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Basics & Theory

NOCSA: Technical Info On One Coat Stucco
National One Coat Stucco Association explains what one coat stucco is, and provides reasons to use and its benefits.

NPS: Historical Background Of Stucco
US National Parks Service provides a history of stucco and considerations for design, installation, and maintenance of historic and traditional stucco.

SMA: Direct Applied Stucco Systems
Stucco Manufacturers Association technical bulletin Direct Applied Systems that refers to stucco like claddings for framed walls that are a sheathing with treated joints that are coated with a polymer enriched skim basecoat that may or may not include a re-enforcing mesh over the entire surface. (PDF)

SMA: Stucco FAQ
Stucco Manufacturers Association provides answers to common questions about stucco products and applications.
Industry Sectors

AWCI: Association Of Wall & Ceiling Industry
Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry, a North American trade association, represents acoustics systems, ceiling systems, drywall systems, EIFS, fireproofing, flooring systems, insulation & stucco contractors, suppliers & manufacturers, and those in allied trades.

BCWCA: BC Wall & Ceiling Association
BC Wall & Ceiling Association, BC trade association for the stucco, drywall, and plaster industry, has technical info, news, events, member listing, and links to other resources.

NOCSA: National One Coat Stucco Association
National One Coat Stucco Association promotes the manufacturing and installation of one-coat stucco through education to NOCSA members, building departments, architects and specifiers, builders, lath and plaster contractors and the public.

NWCB: Northwest Wall & Ceiling Bureau
Northwest Wall and Ceiling Bureau is an international trade association for the wall and ceiling industry, encompassing products and systems for interior and exterior construction, including stucco.

SMA: Stucco Manufacturers Association
Stucco Manufacturers Association a trade association of major North American manufacturers of stucco, and their related suppliers.
Information Sources

Imasco: Troubleshooting & Technical Bulletins On Stucco
Imasco Minerals has online troubleshooting tips and technical bulletins on stucco products, problems and procedures.

JLC: Free & Paid Articles On Stucco
Journal of Light Construction supplies free and paid articles on installation, design, maintenance & repair, and proper procedures in the use of stucco.

MLPB: Resource Library On Lath, Plaster, Stucco
Minnesota Lath & Plaster Bureau online reference library has information and resources on stucco, EIFS, veneer plaster, gypsum plaster, venetian plaster, fireproofing, lath, and specialty items.

SMA: Construction Details For Stucco Installation
Stucco Manufacturers Association online construction details for stucco include: Sill Pan Flashing for a Nail Flange Window; Concealed Barrier Assembly; Weep Screed for Stucco; Wall to Roof/Deck Flashing; Flashing a Nail-Flange Window; Control Joint at Floor Line.

SMA: Technical Papers On Stucco
Stucco Manufacturers Association has technical information on stucco benefits, products, problems and procedures, plus links to members, events, and other organizations.

TLPCA: Technical Articles On EIFS & Stucco
Texas Lathing and Plastering Contractors Association provides technical articles on EIFS and stucco exterior finishing systems.
Issues & Performance

AWCC BC: Wall & Ceiling - Specification Standards Manual
Association of Wall and Ceiling Contractors of British Columbia sells the AWCC Specifications Standards Manual covering industry standards of practice for wall and ceiling work including gypsum, EIFS, and stucco. It is available in print version for $235 CDN and online version for $140CDN/1 year subscription and $250CDN/2 year subscription.

BCBEC: Online Presentation On Stucco Cracking
BC Building Envelope Council online slide show presentation by Pierre-Michel Busque describes issues, causes and solutions to stucco cracking. (PDF)

BEST: Best Practices & Quality Issues in Residential Stucco Application
Building Enclosure Science & Technology Conference paper Best Practices and Quality Issues in Residential Stucco Application says while the use of stucco is widespread, it has performed poorly in recent years due to the improper execution of key details. This paper examines what has been learned from extensive on-site inspections and lab tests of both durable and failed stucco systems. (PDF)

Building Science: Stucco Woes & The Perfect Storm
Building Science insight says the reasons for the change in stucco performance are due to several seemingly small factors that add up to a huge factor: changes in the properties of building papers and water resistant barriers, change from plywood sheathings to OSB sheathings, higher levels of thermal resistance, use of interior plastic vapor barriers, and changes in the properties of stucco renderings.

CI: Masonry Claddings & Rainscreens
Construction Instruction online video describes concepts around masonry claddings and rainscreens.

CMHC: Drying Of Stucco Clad Walls
CMHC experiment consisted of wetting the stud cavities of seven differently designed stucco-clad wall test specimens and observing their drying. 1999 (PDF)

CMHC: Drying Of Walls With Ventilated Stucco Cladding
CMHC study used computer modeling for a parametric analysis on drying of walls with ventilated stucco cladding to study varying vent cavity depth, restriction of vents from the ventilation cavity to the exterior, and to rank different assemblies and assess drying when the vapour barrier is omitted. 1999 (PDF)

CMHC: Earthquake Performance Of Rainscreen Stucco
CMHC research evaluated rainscreen and non-rainscreen stucco systems to determine if there is any significant change in earthquake performance through the introduction of the rainscreen cavity. (PDF)

CMHC: Impact Of Thickness On Performance Of Stucco
CMHC researched to determine if the current two-coat practice achieves the same performance as the Alberta Building Code three-coat stucco cladding. (PDF)

HGTV Remodels: Controlling Cracks In Stucco Exteriors
HGTV Remodels explains that a stucco wall is prone to cracking, because large areas of stucco can not accommodate expansion and contraction and explain some strategies used to create areas to relieve stress.

IRC: Research Into High Performance Stucco For Moisture Management
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction research project on High Performance Stucco for Optimum Moisture Management in Exterior Walls presents the results from experimental and numerical modeling studies carried out at the NRC-IRC on the development of high performance stucco materials and its effect on the overall moisture management capability of wood-frame stucco walls. Liquid water and water vapor transmission properties of several commercial/conventional stucco materials and some newly formulated compositions were measured and compared under laboratory conditions. (PDF)

JLC Forums: Hairline Stucco Cracks At Windows
Journal of Light Construction forum discusses hairline stucco cracks at windows.

JLC: Fix For Peeling Stucco
Journal of Light Construction Q & A describes causes of blistering and peeling of stucco, and steps to take to repair it.

JLC: Fixing Hairline Stucco Cracks
Journal of Light Construction Q & A describes how to fix hairline stucco cracks.

Professional Builder: How To Handle Cracks In 3-Coat Stucco
Professional Builder Magazine article describes how cracks occur in 3-coat stucco systems and some of the best ways to prevent them.

SMA: Moisture Management for Stucco
Stucco Manufacturers Association technical bulletin Moisture Management for Stucco says good design anticipates incidental moisture intrusion and accounts for it with a concealed secondary barrier integrated with flashings. (PDF)

SMA: Specifications For 3-Coat & 2-Coat Stucco
Stucco Manufacturers Association offers two specifications: SMA Guide Specification for 3-coat Portland Cement Plaster (Stucco) applied to Framed Walls (2017), and SMA Guide Specification for 2-coat Portland Cement Plaster (Stucco) applied to Concrete or Masonry Walls (2017).

SMA: Stucco Materials Compatibility
Stucco Manufacturers Association says when designing or installing a plaster (stucco) wall system, a designer or installer has many options and it is critical to consider compatibility between products and that the products are being used for their intended purpose. (PDF)

Building Science: State of Stucco
Building Science online slide show presentation describes issues and considerations for quality installation of stucco.

Building Science: The Coming Stucco-Pocalypse
Building Science Corporation says you can take a system with thousands of years of history and screw it up, by keeping improving it until it does not work.

Imasco: Troubleshooting & Technical Bulletins On Stucco
Imasco Minerals has online troubleshooting tips and technical bulletins on stucco products, problems and procedures.

JLC: Fixing A Botched Stucco Trim Job
Journal of Light Construction offers advice for making an ugly stucco trim retrofit look and perform better.

JLC: Installing Three-Coat Stucco Over Foam
Journal of Light Construction describes a method for installing traditional cement stucco over exterior foam insulation.

JLC: Making Old Stucco Look New
Journal of Light Construction describes how to use foam-based trim and pigmented finish coats to revitalize tired stucco exteriors.

JLC: Synthetic Stucco Without Failures
Journal of Light Construction describes how to install synthetic, or two-coat stucco, directly to a cementitious or OSB backer board.

NWCB: Purchasable Stucco Resource Guide
Northwest Wall & Ceiling Bureau guide includes properties, specifications, design & installation details, scope of job responsibilities, flashing procedures, and quality control checklist. $95 CDN (PDF)

ProTradeCraft: Stucco As A Reservoir Cladding
Online video from 7 Minutes of BS (Building Science) shows that stucco is supposed to keep water out, but it is a reservoir cladding, so it also keeps water in. Sort of.

RCI: How Stuck is the Stucco?
RCI describes stucco components and a method for measurement and analysis.

SMA: Control Joints for Stucco
Stucco Manufacturers Association describes one-piece control joints that are used in cement plaster assemblies to relieve stress and establish plaster thickness. (PDF)

SMA: Floating the Brown Coat
Stucco Manufacturers Association technical bulletin Floating the Brown Coat says while seemingly an innocuous task, it can have significant impact on the cement plaster basecoats appearance and performance. (PDF)

SMA: Painting Cement Stucco
Stucco Manufacturers Association describes how portland cement plaster (stucco) may be painted to change the color of an existing or to a new stucco finish. (PDF)

SMA: Painting Stucco
Stucco Manufacturers Association says stucco may be painted when desired by a building owner. Caveats include material options, substrates and the environment. (PDF)

SMA: Pre-Blended Portland Cement Plaster & Silos
Stucco Manufacturers Association online slide show presentation describes components, issues, procedures and resources for pre-blended Portland cement plaster and silos. (PDF)

SMA: Structurally Insulated Panels & Stucco
Stucco Manufacturers Association technical bulletin SIPS (Structurally Insulated Panels) & Stucco provides recommendations for cement plaster (stucco) on SIPS construction. (PDF)

SMA: Structurally Insulated Panels and Stucco
Stucco Manufacturers Association says hard coat stucco requires to be securely attached to framing members. Since SIPS do not incorporate framing members, meeting this requirement is not possible. With a minor adjustment, cement stucco can easily be applied to SIPS.

US DOE: Transitioning From Three-Coat Stucco To One-Coat Stucco With EPS
US Department of Energy online Measure Guideline: Transitioning From Three-Coat Stucco to One-Coat Stucco With EPS has been developed to help builders transition from using a traditional three-coat stucco wall-cladding system to a one-coat stucco wall-cladding system with expanded polystyrene insulation. (PDF)
Product Supply

BCWCA: Contractors, Dealers, Associates & Manufacturers Of Stucco Products
BC Wall & Ceiling Association provides online member listings of its contractors, dealers, associates, and manufacturers of stucco products.
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