & Installation Review Of EIFS
Association Of Wall & Ceiling Industry sells EIFS Forensics Inspection Protocol Manual (First Edition) and EIFS Installation Job Review Sheet. $10 & $25 USD

BD&C: Common EIFS Failures And How To Prevent Them
Building Design & Construction magazine says poor workmanship, impact damage, building movement, and incompatible or unsound substrate are among the major culprits of EIFS problems.

Building Science: Comparison Of Face Sealed Vs Drainable EIFS
Building Science Dr. Joe Lstiburek explains that exterior insulation and finishing systems (EIFS) are inherently defective and unfit for use as an exterior cladding system where moisture sensitive components are used without a provision for drainage or in locations and assemblies without adequate drying. (PDF)

Building Science: EIFS Problems & Solutions
Building Science digest explains reasoons why face-sealed EIFS are fundamentally flawed as cladding systems for most applications, and describes how drained EIFS can be used successfully in almost all climate zones and exosures. Cracks, lamina deterioration, and movement joints are also discussed.

CMHC: Problems With EIFS, Causes & Solutions
CMHC research report describes problems that adversely affect EIFS performance and offers potential solutions. (PDF)

Construction Canada: Achieving Continuous Advantages with EIFS Insulation
Construction Canada describes issues and considerations for achieving continuous advantages with EIFS insulation.

EIFS Council: Cold Weather EIFS Construction
EIFS Council of Canada technical bulletin Cold Weather EIFS Construction describes precautions that builders and EIFS contractors must take in colder temperatures. (PDF)

EIMA: Guide To EIFS Construction
EIFS Industry Members Association provides this online Guide to Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems Construction with detail drawings and easy-to-follow roadmap showing how EIFS are installed and integrated into a typical wall assembly. (PDF)

JLC: Drainage Details For EIFS
Journal of Light Construction says EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish System) exteriors are back, with new drainage details to avoid the problems encountered by past systems.

JLC: Making EIFS Watertight With Caulk & Flashing
Journal of Light Construction article describes how to keep the water out of EIFS at penetrations with caulk and backer rod, and use of proper flashing details. (PDF) Free Registration Required

Morrison Hershfield: Designing EIFS For Predictable Service Life
Morrison Hershfield paper identifies key performance parameters that affect EIFS service life, and provides recommendations for designers to follow in designing the assembly of a given EIFS clad wall assembly. The most critical parameters include moisture management of EIFS (including substrate considerations), limitations of use and exposure, consistency of testing components, and proprietary systems with actual application and designing for serviceability and maintenance. (PDF)

RDH: Guide to Cladding Attachment Solutions for Exterior-Insulated Commercials Walls
RDH says as energy code requirements become more stringent, greater attention is being paid to the design of thermally efficient cladding attachment solutions. The Guide to Cladding Attachment Solutions for Exterior-Insulated Commercial Walls allow readers to determine which cladding attachment systems best suit the needs of their project. (PDF)

US DOE: Evaluating EIFS For Deep Energy Retrofits
US Department of Energy report Evaluating an Exterior Insulation and Finish System for Deep Energy Retrofits provides a case study of a deep energy retrofit using a site-applied exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS). Prefabricated EIFS panels are also discussed as a potential wall insulation retrofit solution. (PDF)

Waterloo Univ: Presentations On EIFS Issues & Building Envelopes
University of Waterloo professor Dr John Straube provides three online presentations from the OAA Annual Conference 2005, that cover EIFS issues and construction details, building envelopes, and other issues.

WBDG: Overview Of Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems (EIFS)
Whole Building Design Guide provides EIFS information including description, design & performance issues, details, codes & standards, and links to more resources.
Product Supply

ECC: Listing Of ECC Member EIFS Manufacturers
EIFS Council of Canada provides a listing of its Canadian member manufacturers of EIFS.
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