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Basics & Theory

Building Green: Cost-Effective Window Attachments
Building Green describes various types of cost-effective window attachments for sun and weather control.

Building Green: Guide To Window Attachments For Sun Control
Building Green describes various good ways to modify windows to prevent too much solar gain in the summer.

US DOE: Energy-Efficient Window Treatments
US Department of Energy describes some window treatments that can reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.
Industry Sectors

PAMA: Professional Awning Manufacturers Association
Professional Awning Manufacturers Association is the international trade association for awning industry.
Issues & Performance

BRIK: Sunshades And Their Effects On Building Performance
Building Research Information Knowledgebase online slide show presentation A Detailed Study of Sunshades and their Effects on Performance demonstrates how sunshades can affect the following six critical design components for a high-performing building enclosure: energy consumption, daylighting and glare, thermal bridging, thermal comfort condensation, and structural integrity. (PDF)

IRC: Energy & Comfort Performance Of Solar Shading Devices
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction describes results of research on several types of window shading devices and their potential to reduce heating and cooling energy consumption and improve conditions that affect occupant comfort. The information provides guidance in the selection of shading devices for particular housing types and energy cost situations. (PDF)

IRC: Field Performance Of Exterior Solar Shadings For Residential Windows
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction paper reports on the first winter of field measurements intended to develop guidelines for effective exterior, mid-pane (inside the window) and interior window shading devices.

IRC: Effective Solar Shading Devices For Residential Windows
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction presents research on thermal effects of shading devices in cold-climate houses, and confirms they save energy and improve thermal conditions. (PDF)

JLC: Restoring Wood Shutters
Journal of Light Construction article describes time-tested methods for rebuilding historic wood shutters.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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