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Basics & Theory

Builder Magazine: Examples Of Exterior Doors
Builder Magazine online slide show describes some of their favorite entry doors.

Energy Vanguard: Building Science History Behind Revolving Doors
Energy Vanguard describes the building science reason behind the invention of revolving doors.

Fine Homebuilding: Ten Amazing Doors
Fine Homebuilding shows the great potential of the craft and beauty in door construction with these remarkable portals.

NRCan: Energy-Efficient Residential Windows, Doors & Skylights
NRCan describes energy efficient windows, doors and skylights including changes to Energy Star specification, fenestration as a system, windows, doors, skylights, climate zones, summary of qualifications, buying tips, installer certification, and information for manufacturers/dealers.

Professional Remodeler: Overview & Cost Comparison Of Exterior Doors
Professional Remodeler offers a brief overview of common door types, some installation tips, and a cost comparison (US dollars) between wood and metal.

WDMA: Glossary Of Terms For Entry Doors
Window & Door Manufacturers Association glossary, with some pictures, has brief descriptions of terms used in the entry door industry.
Education & Training

Taunton: Online Video Course On Installing & Trimming Doors
Taunton online video workshop Installing and Trimming Doors covers strategies and techniques for mastering the art of door hanging. From typical pre-hung doors to twin, oversized, and pocket doors, it shows steps to achieving perfectly fitting doors that swing true whether they are hollow-core or solid, typical height or 8-foot tall.
Industry Information

IDA: International Door Expo
International Door Association IDA Expo is the educational venue and trade show for those who derive their living from the door and access systems industry.
Industry Sectors

NADC: US National Architectural Door Council
US National Architectural Door Council represents the interests of the manufacturers of architectural doors and their suppliers.
Information Sources

Fine Homebuilding: Articles & Information On Doors
Fine Homebuilding offers articles on door types, selection, issues, installation and more. Access to some articles requires site membership.
Issues & Performance

BC Gov: BC Building & Fire Code Requirements For Door Locks & Hardware
BC Government Office of the Fire Commissioner provides guidelines to clarify how to achieve compliance with the BC Building Code and the BC Fire Code when addressing requirements for locks, window bars, access, and the installation of electromechanical and electromagnetic hardware on doors. (PDF)

CMHC: Doors As Sound Barriers
CMHC provdes fact sheet that summarizes research, and gives you some tips and ratings on the soundproofing qualities of various types of access doors for multi-unit buildings. (PDF)

CSA: AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08 Standard/Specification For Windows, Doors & Skylights
Canadian & US AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08 Standard Specification establishes material-neutral, minimum, and optional performance requirements for windows, doors, and unit skylights. $68 CDN

Fine Homebuilding: Build A High-Performance Door
Fine Homebuilding offers a Sketch-Up model showing a beautiful hardwood door for a high-performance home in Vermont. It has 2 in. of insulation, two layers of weatherstripping, and triple-pane glass.

NRCan: Labelling & Promotional Guidelines For Energy Star Qualified Windows, Doors & Skylights
Natural Resources Canada guidelines provide detailed information on how to label windows, doors and skylights for the Canadian Energy Star program and how to develop and use promotional materials for qualifying windows, doors and skylights in Canada. (PDF)

NRCan: Overview Of Energy Star Standards For Windows & Doors
Natural Resources Canada describes Energy Star requirements for windows and doors.

SDI: ANSI Standards For Steel Doors
Steel Door Institute provides ANSI standards for steel doors.

WDMA: Industry Standards For Architectural Doors
US Window & Door Manufacturers Association provides standards for architectural doors.

Anderson Windows: How Anderson Manufactures Doors
Anderson Windows online video gives viewers a unique glimpse into the Andersen door manufacturing facility.

BC Housing: Consumer Guide To Window & Door Replacement
BC Housing online Consumer Guide to Window and Door Replacement provides information that homeowners need to know to ensure their window and door replacement projects meet the highest standards. (PDF)

Buildipedia: Installing Welded Hollow Metal Door Frames
Buildipedia describes the basics of hollow metal doorframe installation.

DIY: How To Select & Install Hinges
Do It Yourself tips, instructions, and pictures cover selection and installation of right and left hand hinges.

Fine Homebuilding: Brush-Painting A Steel Door
Fine Homebuilding describes procedures for brush-painting a steel door.

Fine Homebuilding: Cutting A Door
Fine Homebuilding online video shows how to cut a door by protecting the surface using masking tape and a utility knife to prevent tearout, and how to position and clamp a straightedge to get an accurate cut everytime.

Fine Homebuilding: Framing An Arched Doorway
Fine Homebuilding describes simple steps to mark and cut a plywood arch when framing houses.

Fine Homebuilding: How To Cut A Prehung Exterior Door To Custom Height
Fine Homebuilding online video show why you don't have to order an expensive custom door if your rough opening is a non-standard size. Buy a stock door instead and make it fit.

Fine Homebuilding: How To Frame A Door Rough Opening
ine Homebuilding article by a pro teaches you his three simple rules for framing rough openings efficiently.

Fine Homebuilding: How To Prep Doors For Knobs & Dead Bolts
Fine Homebuilding describes how to prepare doors for knobs and dead bolts.

Fine Homebuilding: Mortising A Hinge With A Chisel
Fine Homebuilding article describes how, if installing only one or two doors, hinges can be mortised quickly with a sharp chisel and hammer.

Fine Homebuilding: Sanding & Prepping Exterior Door
Fine Homebuilding says never assume that a factory-fresh wooden door is ready for finish. Their online video shows how you have to go over every square inch with sandpaper, starting at 150 grit with a random-orbit sander, and then working through 180 grit and 220 grit by hand. Be on the lookout for dents, scratches, and splinters, all of which should be dealt with before you start the dye phase.

FMA/AAMA/WDMA: Purchasable Installation Standard For Doors For Extreme Wind/Water Exposure
WDMA and the Fenestration Manufacturers Associatiion (FMA) and the Architectural Aluminum Manufacturers Association (AAMA) jointly publish the standard-practice guide FMA/AAMA/WDMA 300-12 Standard Practice for the Installation of Exterior Doors in Wood Frame Construction for Extreme Wind/Water Exposure. $30 USD

HGTV Remodels: 20 Stunning Entryways
HGTV Remodels online slide show describes 20 front door designs.

JLC Forums: Hanging New Door In Old Opening
Journal of Light Construction forum discusses how an old timer has the fastest and most accurate way to hang a new door in an old opening.

JLC: Hanging A Door From Scratch
Journal of Light Construction describes how, with a router, a hinge template, and a few other specialized tools, custom doors are almost as easy to fit as prehungs. (PDF) Free Registration Required

JLC: Installing French Doors So They Don't Leak
Journal of Light Construction describes how to fix the leaks before they start with careful framing and the proper sill pan, flashing, and sealant when installing French doors. (PDF) Free Registration Required

JLC: Jambs & Thresholds For Fat Walls
Journal of Light Construction describes problems and a few solutions for installing new exterior doors into fat walls with layers of foam, strapping, and the like. (PDF) Free Registration Required

JLC: Making A Dutch Door
Journal of Light Construction describes how to make a Dutch Door from a solid slab.

JLC: Making Custom Doors From Stock Slabs
Journal of Light Construction describes how, with a little ingenuity and applied moldings, stock solid-core doors can be used to create stunning frame-and-panel, glazed, and segmented-arch doors.

JLC: Pre-Hanging Exterior Doors
Journal of Light Construction online slide show describes how to prehang your own exterior doors in a way that can be done efficiently and with precision.

JLC: Site-Made Door Hanging Jigs
Journal of Light Construction describes site-made jigs that can streamline door hanging with speed and accuracy. (PDF) Free Registration Required

NARI: 5 Essential Steps for Durable Door Installation
NARI says durable door installation requires sharp know-how and careful execution through each step to make sure installation goes smoothly.

Referwork: Adjusting A Door Hanging
Referwork describes how to adjust a door that is already installed.

Taunton: Purchasable Book On Installing & Hanging Doors
Taunton Store sells book Installing and Hanging Doors by Gary Katz includes basic door and hardware choices, advanced technqiues, pre-hungs, working from scratch with a slab, interior and exterior details, and weatherstripping. $9 USD

Tools Of The Trade: Best Tools For Door Hangers
Tools Of The Trade article by door-hanging expert Gary Katz, lays out the best tools for production, speed, and custom door-hanging.

US DOE: Air Sealing Doors
Building America Solution Center online guide describes how to air seal doors that are next to unconditioned spaces.

US DOE: Exterior Door Installation
US Department of Energy online video describes how to install an exterior door.

WDMA: How To Store, Handle, Finish & Maintain Wood Doors
US Window & Door Manufacturers Association report describes tips for storing, handling, finishing, and maintenance of wood doors. (PDF)

ZAR: Making A Steel Door Look Like Wood
Online video from ZAR shows how to apply fake wood grain to a steel door, for the look of real wood.
Product Supply

Fine Homebuilding: How to Choose the Right Exterior Door
Fine Homebuilding describes how to choose muntins, glazing, sidelites, and decorative patterns to match the style of your home when buying a new front door.

JLC: Choosing Entry Door Hardware
Journal of Light Construction article with pictures includes choosing entry door hardware, key things to look for, different options available, and links to some major manufacturers. (PDF) Free Registration Required

Remodeling: Trends & Manufacturers Of Composite & Plastic Doors
Remodeling magazine describes some approaches different companies are taking to add non-wood materials to their door products, and provides links to manufacturers.
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