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Basics & Theory

Gentek: Glossary Of Terms For Siding
Gentek provides alphabetical listing of common siding terms and their definitions.

Revere Building Products: Glossary Of Siding Terms
Revere Building Products offers a free online glossary of siding terms, including examples and drawings of a few siding profiles.
Industry Sectors

SAWDAC: Siding & Window Dealers Association Of Canada
Siding and Window Dealers Association of Canada educates consumers on what to look for when hiring a contractor, and educates contractors on procedures and standards they must follow in order to earn and retain their nationally recognized SAWDAC certification.

SCAA: Siding Contractors Association of Alberta
Siding Contractors Association of Alberta is a trade association that is focused on improvement and advancement of the siding industry in Alberta. They set professional standards for members; provide continual learning & sharing opportunities; and represent members on issues impacting the industry.
Information Sources

Ask The Builder: Articles & Tips On Siding
Ask The Builder provides articles with tips on siding, including vinyl, wood, cement board, log, asbestos, cedar, aluminum, and more.

CI: Rainscreen, Cladding, Flashing, Windows
Construction Instruction online videos and articles describe products and installation procedures for rainscreen, cladding, flashing, and windows.

JLC: Discussion Forums On Exterior Details
Journal of Light Construction searchable industry discussion forums cover a wide range of topics on siding, exterior details, and finishes.

JLC: Free & Paid Articles On Siding
Journal of Light Construction offers free and purchasable articles on siding products, problems, and procedures.

JLC: Online Videos On Siding Best Practices
Journal of Light Construction online videos describe different best practices for installing siding.

Jon Eakes: Free Articles, Tips & Videos On Siding
Jon Eakes, a Canadian home improvement expert, offers online articles, tips, and videos on siding products, problems, and procedures. More can be accessed from the keyword box on left side of screen.

Old House Web: How-To Articles On Repairing & Installing Historic Siding
Old House Web resource site on historic houses has articles on installing and fixing wood, stone, vinyl and metal siding, historic exteriors, repairing common problems, and more.
Issues & Performance

BC Gov: April 2008 BC Code Clarifications For Cladding & Rainscreen
BC Building & Safety Policy Branch bulletin of April 23, 2008 clarifies some building code issues relating to siding, cladding and rainscreen. It covers furring & strapping, venting to attic, end dams, sill drainage, trim, flashing, capillary break materials, shingles & vertical siding, and more. 2008 (PDF)

BIA: Moisture Performance Comparison Of Residential Exteriors
NAHB Research Center study compared moisture resistance among typical residential exteriors, and evaluated brick veneer as the highest in moisture resistance and dryness. The study aimed to determine how exterior cladding can impact the moisture content of the wooden components in the wall construction. Of the eight wall systems tested, accounting for approximately 90% of the cladding systems used today, brick veneer wall assemblies performed the best overall in controlling moisture. (PDF)

Building Science: Claddings & Great Fire of London
Building Science describes why combustible claddings can be used on low rise buildings, and non-combustible claddings can be used on everything.

Building Science: Stress Relief for Claddings & Trim
Building Science says claddings and trim get the most stress imaginable next to roofing, in that they get rain and sun and go through huge temperature swings. Clients want claddings and trim to last and look good. Even worse, we have changed the energy balance and the underlying materials and layers to make everything more difficult.

Dovetail Report: Environmental Assessment of House Cladding Products
Dovetail online report Environmental Assessment of House Cladding Products examines the relative environmental impacts of various cladding options Impact estimates are based on full life cycle assessments beginning with raw material extraction, through product manufacture, use, and end of life disposal. (PDF)

GBA: Siding Choices For Green Building
Green Building Advisor says siding has both decorative and functional purposes, but some options come with a heavy environmental price tag. Choose a durable product that is low in toxicity and can be manufactured sustainably. The layers you don't see, such as housewraps, drainage mats, and insulated sheathingpanels, are just as important for durability and weatherization. Getting siding details right may be the most important step in creating a durable home, especially where roofs, decks, and porches make penetrations.

GBA: Siding For Your Sustainable Home
Green Building Advisor podcast episode guide you in choosing the siding that’s right for you (and better for the planet).

HouseLogic: Green Siding Options
HouseLogic explains why selecting green siding is a matter of weighing trade-offs in longevity, insulation, biodegradability, maintenance, and, in some cases, cost.

IRC: Influence Of Orientation On Exterior Siding & Cladding
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction paper describes effects of orientation, particularly as it relates to temperature and moisture, durability of sealants, mortar, masonry and other wall components. 1970 (PDF)

RCI: Fire Resistance of Exterior Cladding Materials
RCI says virtually any exterior wall system that is constructed with combustible materials today is subject to ignition under the right circumstances. However, the increased use of foam plastic for insulation and other types of construction has increased the amount of combustible materials that are in these wall systems.

Siding Solutions: Information On Failed Composite Siding
Siding Solutions, a US resource and inspection services site for failed composite siding products, contains a list of available services, plus links to more information and other industry Websites.

Sustainable Sources: Sustainability Of Engineered Siding
Sustainable Sources describes sustainability of engineering siding with definitions, considerations, commercial status, guidelines, implementation, and links to suppliers and other resources.

US DOE: Initial & Long-Term Movement Of Cladding Over Exterior Rigid Insulation
US Department of Energy report Initial and Long-Term Movement of Cladding Installed Over Exterior Rigid Insulation says for thick layers of exterior insulation the use of wood furring strips attached through the insulation back to the structure has been used to provide a convenient cladding attachment location. This report examines the impacts of screw fastener bending on the total system capacity, effects of thermal expansion and contraction of materials on the compressive forces in the assembly, and analyzes cladding movement data from assemblies constructed in an exposed outdoor environment. (PDF)

BC Housing: Maintaining Cladding
BC Housing describes regular review and maintenance of cladding that is important to ensure intended performance and appearance. (PDF)

BC Housing: Maintenance Of Cladding In Multi-Unit Residential Buildings
BC Housing online video describes preventative measures to help ensure the exterior cladding of a building stays in good shape and how to know when to call in professional assistance.

BC Housing: Purchasable Building Envelope Guide For Houses, With Rainscreen Details
BC Housing sells the Building Envelope Guide For Houses, with rainscreen details, that provides practical information related to the design and construction of the building envelope for new homes constructed in accordance with Part 9 of the 2018 British Columbia Building Code. This guide builds on the approaches presented in the first edition and has expanded to include alternate construction approaches such as Insulating Concrete Form and conditioned attics. Further Construction systems and installation details have also been added, including the improved energy performance of homes built to the increasing performance levels of the BC Step Code.

Building Science: Cladding Attachment Over Thick Exterior Insulating Sheathing
Building Science report Cladding Attachment Over Thick Exterior Insulating Sheathing helps develop a better understanding of the system mechanics involved and the potential for environmental exposure induced movement between the furring strip and the framing. (PDF)

Building Science: Cladding Attachment Research & Design
Building Science online slide show on cladding attachment research and design discusses the perfect wall, cladding attachment, laboratory research/design criteria, short term deflec:on, long term deflecton, exterior testng, and masonry cladding attachment. (PDF)

Building Science: Inward Drive & Outward Drying of Cladding
Building Science describes why reservoir claddings are not easy, especially with sun and air conditioning where it rains.

Building Science: Movement Of Cladding Installed Over Exterior Rigid Insulation
Building Science report Initial and Long Term Movement of Cladding Installed Over Exterior Rigid Insulation covers impacts of different fastener types in the system capacity, impact of screw shaft bearing on the insulation material, impacts of material expansion and contraction on the pre and post compression forces in the assemblies, and if deflection movement for heavier weight claddings can be mitigated by denser fastener spacing. (PDF)

Building Science: Understanding Cladding Systems & Materials
Building Science describes issues and consideration for various cladding systems and materials.

Building Science: Understanding Drainage Planes
Building Science paper explains how drainage planes, flashings, siding & cladding, windows & doors, building materials, and building connections should be designed and constructed to shed or drain water to the exterior.

CMHC: Guide On Repairing Or Replacing Exterior Wall Materials
CMHC consumer guide on repairing or replacing exterior wall materials provides recommended solutions to problems with various siding and cladding materials. (PDF)

CMHC: Rainscreen Concept Applied To Cladding Systems On Wood Frame Walls
CMHC study shows the pressure equalization performance of vinyl siding, stucco, and brick veneer rainscreen walls. 1996 (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: Factory Finished Siding
Fine Homebuilding article says factory finishes for wood and fiber cement offer countless color choices and a paint job guaranteed for up to 25 years.

Fine Homebuilding: Re-Side Over Lead-Tainted Siding
Fine Homebuilding says covering old siding may be the simplest way to deal with toxic paint, plus it could be an opportunity to add exterior insulation.

Fine Homebuilding: Repairing Damaged Siding Series
Fine Homebuilding online Repairing Damaged Siding Series shows you how to remove and replace siding quickly, with a few simple tools, and without disturbing the surrounding siding.

GBA: Installing Lap Siding Over Foam
Green Building Advisor says choosing the right furring strips is key to preserving a warranty for installing this engineered wood siding over foam.

Home Energy: Exterior Air Sealing When Re-Siding
Home Energy says if the best practices for air sealing were employed during the re-siding of the home, the energy consumption of that home would drop.

Home Energy: How To Upgrade Energy Efficiency In Siding Rehab
Home Energy magazine article recommends ways to improve energy efficiency when replacing roofing and siding.

JLC: Detailing Of Rainscreen Siding
This article from the Journal of Light Construction Guide to Moisture Control explains how to handle a variety of details for rainscreen siding installation, from what to do around windows and doors to the best way to treat the first and last course. (PDF)

JLC: Flashing At Siding Transitions
Journal of Light Construction says when a drip-cap profile is used, it is often assumed to be enough by itself, perhaps just with a coat of paint. But it is vitally important to protect this trim with metal flashing, as well, otherwise the horizontal surface is prone to hold water and can rot out quickly.

JLC: Solving the Riddle of Tricky Cladding Transitions
Journal of Light Construction says there’s a reason why two-piece profiles are gaining traction with more and more cladding contractors.

MTCC: Details Of Rainscreen Wall & Wndows
MTCC 1170 online Reference Guide of Typical Rainscreen Wall & Window Details contains detail drawings for rainscreen wall and flashing components that meet the new 2006 BC Building Code Part 9. 2007 (PDF)

RDH: Attaching Cladding with Long Screws
RDH Building Science online slide show presentation discusses results of recent structural testing of various arrangements on long fasteners through exterior insulation as a method of supporting cladding while limiting thermal bridging. (PDF)

RDH: Guide to Cladding Attachment Solutions for Exterior-Insulated Commercials Walls
RDH says as energy code requirements become more stringent, greater attention is being paid to the design of thermally efficient cladding attachment solutions. The Guide to Cladding Attachment Solutions for Exterior-Insulated Commercial Walls allow readers to determine which cladding attachment systems best suit the needs of their project. (PDF)

Remodeling: Replacement Siding, To Strip or Not Strip?
Remodeling says the best practice for re-siding a home calls for stripping off existing siding, then installing a good weather barrier. The industry has migrated towards what is widely marketed as an easy fix and a way to improve thermal performance and water resistance at the same time: installing fan-fold foam board over existing siding. But if it’s not applied properly, this route may lead to more problems than it fixes.

Taunton: Purchasable Book On Siding, Roofing, and Trim
Taunton sells the Siding, Roofing, and Trim book for professionals that provides you with all the expert advice and instruction you need to choose, install, and detail these three main aspects of your homes exterior. $20 USD

Toronto Univ: Cladding & Window Replacement Guidelines For Towers
University of Toronto online cladding and window replacement guidelines for towers illustrates generic means of integrating overcladding and windows to achieve durable, thermally efficient building envelopes. (Large PDF)

US DOE: Cladding Attachment Over Exterior Insulation
US Department of Energy Expert Meetings report US DOE: Cladding Attachment Over Exterior Insulation summarizes discussions on issues surrounding cladding attachment and performance of walls with exterior insulating sheathing. Topics were split into the two categories of gravity load resistance and wind load resistance. They explored these topics from the perspectives of engineering design, laboratory testing, field monitoring, and practical construction. (PDF)

US HUD: Rehab Guide On Exterior Walls
US Department Of Housing And Urban Development online Rehab Guide For Exterior Walls covers state-of-the-art materials and innovative practices for masonry/brick veneer, sheathing, insulation, siding, stucco, exterior trim, sealants & caulks, and paints. (PDF)
Product Supply

Massachusetts Univ: Decisions To Make In Purchase Of Siding
University of Massachusetts study on how siding is selected for use on US single-family homes identified key decision makers and key product attributes that influence the purchase decision process. 2001 (PDF)

QR: New Simulated-Wood Siding Products
Qualified Remodeler describes new sidings that combine practicality with aesthetics for products that look just like real wood but offer far superior performance.
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